Keep Calm and Love One Direction

This story is about an 17 year old girl named Brenna Houston. She is a normal teenage girl, except for one simple thing... She HATES One Direction. Find out what happens to Brenna as she experiences Love, Death and Happiness.


11. Chapter 10

Hello, everyone! I am very proud of my story so far... Gracie and Niall! Ha ha. What's going to happen to Brenna? Let's find out...

Reminders again!





Let's start Chapter 10 then!

If you wanna go somewhere, you can do; nothing is stopping you. (Quote: Louis Tomlinson From: One Direction)

Chapter 10

*Brenna's P.O.V*

I can't believe it. Gracie and Niall? Cute, but again, really? I'm not jealous. Okay, maybe a little bit, but it's only because I don't know who the hell to love right now. I would picture Zayn as a friend in the future. But, with Harry, I just don't know. I'm not taking sides, I'm just putting it out there. It had been but it's only because I don't know who the hell to love right now. It had been 5 weeks since the boys had started to stay with Gracie and I. 5 weeks of pure confusion and mixed emotions. I walked into the kitchen early on a Monday morning. It was back at school for me. Year 13 was all over. My last week of being a simple teenage girl is ending. I have no idea  what to do with my life. Just like I have no idea who to love.

"Morning, babe," Zayn walked into the room and kissed me gently on my cheek.

"Hey, Zayn," I replied glumly and sighed. He wasn't right for me. I couldn't go through with this relationship anymore. But what would I do? Just break his heart? I had no idea what to do at all. Right now I'd rather be dead. No joke.

"What are you doing up so early? Making breakfast for everyone?" He asked. He pulled away from my hug and smiled. I could tell it was sarcasm.

"No. I have my last week of school. It's random, I know. They gave us all this one week before we broke up to go to University. I'm kind of pissed off but I guess it's for the best," I walked over to the dining room table and sit down with my breakfast, tired and grumpy.

"Oh I guess that is a bit strange," Zayn replied. He smiled and started to make his own breakfast. 

"Morning, all!" Niall called as he skipped down the stairs.

"Lovely day, isn't it?" Niall smirked as he opened the pantry. I giggled.

"What?" He questioned as he pulled out the pancake mix. He looked confusedly at the bottle then shrugged, pouring some of the mix into the pan.

"Nothing. What makes you so happy this morning?" I ask, holding down my laugh.

"Oh! Just life. I have an amazing girlfriend, the 4 best friends ever and the perfect house host," I answered. He flicked on the pan, smiling non-stop.

"Uh huh," I shrugged. I looked down at my cereal and then up at the wall clock.

"Shit! It's time to go! Gracie!" I called in shock. I stuffed one more mouthful of food into my mouth and ran up the stairs to get changed. As I sprinted down the stairs, roughly tying my hair, I spotted Gracie and Niall outside on the front porch giggling and kissing. I sighed and kissed Zayn goodbye.

"Have a good last week!" He yelled as I slammed shut the front door. The only person I could be waking was Harry. Louis, Eleanor, Liam and Danielle all stayed over at Eleanor and Dani's flat last night. And anyway, Harry needed to be woken.

"Brenna!" I heard Niall call as Gracie and I reached the end of the porch.

"What?" I replied.

"You guys want a lift? It's easier then walking down to Ele and Dani's flat," I said. Niall could be amazingly smart sometimes. I seriously thank God for that. I left my car over at the girl's flat a couple  of nights ago because I wasn't 'able' to drive home, if you know what I mean.

"Um, yeah? That'd be nice," I answered as Niall unlocked his car. He wasn't necessarily aloud to drive other people around, but Gracie and I trusted him. After all, he's nearly able to drive. Gracie jumped into the passenger seat and Niall was driving. I sat in the back, so not excited for school.

"What are you going to do for University, Brenna?" Niall asks, concentrating as hard as he can on the road.

"I actually have no idea," I reply. I hadn't thought that far. All I'd been thinking about was my so-called 'love life'.

"Oh. Well, you've still got a week to decide, I guess," I remarks. I nod my head and glare out the window. The good thing is, Saint Cuthbert's College (our school) isn't that far away from where I live, since we live in the city.

"Which turn off is it?" Niall asks. I wasn't listening and Gracie's not very good at directions.

"The next one," I say glumly and carry on looking out the window.

"Are you sure?" Niall replies wearily.

"Yup," I reply.

"Babe, just listen to her, she knows what she's doing," Gracie tells Niall. Niall shrugs and turns the car round the corner.

"Um, Brenna, this doesn't look right, this is an oil trucking place, not Saint Cuth's," Gracie says. After that sentence, everything went in slow motion. A truck flew into the bumb of Niall's car and another truck slashed through the front. Gracie kept screaming in pain and it seemed as though Niall was knocked out. I couldn't feel a bone in my body as Niall's car flew over the side of the bank next to the road and we rolled down the incredibly steep hill. My head surged with pain and everything went black as the car finally stopped rolling. Everything went black, right in front of my eyes.


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