Love Hurts

Ok, so I made a book earlier called 'Love Hurts' but then I just couldnt keek up with it and all it wasnt getting anywhere...ANYWAY me and my couisn are going to be making it. Haha xx Sammi


8. Chapter 8

Harry's pov- As Shel was walking down the stairs she heard me saying she is going to be mine one way or another. Shel looked really nice in the soft pink dress. As she heard me say what i said she ran to her room. She slammed the door and locked it. Liam went running to her room and knocked on the door and pleaded to go in to her room. She was really upset because she gave Liam the hug he needed. She was on the floor crying. I ran up to her room to see if everything was alright. By the time i got upstairs Liam closed the door. So I sat on the floor ease-dropping on them.

"Whats wrong sis?" He asked her.

"Im sad mom and dad died, the guy I like said 'Im going to get her one way or another'." Shel told Liam.

"We will get through this you me and Sammy. Who is the guy who you like? Do I know him?" He asked her.

"I know we will get through this and yes you know the guy that I like but you have to guess who he is." She said still crying.

"Is it Harry?" He asked her.

"Yeah please don't be mad at me, but Sammy is in love with louis."

"I will have to get over it, if it makes you happy to be with Harry then go for it."

"I know I haven't told you this in like forever but I love you Butter cup."

"I love you too smurfy." Liam I heard foot steps coming toward the door. So all I do is stand up very quickly and run down stairs almost falling face first.
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