Keep Calm and Love One Direction

This story is about an 17 year old girl named Brenna Houston. She is a normal teenage girl, except for one simple thing... She HATES One Direction. Find out what happens to Brenna as she experiences Love, Death and Happiness.


4. Chapter 3

'Vas happenin'? Haha :P. This chapter is the best probably so far as it's really long and interesting. 

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'Cause We're Making All The Same Mistakes (Quote: One Direction From: Same Mistakes)

Chapter 3

I trump down the stairs and slump down into my chair at the breakfast table. Dad has prepared a full Friday morning breakfast for the first day back at school for the term. There is everything you could imagine on that table! Pancakes, French Toast, Bagels, Sausages, Crumpets and Eggs. I reach forwards and grab the biggest pancake, slap it on my plate and lean backwards on my chair. As I squirt a tonne of Maple Syrup on my giant pancake, Dad walks in the room, drying off the clean dishes.

"Morning, sweetie!" Dad chirps.

"Morning, Dad," I say, trying not to make eye contact with him.

"Well, someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning!" Dad's eyes glimmer in the sunlight as he looks down to check his watch.

"Nope, I'm actually excited for school! It's just... tonight's the big... Concert. Plus the Meet and Greet!" I say, shoving some pancake into my mouth. It felt like I hadn't eaten in ages!

"I thought you liked those boys! Um... what's their band name again?" Dad asks getting out his phone, obviously about to look on Google. I take the phone off him and stare him in the eyes. I gulp loudly.

"Okay, Dad, let's get two things straight here. Number 1: Their name is One Direction, number 2: I hate One Direction," I said, hiding my emotions. I grabbed my lunch off the kitchen bench and stuffed it in my school bag. I slung my school bag over my shoulder and opened the door.

"Bye, Dad, see you later," I close the door behind me and trudge through the wet mud that had just formed over our front lawn. I finally reach my  Mini and jump inside. My Cell buzzed frantically and I realized I was getting an incoming call from Gracie. I pick up the phone.

"Hey, babe, what do you want?" I ask as politely as I can whilst I turn on the engine.

"Um... I don't want anything... are you on your way though?" Gracie asked. I could tell she was keeping something from me. Shit! I think to myself. I gotta pick Gracie up today! I backed out of the driveway and turned right.

"Yeah, I'm coming now. What's the big secret?" I ask Gracie. I pull into Gracie's road and drive slowly , making sure not to miss her house.

"We're ditching school to meet One Direction, okay?" Gracie says, very seriously. I laugh.

"Good one, Gracie," 

"Yeah, funny. The only thing is, it's not a joke I'm being serious," My grin fades to a scowl.

"No, we aren't missing our first day back at school for gay fags," I say.

"Come on, Brenna! Like absolutely no one will go to school today! Pretty please!" Gracie pleads. I pull into her driveway, get out of the car and run into her house. I hang the phone up and walk up into Gracie's bedroom. I open the door.

"No, Gracie! This is silly," I say. 

"Brenna! Please! It's the only way to get it over and done with quickly! Everyone else thinks it's going to be in the afternoon but if we go now, we'll be first in line and it will be done really quickly! Please, please, please, please, please, please!" Gracie pouts. Why do younger kids always have to be so fucking adorable! I had to give in. I couldn't put up with grouchy Gracie for the whole day.

"Fine!" I say. We race to the car and speed out of Gracie's street.

~30 minutes later~

We arrive at the Vector Arena, Gracie bouncing up and down so excited to meet her idols.

"So, where do we line up?" I ask. I could tell Gracie seriously hadn't thought this through.

"Um," She looks around, trying to find a sign that would lead us somewhere.

"Ah-ha! There!" She points over to a barred off area with a sign pointing inside saying: 'One Direction Meet and Greet'. I follow Gracie over and we reach the area where we're supposed to wait. After around 2 minutes of waiting, Gracie is already impatient.

"I'm not waiting here for 8 hours! Lets just go in!" Gracie yells. She's so much like a five-year old when it comes to One Direction. 

"You go first though, just to make sure it's safe," She smirks and shoves me forward. I turn the handle, surprised it isn't locked, and look inside. Coast is clear.

"All clear, come in after me," I say, sighing deeply. I knew straight away that one of us was going to get in trouble. Well, I got that right! I walked through the door way and Gracie was about to come through when we heard something move. I beckoned Gracie to move back and make space for me to go back through. She moved out of the way and I stepped one foot through...

"Stop right there!" I heard a very manly voice say. I stopped in my tracks and stepped out in front of the man.

"What, in the name of law, are you doing here at this early hour of the day? Shouldn't you be at school?" He asks, his stinky breath over powering me.

"I... uh... I was... I was going to... um..." I stutter. Suddenly words struggle to reach the end of my tongue. I stop what I'm doing and shut up.

"Exactly, that's what I thought," He says slyly, words purr out of his mouth like a rattle snake whipping its tail.

"Come with me, child," He pulls me along with his strong hands and takes me into the back room. I hear another voice asking questions to what seemed to be a security guard. Wait, not one voice, not two, but five English voices asking many questions to the security guard about what seemed to be 'important stuff'. The door that we had just entered opened ever so slightly and in came five boys that looked oddly familiar.

"Paul, we need some help! We've all lost something very important!" The blonde one says. After a few moments, my brain clicks into place and my mouth opens wide as I interpret what had just happened. Isn't that Niall Horan? I think to myself. And that's Zayn and Liam! Holy shit! That's Harry and Louis! These boys weren't ordinary 18-20 year old teenagers, these boys were fucking One Direction!

At that point, I was very surprised they hadn't noticed me yet.

"Oh god, boys, what have each of you lost?" The man, Paul says. Paul, Paul... where do I know that name from? Paul Gosling from Science? No. Paul Megawatt from Homeroom? No. Hm... Oh! Fucking hell! That's Paul Higgins! One Direction's Manager!

"Well, I've lost me lucky guitar," Niall says, tears starting to well up in his eyes.

"I've lost Dusty, my cat," Harry says, his normal sexy smile faded into a pout.

"I thought your cat's name was Molly?" Paul asked. I thought that too, but that's Hazza for ya!

"Um... I keep changing her name... can't decide between the two," Harry half-smirks half-pouts.

"I've lost all my hair products!" Zayn says, shaking Louis in shock.

"All my carrots have disappeared from our fridge," Louis says. He's probably the only one smiling.

"My girlfriend, Danielle, has gone, she won't pick up her phone and she's not home..." Liam looks the sadest of them all.

"Alright, here are your answers. Niall: You probably left your guitar in the bathroom! Check there. Harry: Dusty's at the vet having a vaccination, remember? Zayn: We took your hair products because we need to update them to the newest style! Louis: YOU ATE THEM ALL YOU DUMB SHIT! Liam: Danielle's at a dance rehearsal and she can't have her phone on, call her in an hour. Okay, is everyone happy?" Paul asks. It was obvious that these boys would be no where without Paul!

"Thank you, Paul!" They chorus. Now they were all smiling. Suddenly Zayn looks me in the eye and realizes something. He whispers in Liam's ear and Liam's eyes grow big really quickly as he covers his mouth with his hand.

"Aren't you Brenna? The girl who hates us?" Zayn asks. By now, they were all staring at me. I break the stare by looking away. What should I say to them? I think to myself. What if they hate me too? I was really nervous on what  should do.

"Um... I... um..." I stutter. I look up again to see that  they're all smiling, all of them are smiling at me.

"Well, we better go," Zayn starts, still smiling widely. "see ya at the concert!" They all laugh and walk out the room, including Paul.

I just met One Direction.

And I liked it.


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