Keep Calm and Love One Direction

This story is about an 17 year old girl named Brenna Houston. She is a normal teenage girl, except for one simple thing... She HATES One Direction. Find out what happens to Brenna as she experiences Love, Death and Happiness.


2. Chapter 1

Hey, guys! I really don't know why the hell I am doing an Authors Note as I have absolutely nothing to say :)x. REMEMBER: GIVE ME IDEAS FOR THE CHAPTERS, VOTE, COMMENT, FAN ME AND... UM... be awesome my lovelys <3

'Cause I Can't Love You More Than This (Quote: One Direction From: More Than This)

Chapter 1

Gracie, my best friend, stood up off my bed and paced around my bedroom, a confused expression on her face.

"What did you just say to me?" Her lips cracked dry and wrinkles covered her for head. She had been frowning a lot, since I told her a secret that meant so, so much to her and her life.

"I said; I hate One Direction," Gracie stopped in her tracks, her expression changed to annoyance. She sat back down beside me, glaring soulfully into my baby blue eyes.

"H-how can you hate One Direction? They have everything a girl wants! Good looks, amazing voices, the nicest personalities ever. And, on top of all that... THEY'RE FAMOUS! How could you not love that?" She had now stolen my laptop, and was on Twitter, proving me wrong, with all the pictures and tweets from/of One Direction.

"They are 5 gay fucking fags who don't give a shit about their fans? They're famous and good looking, so what?" By now, Gracie's face was staring into space; obviously trying to forget what I just said. After a few minutes, her eyes stole mine and I could tell she was annoyed. She put my laptop in between us and stood up abruptly.

"Okay, then! Say what you want! I'm going home, talk to you later," And with those words, she stood up and stormed out of the room, after a couple of seconds the door slammed shut and I heard footsteps fade off into the distance.What's the big deal about these boys? I think to myself. I take my laptop go onto Twitter and log out of Gracie and log back in as myself. I decide to update my status.

@brenna_xx: @onedirection what's sooooo amazing about you guys? I need answers, and quickly! ~Brenna

I opened a new tab and typed into the search bar; 'one direction pictures'. Straight away, over a billion pictures flashed up on the screen and I had a quick look at them. They are pretty good looking, I must say myself. After a few minutes of looking over the pics, I remembered about Twitter and quickly switched the screens over. I now had over 100 mentions, 60 re-tweets and 7,000 replies! Also, the most trending thing right now is #BRENNAHATES1D. After looking at this, my face dropped. Holy shit! One Direction must have alot of followers! I decided to look at the replies.

@josieloves1D: @brenna_xx just tweeted: @onedirection what's sooooo amazing about you guys? What the fuck is wrong with the bitch. #DIRECTIONERFOREVER #BRENNAHATES1D

@MoreThanThis: who hates this bitch, @brenna_xx? #BRENNAHATES1D

@OneD_fuckyeah: :"( right now, I'm balling my eyes out! All because of this hoe @brenna_xx D:! HOW CAN YOU HATE ONE DIRECTION? #BRENNAHATES1D

After reading these, I had a little think about the 5 boys in blazers. But that thought ran from my brain as I scrolled down the page a little more. I was shocked when I found this reply to my tweet!

@onedirection: So excited to get to New Zealand for the concerts and meet and greets! I'm guessing @brenna_xx won't be going to either of them though... If only me and my Directioners could prove her wrong :) ~Bradford Bad Boy (Zayn)

This tweet blew my mind. If only me and my Directioners could prove her wrong :) ~Bradford Bad Boy (Zayn). Zayn Malik, 1/5 of One Direction, was going to try and get me to like his band?! This is crazy. I grabbed out my Cellphone and text Gracie.

Me x :)

Hey. Soz bout B4, babe. I have sumfing 2 tell you... call me? x

After a couple of minutes of waiting and checking Twitter, my Cell buzzed uncontrollably. I unlocked the screens and pressed the messages button slowly and softly; not knowing what Gracie was going to say!

Sexy Gracie x

Hey, Bren. It's fine, don't worry. Just next time, B careful on wat U say 2 me bout 1D. Call U in a sec, babe x

I was happy that she accepted my apology. God, sometimes Gracie can be a real, true bitch. You don't know what I've had to go through over the years. If you think this is bad; you just wait, things are normally a lot worse then that! Gracie is a family friend. She's actually only 15, so she can't drive or anything yet. I have to basically take her everywhere. That's why I'm not excited for when One Direction come to New Zealand. I'll have to take Gracie to the Meet and Greet plus their Concert. Oh joy! I can't fucking wait.

Bring Bring! My Cell rang and buzzed crazily and I picked it up, knowing instantly it was Gracie.

"Hello?" I answered into the speaker. I could feel the excitement Gracie was trying hard to hide. It felt like a big pot of hot spaghetti about to explode.

"Oh my fucking god! I saw the thing on Twitter, did you see it? Holy shit, Zayn, Niall and Louis are following you now! I don't think Harry and Li- wait! They both just followed you! Now 1DHQ are following you to! OMG! This is crazy, don't you think it's crazy? I've been wanting them to follow me ever since I made a Twitter account! Well, technically I made one because of them. AH! Now, like, all of their girlfriends are following you to! They're trying to make you like them! AH!" And there was the explosion of spaghetti. Now I was covered in it all. Gracie now had the hiccups and was probably tired as she said all of that really fast. I wasn't looking forwards to the Meet and Greet. Not only because it's One Direction, but because Gracie is going to be like this the whole entire car ride. Great.

"Are you done?" I asked soothingly, trying to make her breath slower and calm down.

"Yea I- HICK! I-I guess I'm d-done, HICK!" Gracie was starting to loose the hiccups and was calming down.

"Now, it's my turn to have a say on all this," I say, standing up and shutting my bedroom door and lying down on my bed again, I knew this was going to be a long conversation. "Gracie, I don't care about all of these dicks following me! I don't like them, and I never will. It's stupid. No one; not even them, can make me fall in love with guys that I hate," Gracie has calmed down now and it seemed awkward for a few seconds between us, but she finally replied.

"Let's make a bet, then," Gracie said. I can sense a huge grin growing bigger and bigger on her face.

"Yeah sure, what is it?" I say.

"I bet you 50 dollars that by the time we go to their Concert and Meet and Greet; you'll be a Directioner, exactly like me," Gracie's grin had gotten wider by the time she finished this sentence. I didn't know what to say as I didn't want to say 'No Deal' and sound like a loser. But I didn't want to say 'Deal' just in case I did fall in love with One Direction. After glaring at my Cell for a few moments, I finally made a decision.

"Deal! I know I won't fall in love with those fags! I hate them with all my guts!" 

I thought I'd made the right decision, but after hanging up on Gracie, I knew I was definatley in deep shit right now.


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