Love Hurts

Ok, so I made a book earlier called 'Love Hurts' but then I just couldnt keek up with it and all it wasnt getting anywhere...ANYWAY me and my couisn are going to be making it. Haha xx Sammi


11. Chapter 11

Louis's POV

"So...Sammi, what do you wanna do?" I asked Sammi as we sat down on the couch.

"Lets go crazy crazy crazy til we see the sun I know we only met but lets pretend its love!" she sang in responce...

"I think that already old are you anyway?" I questioned.

"Im going to be 20 tomorrow." she responded. SCORE!

"I already have a plan just for the two of us..." I said with a devious smile.

"Im not doing that again...hold on im gonna blow..." she said as her face turned like a greenish colour and she ran to the bathroom, I ran after her and held her hair back, while rubbing her back.

"You dont think your.....?" I questioned.

"I dont know...I might be..." she responded as she faced me.

"And if you are then I will be right by your side..." I assured her, as we stood up and walked out.

"I need to make a trip over to Niall's...I will be back in like 30 minutes." Sammi said as she was about to leave but I pulled her back and kissed her.

"Promise?" I asked.

"I cant promise, but I will try..." she responded as she gave me a quick kiss then left.


Sammi's POV

I made my way over to Niall's flat, on the verge of crying...I know I am pregnant and thats the whole dilema...but im not sure if im ready for parenting hood or not...I opened his flat door to find everyone inside playing truth or dare.

"Niall..." I whisper shouted, trying not to draw attention to anyone but him...he turned and faced me his smile fading.

"I need to talk to you." I mouthed, causing him to face the others and tell them that he was going to Nandos...with that he got up and ran over to me, leading me outside.

"Are you alright?" he asked as we got into his car.

"No im pregnant...and I-I just dont know what to do!" I said as tears poured down my face.

"Awe sorry...just please choose me and not Louis...I can help you out...Sammi, I love you." he said as he took my hand in his and took off.

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