Love Hurts

Ok, so I made a book earlier called 'Love Hurts' but then I just couldnt keek up with it and all it wasnt getting anywhere...ANYWAY me and my couisn are going to be making it. Haha xx Sammi


14. Chapter 14

Sammi's POV-

I still cant believe that Louis broke us off. I am now 6 months pregnant and I am showing, I live with Niall now, Liam is in Paris with Shelby having bonding time with her and all. Zayn has a new girlfriend too her name is Tara she is really amazing me and her get along just like sisters. Louis has never been the same since he was told the baby is Niall's. Harry has been at mine and Niall's place all the time complaining and crying on how much he misses Shelby.

Right now Niall, Harry, and I are all watching the movie 'Love Actually' cause Harry wanted to watch it and he has been shouting out 'this is so me and Shelby!' and stuff like that. Its sad to know that he misses her so much after it only being 3 hours before she took off to the plane. Suddenly I got a phone call from Tara and excused myself away from the guys and the movie.


S- hey Tara whats up?

T- *sniffles* i-i need you.

S- im on my way with Niall.

T- no! dont bring Niall! i just need you!

S- shit ok im on my way right now. be there in a few.

*End of conversation*

I walked back out to the guys both looking at me worried.

"Are you ok?" Harry asked before Niall could.

"Ya just fine, im just gonna be at Starbucks meeting up with an old friend of mine." I responded.

"Whats the name of this friend?" Niall questioned.

"Syrus...he just arrived here and I needed to tell him the news about me being pregnant." I lied, hoping they would buy it.

"Ok. Be back by 5pm." Harry said as he shewed me out of the house. Hell no! This is mine and Niall;s house not his! But oh well I needed that.

A few minutes later I knocked at Tara's door in which she immediantly opened it and ran into my arms almost knocking me over.

"Careful the baby." I whispered in her ear as I lead her out of the house.

"Ok so whats wrong?" I asked her as we arrived at Starbucks and sat down with both our hot chocolates.

"He found me." she whispered.

"HOW!" I shouted getting everyone's attention "sorry guys you can go back to what you were doing." I apologised as I turned back to face Tara.

"Im still trying to figure that out. He must have got out of jail and now he is practically stalking me." she responded as she handed me her phone under the table.

'Nice undies.' one read.

'Dont bein the same bed as other guys that aren't me.' another read. The last one really got to me.

'If you dont come back to me by next Friday you will regret everything. You will be begging me to kill you and not Niall, Zayn, or Sammi. You have one week to breakup with Zayn and kill Sammi's baby to get both her and Niall to hate you so you can then come with me and we can live happily ever after and have our own kids. Love you x.'

As I read the last message, I threw her phone at the wall causing it too shatter and get everyone's attention.

"THAT BASTARD! HELL NO! GRAB YOUR STUFF AND LETS GO!" I exclaimed as I practically dragged her out of the shop, only to face Nick...the guy she got the text from. He only saw me luckily so I forced Tara to go back inside and call the guys.

"Sammi! Long time no see aye?" he questioned like nothing was going on as he walked over to me.

"Right! How have you been?" I questioned attempting to sound nice.

"You know the normal...missing Tara. What about you?" he asked.

"Got fatter you know," I said as I then looked him up and down.

"Like what you see?" he smirked.

"You know im not lesbian, so why ask?" I asked rudely. Im sorry ok? I have my moments where im nice then the moments where just...things happen?

"Im a wanna see?" he asked unzipping himself, as I then placed my hand in my pocket pulling out my knife.

"Yes prove to me that you are a guy!" I said, trying to hold back my grossed out face. He then pulled his dick out as I then took the chance to cut it off and shove it in his mouth as his tears poured down his face in pain. I then stabbed him in his chest as the guys arrived and Tara ran out and jumped into Zayn's arms. 

"Nobody saw anything." I said as I dragged Nick to the back of the car and threw him in the trunk, followed by me grabbing my hand sanitizer out of my purse and rubing it over my hands multiple times clearly grossed out, then got in the car and we toom off back to the house in silence, until Niall broke it.

"Remind me not to piss you off." he said as everyone agreed but Tara.

"She only did that because he was being a complete ass, telling me to breakup with Zayn and kill your guys' baby." she said to Niall.

"Thats mean!" Harry said as everyone burst out laughing, until my phone started ringing. I checked the caller ID...Liam.  

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