Love Hurts

Ok, so I made a book earlier called 'Love Hurts' but then I just couldnt keek up with it and all it wasnt getting anywhere...ANYWAY me and my couisn are going to be making it. Haha xx Sammi


7. Chapter 7

Louis's pov- So I promised Sammi I would make sure that she would be safe me. I guess that Niall killed Zach he wasnt that nice any way. He got what he deserved.

"Hey sam can I please talk to you?" I asked.

"Yeah are you mad at me?" Sam asked.

"No why would I be mad at you."

"Well you asked me if you could talk to me."

"Well I dont like you at all..... I love you...... Will you do me the honor to be my carrot princess?"

"Of course I would you are my carrot prince that im mad in love with."

Sammi's pov- OMG I cant belive the one and only Louis Tomlinson asked me to be he wonderful carrot princess. What will Shel and Liam say about it? Oh well I have many secrets what I do and Liam doesnt even know them only Shel knows. When she is about to tell Liam something I dont want him too know I threaten her and say do i have too tell the boys how you cant use the stove or her real name which is Shelby. So I dont have a big social life but I do talk about every thing to random people on the street. So when I was younger I thought everyone was my friend so I would say I have 100's of friends.
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