Keep Calm and Love One Direction

This story is about an 17 year old girl named Brenna Houston. She is a normal teenage girl, except for one simple thing... She HATES One Direction. Find out what happens to Brenna as she experiences Love, Death and Happiness.


13. Chapter 12

Heyy, everyone! Sorry about the cliffhanger in the last chapter! Here I go! EVERY SINGLE LITTLE DETAIL ABOUT ZAYN will be explained in THIS very chapter! If you have any other questions please leave them in the comments and I will make a little 'Interview' chapter! I hope you guys really like this chapter! AH! CAN'T WAIT TO TELL YOU GUYS EVERYTHING! Asdfghjkl... okay, I'll start now...

Again, this chapter doesn't have a quote; it's another recommendation. This one's to my step Poppa who died on the 01/09/12 (a Saturday) from Spinal Cancer and Diabetes. </3 I love you so much, Poppa Jack, Rest In Peace... xx :'(

Chapter 12 

*Brenna's P.O.V*

I woke up the next day still in the hospital. Even though I was in pain, I was just seriously happy that whenever I got sore, Zayn was always by my side to comfort me.

"Zayn, I'm in a little bit of pain at the moment," I said. It was the only way Zayn and I could really start a conversation. We had, by the help of Louis, pushed our beds together. Louis wasn't really up for the opportunity but he went through it, making a huge fuss about it that only 'The Swag Masta From Doncasta' can argue about. I waited for Zayn's response, but he never replied.

"Zayn?" I asked. I rolled over, which caused me to scream, waking up Gracie and Niall on the other side of the room.

"Brenna, are you okay?" Gracie asked.

"No! Zayn's not on his bed!" I yelled. Gracie sat up in her bed and so did Niall. They looked over to Zayn's rough mattress and his empty, un-made bed.

"Brenna, calm down. He'll be having a check-up!" Niall said. I started to breathe a little bit easier. Then, I thought about the negatives again. Looking at the negative side is what I do. I just can't help it.

"But what if he's not? What if he's gone forever?" I cry. Tears were tumbling down my face now. From the last week, I thought anything could happen. We got into a car crash and now Zayn was gone. Dead. Forever.

"Hello, guys! We heard some yelling from next door. Is everything okay?" A nurse asked when she walked through our 'dorm' door.

"Yes everything's fine. We just sorted it out and Bren-"


"Calm down, Brenna! Zayn is only having a short operation on his head, he'll be fine! We'll bring him back in here once the operation is finished, okay?" She asked. This was not okay. Zayn might die. Everything in my life will be flushed down the toilet.

"NO! I NEED MY BOYFRIEND HERE WITH ME RIGHT NOW OTHERWISE I MIGHT PASS OUT!" I scream. I let all my air fly out of my body and lost all my oxygen. I started to feel dizzy and fell sideways, landing on the floor and falling into a light sleep.

*Niall's P.O.V*

A bang was all I needed to realise what had happened. Gracie and I stared at the scene before our eyes as the nurse called for a doctor and Brenna got rushed out of the room in a stretcher. She left with 1 doctor and 3 nurses beside her, wheeling her to some ungodly place.

With Brenna gone, Gracie and I were left in, finally, some peace and quiet. Zayn, when he came to help me get out of the car when my leg was stuck, pulled on the door too hard. Pulling on the door too hard means that the car door flung straight into his face; afterall, Zayn was a strong man. Zayn has been struggling through a stage of a serious concussion and has recently gone into a coma, hence the operation. No one told Brenna because of what happened just before; everyone knew she would make it a huge drama. I know it's hard to see but I think Brenna actually likes Zayn, not Harry or me.

"Good Lord, she's mental," Gracie started. "But that's why I love her," I smiled and kissed her on the for head.

"I think that's how we all feel about her, babe," I reply. Gracie looks up at me, fear in her eyes.

"How's your knew leg?" She asks me. I sigh.

"It's alright," I reply, hugging her. Gracie and I were the ones that got the double bed. We were closer to each other so, yes, we could hug each other. "It could be better,"

"I could be feeling much better than I am at the moment, too," Gracie explains. I feel a soft tear trickle down my hospital nightgown.

"Don't worry, babe," I say. "We have each other," Gracie smirks.

"We're probably the luckier couple," She says. We both laugh when a nurse storms into the room We abruptly take our arms off each other.

"I have someone that wants to visit Gracie," The nurse explains.

"Yes," Gracie replies, sitting up in her bed.



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