Keep Calm and Love One Direction

This story is about an 17 year old girl named Brenna Houston. She is a normal teenage girl, except for one simple thing... She HATES One Direction. Find out what happens to Brenna as she experiences Love, Death and Happiness.


8. Chapter 7


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Keep Doing What You're Doing!

I Keep Playing It Inside My Head, All That You've Said To Me (Quote: One Direction From: I Should've Kissed You)

Chapter 7

*Niall's P.O.V*

I have no fucking idea what just happened. Harry stormed out of Brenna's house and he obviously hates me now. I don't know what I did wrong. I was just telling him the truth. I think it hurt him when I sopke my thoughts. I always do that. Not on purpose, it just comes straight out of my mouth.

"NIALL!" I hear Liam call.

"HARRY!" Louis yells. Tears well up in my eyes and I throw my head into my pillow.

"Niall! What happened, what is wrong and where the hell is Harry?" Liam asks.

"It happened so fast. I don't even know. I ruined One Direction forever," I answer. I hear Louis stomp up the stairs and he comes into the bedroom. By now, Liam is sitting next to me, rubbing my back.

"Have you guys seen my Harrykins?" Louis says. I burst into tears and Eleanor and Dani come running into the room.

"Sorry, I was just asking," Louis remarks.

"Come on, babe, let's leave these three alone to figure things out," Eleanor says to Louis. Liam mouths 'Thanks, babe' and winks.

"So, explain," Liam says. Dani walks into the room and sits next to Liam.

"Harry stormed into the room saying that he is better than Zayn and all that and, afterwards, I spoke my mind again," I say.

"Oh no. He spoke his mind," Dani says. 

"And he-he told me he loves Brenna," I say. Tears stream down my face and I cover my pillow with them.

"WHAT?" Liam asks.

"He told me that he's the one for Brenna, not Zayn," I look up from my pillow to see Louis crying at the door.

"Lou, it's okay. We'll find him I promise," I say.

"You've done enough, Niall. I'll find him myself," Louis face is drenched in tears as he runs out the back door.

"Liam, I didn't mean to," I try to reason with him.

"No, Niall. You were right. One Direction is ruined forever," Liam says. Liam mopes out of the room.

 "Dani..." I say. Dani shakes her head and runs out of the room calling for Liam.

"What's going on?" I say to myself. I get out of bed, walk out of my room and open the door to Brenna and Zayn's room.

"Hey, Nialler! 'Vas Happenin'?" Zayn asks. Brenna laughs and hugs into Zayn.

"Harry and Louis have left us, Liam hates me and everything is my fault," I reply and slump down on Brenna's bed. Zayn's mouth opens to ten times the size of his normal. Brenna sits up.

"What?" Brenna says shocked.

"I've ruined One Direction," I say.

"Come here, Nialler," Zayn says to me. He pulls me into a man-hug. No, he doesn't. He's the only one that would ever understand. Him and Brenna are my only friends. I could tell he pulled me into a friend hug.

"I'll find them," Brenna says. I shake my head.

"No, Brenna, that's to much to ask," I reply.

"You might get hurt, babe," Zayn says. I laugh and Zayn lets go of our hug to kiss Brenna on the cheek.

"I'm sorry, guys, but I can't let me ruin your lives," Brenna says. How does she know it was her? I think to myself but I'm to afraid to ask. I let her go and so does Zayn.

"You better text me if anything goes wrong," Zayn says. Brenna nods, sighs and walks out the back door. I know she can find them. I just don't want her to.

*Brenna's P.O.V*

I had to find Harry. And Louis, but, at the moment, Harry's a tad more important. Once I shut the door behind me I sighed, knowing this was going to be a long afternoon. I walked down the street a little bit to find carrot shavings all over the pavement. I giggle to myself. Louis. I think, still giggling. I walk down the road more, following the carrot shavings, but find no more clues. I know about everything. Harry and Niall speak really loudly sometimes. Suddenly, my phone buzzed in my pocket.

Bradford Bad Boi ;) x

Hey, babe. Had any luck? x

I decide to reply; knowing he will get crazy-worried and come looking for me if I don't.

Me x :)

Nope. Only clue I've gotten is Louis's carrot shavings... :) x

I put my phone away and carry on walking for a while. No other clues. I'm fucking screwed. I think to myself.

~2 hours and 30 minutes later~

I check my phone and see that the time is 5:22pm. I've been walking for 2 and a half freaking hours! My phone buzzes and I see I have over 20 messages from Zayn. I look at a few.

Bradford Bad Boi ;) x

Have you found them yet? x

Bradford Bad Boi ;) x

Brenna! Come back! x

Bradford Bad Boi ;) x

Babe! It's getting late! Do you even know where the fuck you are? x

I stopped there and looked around. I didn't know where the fuck I was. I saw a few men walk out of the street in front.

"Hey, sexy woman," One of them say and squeezes my butt. I swipe their hand away.

"Fuck off or I'll call the cops!" I shout.

"Wow! She's a feisty one too," Another one says. He comes up to me and tries to kiss me but I punch him in the face.

"Didn't you hear me? FUCK OFF OR I'LL CALL THE COPS!" I scream.

"Hey, don't be like that," The third and final one says. One of them grabs my arms and ties them behind my back. The second one tapes my mouth and the last one pushes me back down the street they came up. I squirm, trying my hardest to free my hands as my blood circulation was getting cut off. 

"You want to know our names? Is that what you're trying to ask?" One of them say.

"I'm Jack," The first one who assaulted me says.

"I'm Will," The one I punched says.

"And I'm Nick," The third one says. My wrists were now numb and my feet were hurting from all the walking. My pocket buzzes and I curse under my breath.

"Aw. Is that your phone? Let's see who it's from," Will smirks and yanks my phone from my pocket.

"Bradford Bad Boi said: 'Babe, are you okay? I'm coming to find you. x' Isn't that sweet? We'll just tell him not to worry, aye? Because, after we're done with you, you'll be just fine," Jack said and laughed. He typed a few things into my phone and pressed send. I could tell it was something to do with me being 'fine'. He smacked my butt after he'd done and we carried on walking. They undo my mouth tape and the string around my wrist.

"Let go of my Brenna," I hear an oddly familiar voice say. It doesn't sound like Zayn's... HARRY! I think to myself.

"HARRY!" I shout. Harry comes over and kicks Nick, Jack and Will in the balls and grabs me in a bridal carry. He ran with me in his arms and we went as far away as we could get. He placed me down in a bush and came and sat next to me.

"Harry, you're my hero," I say to him and kiss him on the cheek. I looks down and sighs. I'll act like I know nothing.

"What's wrong?" I ask, acting dumb.

"Nothing," Harry replies. He starts playing with a leaf from the bush in front.

"Tell me," I say. I lean on his shoulder.

"It's just... you... and Zayn..." He says and looks into my eyes.

"You like me, don't you?" I ask. I couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Of course I like you! You're the hottest, nicest, prettiest, smartest girl I've ever met," He says. I can't help but smile.

"Harry, I think you're all of those things too. I just don't think you're my 'type'," I say. He looks at me mournfully and looks back down at the leaf in his hand again.

"Don't be sad," I tell him. I see a tear drop fall from his red face. He drops the leaf and reaches up to wipe it off.

"You're the only girl I've ever looked at and thought that you were truely beautiful, Brenna," He says. I lean in and kiss him on the lips.

"WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON?!" I hear a voice call from above. I look up to see Louis standing over us with mud all over him. His face is dirty and he seems really confused.

"Lou! Where have you been?" Harry asks after we pull away.

"I asked fir- HARRYKINS!" Lou screams. He jumps into the bush and onto Harry.

"Louis, it was nothing big, I'm not a two-timer don't even think about it," I say. I hear more rustling and I find Zayn looking through the bush.

"BRENNA!" He yells. He runs in and lies on me. I giggle. Seriously, I am in love with Zayn, not Harry. I just don't want to admit it.

"I thought I would never see you again!" He says and we kiss. He jumps off me and we laugh at each other. Now Louis isn't the only one covered in dirt and mud.

"Well, you got your wish, let's go home," Harry says. He stands up and brushes the dust off his clothes and helps Louis up. Zayn hops off me and picks me up in a bridal carry. Harry probably hates me now. I think to myself, ignoring everyone talking around me. I've ruined the relationship between me and him and Zayn and him. I spent the whole trip back to my house thinking about Harry and Harry only.


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