Keep Calm and Love One Direction

This story is about an 17 year old girl named Brenna Houston. She is a normal teenage girl, except for one simple thing... She HATES One Direction. Find out what happens to Brenna as she experiences Love, Death and Happiness.


10. Chapter 9

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Life is a funny thing. The minute you think you've got everything figured out, something comes along and turns it all upside down. (Quote: Zayn Malik From: One Direction)

Chapter 9

*Brenna's P.O.V*

Well, the only good thing that has happened recently is that Liam and Niall are friends again. All the rest of us are still fighting with each other. Especially Zayn and Harry. I've never seen either of them so angry. It's been two weeks since they came to stay with me. I have to tell someone else. Someone I can trust. Eleanor and Dani. The other girls in the house. We're out at the moment, letting Liam straighten Zayn and Harry out. The only reason we know about Liam and Niall making up is that Liam text Dani and Niall text me. He's so adorable, Niall is. In a cute way, though. In a friendly way. We were shopping at Supre and Glassons at the moment. They were the cheapest and the girls really seemed to like their clothes.

"Ele! I got it first!" I hear Dani scream. 

"No! I did, Dani!" Eleanor yells back. They sound like Louis and Zayn fighting. Louis is Eleanor and Dani is Zayn. According to the others, they fight over clothes a lot.

"Guys! You know that there is more then one of the same thing, don't you?" I laugh. The girls stop pulling and Eleanor lets go of her grasp.

"Really?" They say synchronised. They look at each other and burst out laughing. I wish the boys were like that. Laugh at each other nicely when someone makes a mistake. Instead of arguing. Dani and Eleanor have been friends shorter then Louis, Harry, Niall, Zayn and Liam but they seem to get along quite a bit better.

"C'mon, I'll show you," Gracie says and takes the girls deeper inside Supre.

"Coming, Brenna?" Dani calls. I sigh in despair.

"Nah. I need sometime alone to think," I reply and sit down on the closet bench.

"Okay! Suite yourself," Eleanor says. I giggle under my breath and grab out my phone. 7 texts from Zayn. I think to myself. 11 from Harry. I smile. And 19 from Niall. I laugh hysterically. I decide to check Zayn's first. Knowing him, he'll get the most worried.

Bradford Bad Boi ;) x

Are you actually in love with me? Or that asshole Harry?

I giggle and reply. It had been 10 minutes since he sent that. He'll be terribly worried.

Me x :)

Zayn! What type of a question's that? Of course I'm in love with you! x lawl :)

I giggled under my breath and sighed. I couldn't tell him yet. I can't tell Harry yet either. The only people I can trust are Dani, Eleanor and Gracie. My phone buzzed and a new text from Zayn came up.

Bradford Bad Boi ;) x

I'm going to trust you on that one. I think it was just rumors but someone told me the opposite. x

What? I think to myself. I had only told one person and that was Gracie! She would never do something like that to me! Or would she?

Me x :)

Don't listen to that person. They know nothing. x

I got a reply straight away.

Bradford Bad Boi ;) x

Okay then! That's fine! I never really trusted them in the first place. x

I frowned and tucked my phone away in my back pocket. Why would Gracie do that to me? I think as I walk into Supre, looking for her. I should've been more careful. I should've been like Zayn, never trusting her. I push past people but I can't find Gracie or the girls. I turn to the changing room entrance and run in.

"Gracie! Where are you?" I yell as I knock on every changing room door.

"Hey, Brenna!" Eleanor waves and comes over to me.

"Where's Gracie and Dani?" I ask, once she reaches me.

"Oh! They're both getting changed. Well, Dani is. Gracie's kinda helping. Those skinny jeans are super tight!" She says.

"Done! You look sexy as!" I hear Gracie say in the end changing room.

"Thanks, Gracie," Dani replies and the door opens from their changing room.

"Ele! Look how hot she looks!" Gracie says as they walk back over to Ele and I.

"Gracie, I need to talk to you," I say. Gracie smiles and follows me into a spear room.

"What is it?" She asks.

"Have you told anyone about the whole 'I like Harry' thing?" I ask. If she doesn't come clean, I'm seriously going to punch the woman.

"No way! That's the biggest thing going on at the moment!" She replies. She looks like she's telling the truth... but I guess she's good at lying.

"Gracie! This is no time to joke around! Zayn knows. And you were the only one I told," I say. She steps back in shock.

"I swear on my life that I didn't tell anyone," She says. She never does that unless she's telling the truth. That means she's telling the complete and utter truth. No matter how unlikely it would be.

"I believe you," I reply and sigh. This makes it even harder to figure out.

*Harry's P.O.V*

Zayn is such a fucking ass. I'm so glad I told him about Brenna liking me and not him. His face was so funny. I bet you're thinking 'OMG! It was Harry, this is so predictable,' or 'How did he do it?' I'm going to tell you how I did it. I didn't actually know that Brenna liked me, really, and I still don't have a clue who she likes! I just told him that she did like me. Now he's worried to death! Here's how it happened...

*Fade Out*

"Harry! Leave me alone!" Zayn screamed at me. I was bashing on his door, demanding to be let in. We were fighting... over Brenna. 

"No! Not until you let me in!" I yelled back. The handle turned and Zayn's face popped out.

"And why should I do that?" He asks sarcastically, grinning ear to ear.

"Because we can sort this Brenna shit out," I reply. I'm so good at hiding lies. Zayn nods his head and lets me in. I sit down on his bed and he sits next to me.

"Listen, Zayn," I start, "Brenna told me something and she told me to tell you, if that makes sense. She didn't want to face the consequences," I say, putting my hand on his back. By now, Zayn was mesmerized in thought over my words and his eyes were as big as tennis raquets. This should be funny. I think to myself.

"What is it?" Zayn asks me in a mumble.

"Brenna, well, she is in love with someone else. Not you," I say, trying to hold down my laugh. Zayn's eyes filled with tears but he didn't cry.

"Wh-who is it, H-Harry?" He asks. I don't know if I should tell him, now. It would ruin our friendship. But I had to. Brenna and Zayn have mocked me to death, being all 'lovey dubey' I have to tell him something that would make him commit suicide.

"Zayn, it's me," I say.

*Fade In*

I really needed to talk to someone; but who could I trust? Is this all a really big deal?

*Niall's P.O.V*

I love Gracie. Holy shit, she's, like, funny as heck and she is really, you know, hot. I've decided to tell her. Yeah. Maybe not the best idea but I'm pretty sure she won't say no to dating me. Not to be arrogant or anything but I'm from One Direction, for God's sake! Who wouldn't want to date me?

I shut my door quietly behind me. I had told Gracie to go out to the porch of Brenna's house the day before. It was 3:00am and I was hungry and tired. Stupid brain. I must remind myself if I ever fall head over heels for a girl again, that I must choose a better time to ask her out. Seriously. I sneaked  out onto the porch but couldn't find Gracie. This is annoying. I think to myself. I am wasting precious eating time. At that thought, I went back into the warmth and walked to the kitchen. I looked down to see that I was only wearing boxers, no shirt whatsoever. No wonder I was practically dying from the cold! I slowly approached the kitchen and I started to see an outline of a petite figure standing in the pantry. Gracie? I think to myself, trying to interpret who was eating all the food. Who ever it was was wearing a full pyjama suit, I think the Kiwi's call them Onesies or something. I started to see the features of the mysterious person as they turned around holding many different types of food. If that's Gracie; she is so like me. I laugh under my breath at my stupid thought but stop when the person comes over to me and hugs me.

"Niall! I've been waiting for ages! I didn't know what your favorite food was so I grabbed everything that was my favorite. I knew you'd be hungry," Gracie said and pulled me over to the dining table. I sat down in delight, excited about what food I was going to be fed first. Gracie came over with a full, pre-heated Pepperoni and Cheese Pizza. I smiled and licked my lips. Gracie giggled and placed the Pizza down on the table. 

"I get first dibs!" I laugh and put two steaming pieces on my plate. Gracie smirks and also picks up two pieces. 

"So! What were you going to tell me?" She asks, mid-chew. I swallow heavily and lick my lips again in attempt to get the grease off. Gracie giggles and carries on eating. She laughs a lot. I think to myself. And eats a lot too. I laugh softly. She is just like me. We would make the perfect couple.

"Gracie. It's been a while since we first met, right?" I ask. Gracie swallows and looks up from her Pizza, obviously confused on what I was trying to say.

"Yeah," She says uneasily.

"And we've been close friends from the beggining, right?" I ask again.

"Yeah," She replies. I take her hands in mine and she does a soft giggle.

"I wanted to ask you something. Something important," I say and sigh. Her eyes grow and she looks dreamily into my eyes. She is so hot. To hot.

"What is it?" She asks. We'd both left our Pizzas and were now completely focusing on each other.

"Will you go to the movies with me on Saturday? Your choice. In other words, I'm in love with you and I want to be your boyfriend," I say straight to her face. She now looked shocked, excited and relieved.

"Yes! Of course I'll date you!" She screams and we hug for ages and ages over the table. That was the best feeling in my life. And I wished it would never stop.


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