Keep Calm and Love One Direction

This story is about an 17 year old girl named Brenna Houston. She is a normal teenage girl, except for one simple thing... She HATES One Direction. Find out what happens to Brenna as she experiences Love, Death and Happiness.


6. Chapter 5


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I Want, I Want, I Want; But That's Crazy (Quote: One Direction From: I Want)

Chapter 5

Gracie was motionless the whole concert. I didn't know what was up with her! Oh, wait. I do know. I just met One Direction for the second time, I was given backstage passes, and I had just been kissed by Zayn Malik! I know I never really liked them but, now that all that happened to me, I kinda do! Why I care so much to them? I wouldn't have a clue. 

Well, now's the time to go backstage! And, guess what, I'm actually excited! 

Gracie and I walk to the sign that says 'Backstage' and the Security Guard stops us; checking or faces and tickets. He nods his head and we go through. Gracie is still speechless and smiling by the time we get inside. I decide to break the silence between us.

"You know there is no one else coming in here," I say to Gracie as we walk through backstage. Gracie turns her head and stares me right in the eyes. She sighs deeply and puts her arm around my shoulder.

"Sometimes, I love you for hating One Direction," She smiles even broader and has a look around.

"I'm pretty sure they'll be down here, lads," I hear a cute, Irish voice say.

"I thought I saw them back there? Why does this have to be so hard?" Another voice says. This one starts to laugh and I hear a crunching sound.

"Don't you guys just love carrots?" The same voice asks.

"LOUIS! PLEASE GET BACK ON TASK!" A strong, bossy-like voice yells. I see a glimpse of bushy hair come into view and my mind shuts down as I realize who it is.

"There they are!" A different voice yells and I see a guy run towards me and hug me. I look at his face. That's Zayn! I think to myself. Zayn fucking Malik! Once my mind clicks back into place I wrap my arms around him too, hugging him back. We pull away and both smile at each other.

"Hello, beautiful. Did you see the note?" Zayn asks. Grabbing my hand. I scream quickly and look over at Gracie. She is in shock and playing with Niall's hair.

"Y-Yeah, I read the n-note," I stutter. Zayn smiles and nods his head.

"Oh my fucking god. Y-you guys are One D-Direction," Gracie says. She was really startled and I had no idea what to say. We stood there in silence, all 7 of us.

"So... Did you guys enjoy the concert?" Liam asks, trying to brake the awkward silence. He can really be adorable.

"Yeah! Especially when-" I started.

"YES, YES, YES! IT WAS AMAZING! YOU GUYS ARE, JUST, SO PERFECT!" Gracie yelled at the top of her lungs. I knew that was going to happen sometime, so it didn't really shock me. As for the boys; that's another story. Louis and Harry hugged in fright, Niall ran behind Liam, and Zayn grabbed me and pulled me onto the floor. He was the reason I was scared. We both started laughing and he helped me up.

"Why do you have to yell like that? You hurt little Nialler's ears," Liam said. He pulled Niall into a man-hug and Niall started fake crying. Adorable. I think to myself. That is just completely adorable. 

 "So... Why did you decide to bring us back here?" I ask looking around at the boys. Louis starts laughing and everyone else smiles. Liam and Niall turn their heads to Zayn. Zayn's eyes flutter and his cheeks burn bright red. It was definitely obvious something was up.

"Zayn wants to tell you something; before you graduate," Harry said. I gave Zayn a pat on the shoulder and Louis shoved him forward.

"Um, well..." Zayn scratched his head. "I'd prefer to do it in private," Zayn says adorably. His smile widens to his ears and he takes my hand. He leads me through tight corridors and up many steep stairwells. He opens a door at the top of a staircase and leads me out into the fresh air.

"Wow," I say as I look out over the city.

"Beautiful, right?" Zayn says, leaning on the balcony. I smile.

"Yes, it is. But it's no where near as beautiful as you," I say to Zayn. Zayn pulls me over to him and kisses me passionately. I thought I could feel a little tongue action in there, but I ignored it. Nothing can be better then this moment. I think to myself. Zayn pulls away a stares deeply into my eyes. It felt like he was reaching into me and pulling out my soul. 

"Back to the point," I say and look back out over the balcony. "What did you want to tell me?" I ask.

"I wanted to tell you that... I really... um... like you," Zayn smiled. My eyes grew wide and I could tell he was waiting for a reply. Suddenly a group of voices called from the stairs.

"HELLO! ARE YOU TWO UP THERE?" Louis yells. I gulp in relief. I can't make that decision now.  I think. Zayn is perfect, but I don't know him enough to be part of his life at the moment.  I pull away from the rail and step back to hold Zayn's hand. Luckily I did! The door burst open and in popped a little Louis head. 

"Oh, there you are. I thought you two were, you know, doing 'it'; that's why I brought these," Louis says, gobsmacked. He shows us a few condoms in a packet and Zayn and I both burst out in laughter.

"Really, Louis?" I smirk.

"That's Louis for ya," Zayn laughs.

"LOUIS! LOUIS!" I hear Liam call.

"Louis, mate, don't leave me! I have always loved you," Harry says. I hear him burst into tears and what sounds like Liam patting him on the back.

"Louis, guess what time it is?" Niall asks.

"Food time?" Louis says, licking his lips.

"YES! FOOD TIME!" They all shout. Louis opens the door and in pops 4 other familiar heads. Liam, Harry, Niall and Gracie.

"LOUIS!" Harry screams and runs towards Louis, holding his arms out to his side.

"I thought I lost ya, mate," Harry says, crying into Louis's shoulder.

"How the hell did you guys find us up here?" I ask Liam.

"Well, we followed Louis's scent, which Harry knows very well, and Louis followed Zayn's scent," Liam says factually.

"You guys are so weird," I laugh. I have to tell them that I like them now. I say to myself.

"Guys, Zayn isn't the only one who has something to say," I look down to the ground and twiddle my thumbs.

"What?" Zayn asks. I look into his eyes and I can tell he's thinking I'm going to tell everyone that I don't like him back.

"TELL US!" Louis yells.

"Well... I like One Direction," I say to them.

"No fucking way," Niall says, smiling.

"Woot, woot!" Harry yells. He starts to do this really weird dance that I can't even explain.

"See, boys," Louis starts beckoning the other boys to come over to him. They follow and put their arms around each other. "We aren't that repelling, are we?" Liam and Zayn laugh.

"GROUP HUG!" Gracie yells. We all huddle in together and have a nice long hug.

"Uh, guys," Liam starts. His beautiful smile had dropped to a look of shock.

"What?" They all say.

"Paul just text me. Apparently there is really bad weather over in England at the moment so there will be no flights leaving from anywhere to get back home for around 3 months," Liam finishes.

"Oh shit! And don't we sign out of our hotel today?" Harry asks. Liam nods and Louis sits down on the balcony railing.

"We're fucking doomed," Louis sighs. He drops his head into his hands and sits quietly. Harry comes over and sits next to him.

"OMG! I have to tweet about this!" Gracie screeches. I pull out my phone but Zayn stops the both of us.

"Guys! That's the worst thing we can do! That will mean paparazzi around us for ages! We should just play along that we left," 

"Yeah. We'll keep low profile," Louis says. He moves around like a detective and smirks at me.

"Fucking hell! Paul said that there was one flight that was going over and he and the rest of our crew caught it! This is why we don't give out backstage passes, dumb ass," Liam says and the rest of the boys glare at Zayn.

"Yup! We are fucking doomed," Louis says and he slaps his for head.

"Okay, boys, we're going to have to live through this, okay? We can live here for a few months, can't we?" Niall says.

"Yeah! We can! If we had a fucking place to stay!" Harry yells.

"You guys can stay with me- never mind... my parents would never let me," Gracie says, also slapping her face in despair.

"My Dad is on a business trip for, like 6 months. You can stay with me if you want, he won't mind," I say. The boys all look up at me like I'm an angel from heaven.

"Your Dad's missing your graduation?" Liam asks.

"Yeah... Gracie's going to tape it for him though so I guess it's alright," I smile.

"Another group hug?" Gracie cooes.

"CHARGE!" Louis yells. We have another really long group hug.

"Let's go!" Niall yells and we run back through the corridor laughing and chasing each other. We run outside and go into the food court next door.

"Brenna?" Gracie asks when we are finally alone while the boys are in Nando's.

"Yes, Gracie?" I reply.

"Please can I stay with you and the boys for a little while?" Gracie asks.

"Of course you can," I smile and we have a nice hug.


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