Love Hurts

Ok, so I made a book earlier called 'Love Hurts' but then I just couldnt keek up with it and all it wasnt getting anywhere...ANYWAY me and my couisn are going to be making it. Haha xx Sammi


9. Chapter 9- authors note

Sammi's POV

Louis is so pissed off at me now, just cause I kissed Niall on accident we were never in a relationship whats the whole problem?! I have been staying with Niall recently cause I like the company but I dont want to be around Shelby right now, we get to much of each other.

"Niall, im going to go talk to Louis..." I said to Niall as I stood up from the couch.

"Ok...want me to come?" he offered.

"Im good, but thanks for the offer." I said as I gave him a hug then left his flat and went over to Louis'. I knocked on his door, and he answered immediantly.

"Louis, im so sorry...I just got caught in the moment." I tried to explain, but he just cut me off by kissing me and bringing me inside.

"Its alright...I forgive are my carrot princess now which means you have nothing to appologise for. Do you want to move in with me?" he asked as he crashed his lips on mine once again, I just nodded in responce, and backed away but he kept on kissing me and following my movements.

"Louis...I have to go back to Niall's and get my stuff." I mumbled.

"Ok sweety...I will be waiting for you." he replied as he pecked my lips before walking to his room doing the pat the dog screw the lightbulb and smacking his hand on the wall while doing it "shit that hurt" he screeched then continued what he was doing.

I made my way over to Niall's flat...and walked in to find him feeding Liam's turtle chicken...bad bad Niall. I slowly made my way over to him not making a noise until I reached him, my hands pounded on his sides while shouting "booo" causing Niall to scream and get bit by the turtle.

"Samantha!" he yelled as he turned around, holding his hand.

"Yes Niall?" I asked innocently, with a puppy dog face.

"I dont know, but did you sort things out with Louis?" he asked.

"Ya...he wants me to move in with him..." I responded.

"Are you sure about it?" he asked as he gave me a hug.

"Not really." I mumbled.

"Then why are you doing it?" he asked.

" be honest im falling for both you and Louis..." I said causing someone to gasp, I turned around to find Liam...

"You like two people?" Liam asked stating the obvious.

"Naw shit..." I responded then took my suitecase out and made my way to Louis' flat...


****AUTHORS NOTE: Hey guys, sorry if this chapter doesnt make what do you think? Should Sammi be with Louis or Niall? And Shelby, you cant comment cause you are coauthoring haha xx Sammi****

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