Love Hurts

Ok, so I made a book earlier called 'Love Hurts' but then I just couldnt keek up with it and all it wasnt getting anywhere...ANYWAY me and my couisn are going to be making it. Haha xx Sammi


12. Chapter 12

Louis's POV

I made my way over to Liam's flat to see if he has saw Sammi, she hasnt talked to me since like 3 days ago. I pounded on his door, making sure he heard me...but instead Shelby answered.

"Hey, have you heard from Sammi?" I asked.

"Ya I have...and I think its best if you guys take a break from this whole relationship thing..." she responded.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"I mean that, your going to fast in the relationship...she is going through alot right now." she replied.

"Why didnt she say anything?" I asked.

"Well...she was having the time of her life until she found out she was pregnant..." she said quickly as she slammed the door in my face. SAMMI IS WHAT?! I took my phone out and dialed Sammi, she picked up on the third ring...laughing?

"Hey Louis, wha-whats up?" she asked as she tried to calm down.

"Is it true that your pregnant?" I asked.


Sammi's POV

I cant believe that Louis just asked me that.

"Yes..." I mumbled.

"Why didnt you tell me?" he asked.

"Well I have no idea how...but the baby is Niall's." I responded as I looked at Niall, who had his mouth wide open.

"Its better if...if we took a break from each other..." he said, I could tell by the sound of his voice that he was upset.

"Wh-what?" I asked in disbelief.

"Im sorry babe, but I will love you forever and always." he said as he ended the call.

"Forever and always." I whispered as I held my phone to my chest and began crying.

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