Time to say I love you

When Harry became friends with zayn he told zayn his biggest crush was Lauren. Even though zayn sat right beside her he didn't know who she was when he found out who she was he had a Big crush on her. Zayn was nervous to say I love you. Will zayn find courage? Or not be Lauren's boyfriend?


1. How I heard of her

Well it was my first time going to the school "robin park high school" and was nervous I sat down between a girl and a boy. a Lauren and a Harry I be came good friends with Harry. We told secrets. And one day Harry told me his crush he said "Lauren waldman" I said" we'll who's that?" Harry looked at me kinda weirdly cause I was sitting beside her in class so he thought I'd know. Harry then told me" it's the girl sitting beside you." I don't really look at the people beside me so I didn't really know. Harry just started talking to me at break. So he invited me to hang out so yeah I did we'll that's how I became friends with him. Back to where I left off. So I said "I'll check her out at school tomorrow." I looked at my watch and it read 11:30 PM I told Harry "I better get home." Harry then told me "you should check her put."
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