Time to say I love you

When Harry became friends with zayn he told zayn his biggest crush was Lauren. Even though zayn sat right beside her he didn't know who she was when he found out who she was he had a Big crush on her. Zayn was nervous to say I love you. Will zayn find courage? Or not be Lauren's boyfriend?


2. A crush

So the next day at school I checked out "Lauren" as Harry told me to.
Lauren had bright blue beautiful eyes and lovely blonde hair and quite popular. Half the boys on school had a crush on Lauren. Especially a kid named liam and my friend Harry who is my best friend. We hang out a lot. I don't really know much about this Liam guy though. So I went up to Lauren who was putting some books in her locker and didn't have a crowd around her at the moment so I said"hey." She put her books away and said to me"hey aren't you that new kid..a what's your name." I said"zayn." I got really nervous right then. She told me "she didn't like guys who would try and kid her and bribe her with stuff. It gets annoying. I'm glad you don't do that." I got a little bit more confident and tried asking her out. I asked "hey wanna go out for pizza or something." She kinda was just like "sure." And so I walked away. I've never really talked to a girl like that and asked her out. But I was felling kinda confident. And she said yes. So I got myself a date tonight. I also am gonna ask Harry who liam is. So I just walked back to my class room and some kid named Louis stopped me. He said "hey! Your that new kid zayn. Nice to meet you bro." He looked like one of those popular people so I said "hey." And like we talked about stuff and I asked him "what do you think about Lauren?" And he told me"we'll ah I have a girlfriend." I'm just like "cool I better get to class." So I took my seat beside Lauren a little bit early and Harry was there so I told him "I saw Lauren and talked to her." Harry said "we'll what did you think?" I said to him quietly "I got a date tonight." Harry said "that's awesome." And then I asked him that question I wanted to ask him "hey Harry do you know who this Liam kid is?" Harry said"yes I do he takes biology with us in 4th period." And then the teacher walks in.
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