Keep Calm and Love One Direction

This story is about an 17 year old girl named Brenna Houston. She is a normal teenage girl, except for one simple thing... She HATES One Direction. Find out what happens to Brenna as she experiences Love, Death and Happiness.


7. Chapter 6

It's getting interesting now, isn't it?

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Oh, How I Wish, That Was Me (Quote: One Direction From: I Wish)

Chapter 6

 *Zayn's P.O.V*

Driving back to Brenna's house was amazing. She is the most beautiful person I've ever met in my life. Well, except fo Harry, he's pretty hot too! Once we finally trusted Louis to drive, we left to Brenna's house. Gracie wouldn't stop talking the whole trip. You don't know how annoying she is! 

"So I was like; 'No fucking way!' and she was like; 'Yeah! I couldn't believe it either!" Gracie screamed.

"Okay, Gracie, calm down," Liam says, patting Gracie gently on the back.

"LOUIS! STOP! YOU MISSED OUR EXIT!" Brenna screams from next to me.

"It's not my fault Harry is shit at reading maps," Louis remarks.

"TURN AROUND, LOUIS!" I screech in Louis' ear.

"Hold on tight, lads. It's about to get bumpy!" Louis yells. Everyone in the car holds onto something. Brenna and I have nothing around us, so we hold onto each other. I lean in and Brenna kisses me. It's kind of awkward for a while but then I really get into it. I don't just like her, I love her.

"Okay, Brenna, where's the exit?" Harry asks. Brenna and I ignore him and carry on kissing,

"BRENNA AND ZAYN; STOP DOING WHAT I THINK YOU'RE DOING AND HELP!" Niall yells. I thought he was asleep. I think to myself. Brenna pulls away from me and smiles. I smile back.


"Sorry, I got side-tracked," Brenna says and winks at me. God, she's attractive. 

"We could tell," Harry laughs.

"The exit is... NOW! TURN, TURN, TURN!" Brenna screams in my ear. Louis swerves the car and we turn down into a tight drive way and approach an amazing house.

"Wow," I say.

"This is yours?" Niall asks.

"Beautiful," Liam says, shaking his head in shock. We all hop out of the car and I run to my house. I pull the spare key out of my cotton pocket and unlock the door.

"Ladies first!" I say, stopping Zayn, Harry, Niall and Liam and letting Gracie and Louis through.

"Thank you, Brenna," Gracie says.

"Hey, Brenna," Louis calls. I walk through the last and run over to Louis.

"Yeah?" I say, getting an apple out of the fridge. I throw Louis a carrot.

"Can I call you Bren? Or, you know, Love?" Louis asks. I laugh hysterically and kiss him on the cheek.

"I prefer Love, Louis," I smile. Louis winks and runs off calling for Harry.

"Hey, babe," I hear Zayn say. I feel soft hands wrap around my waist and I put my hands up around his neck.

"Hey, Zayn," I say.

"Come up stairs with me ," I say to Brenna. It was getting late and I could tell she was reasonably tired.

"I might just go to bed, babe, sorry," Brenna says and lets go. I spin her around and pull her in. I push my lips against hers and her eyes close. We pull away and I take her hand and run upstairs. She shows me her room and we jump onto her queen-sized bed. We kiss for a while and I hold my neck on her head.

"I love you, Brenna," I say, after a few minutes of silence. I realize she's a sleep so I hug her and I end up dozing off too. This is the best moment of my life. I think to myself before I fall a sleep, completely in love with a beautiful girl called Brenna.

*Harry P.O.V*

The next morning was really weird. I mean; I woke up and heard Brenna talking. But, it wasn't just Brenna, it sounded like a man was in her room as well! So I burst into the room.

"GET THE FUCK OFF MY BRENNA, ASSHOLE!" I scream. Brenna looks up abruptly and I see the other person in the bed is Zayn.

"Wha-Wha-Wha-" I stutter. I am seriously confused. This better not be what I think it is. I am the one for Brenna, not Zayn.

"What are you doing in here Harry?" Zayn asked. He was proberly more confused than me.

"I thought you were someone else," I reply. Brenna gets out of bed only in her bra and underwear.

"Brenna, your clothes," I say and giggle. 


"You looked really hot in the night so I took your clothes off. I left your bra and underwear on because I didn't want to be that much of a pervert," Zayn says. I laugh really loudly and Zayn smirks. Brenna runs back to her bed and french-kisses Zayn. How is it that easy for Zayn? I think to myself. I look away from Brenna and Zayn.

"BREAKFAST!" I hear Liam call. I look back over to see that they are still french-kissing. I frown and storm down the stairs.

"What's up with you?" Liam asks.

"Nothing," I reply. I grab two eggs from the plate that Louis had obviously made, and stuff them on to a separate plate.

"Hey, everyone," I hear a girl voice call. I turn to face the door and see that Eleanor and Danielle had arrived. I carried on setting up my breakfast.

"ELE!" Louis calls and runs over and kisses Eleanor on the lips. I laugh.

"Where's my big welcome?" Dani says and hugs Liam from the back.

"I wanted to keep it a little less, you know, 'out there'," Liam smiles and also kisses Dani on the lips. What was with everyone and kissing these days? I think to myself. I grab my plate of food and storm off to mine and Niall's bedroom. I slam the door behind me.


"Sorry, Nialler," I say and dig into my delicious plate of 'Louis food'.

"Sorry for yelling at you. I didn't sleep at all last night; with all the giggling from Brenna's room," Niall says. He reaches forward and grabs a little bit of egg off my plate.

"What's wrong? You never storm around like that! Unless you are sick, annoyed or you have girl trouble," Niall says.

"It's Brenna," I reply. Niall nods his head factually.

"Ah. Girl trouble. What's up?" Niall says.

"I don't know. I think I want to be Brenna's so-called 'boyfriend'. I'm the one who's perfect for her not Zayn," I say. I take a huge bite of my toast and swallow heavily.

"Harry, Harry, Harry. Do you know why we chose Zayn in the first place?" Niall asked me. I actually didn't know. Niall and Liam decided. I had nothing to do with it.

"No. You never told me," I sighed.

"Well we chose Zayn because he never gets the girls. You and I, we're the opposite. We are so good-looking and awesome, we always get them. We thought this would be the one good opportunity for Zayn to have a girlfriend since the brake-up with Perrie," Niall says.

"Zayn never gets the girls? What the fuck? Zayn always gets the girls. I have also had a lot of girlfriends in the past, but I'm sure Brenna would be the one I stick by forever," I reply. I know I say that about all the girls but, seriously, Brenna seems like the one.

"Why don't you let this one girl go for once. You're always so uptight about everything," Niall says. That was to far. Way to far. Niall has this thing where he speaks his mind. That's the only flaw about him, other then his teeth.

"I CAN'T FUCKING LET THIS GO!" I say. I take my emptied plate and throw it onto the floor. I stand up and wrench the door open. I slam it behind me as tears well up in my eyes. I storm out the back door and leave Brenna's house. This was the worst idea that One Direction has ever made. I think to myself. Trying to make her love us. Horrible idea. I hate everyone back in that house, especially Zayn. I wipe tears from my face and run down the pavement. Away from anything. Away from everything.


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