She is anything but outgoing and experienced, he is your usual type of badboy guy. She is no rule breaker, he has broken them all. She believed in fairytale love, he never believed that he could fall in love.
Through Darkness they meet, through Darkness they'll be united.
So; are you ready for the Darkness to take over?


3. Take care

My head was pounding with a terrible headache. My eyelids were fighting so desperately against the light, trying to break through them.

I tried to move around a bit and groaned when something tighten around my wrists and ancles. Forcing myself to open my eyes, I was unable to see for a short second. When I had finally regained my ability to see, I took a look around me, only to find myself tied up to a chair in the middle of a dark room, only lighten up by two lamps, standing on either side of a big size bed.

Confusion and anxiety took over my body, as I desperately tried to get out, by pulling and kicking, which only resulted in the robes digging into my exposed skin. It was now clear to me, that there was no way out of this alone and so the natural human reaction kicked in.

"Help!" I called out once, twice and a third time, but nothing happened at all.

"Now you're quite the little screamer aren't you." My body froze instantly by the sound of the slight familiar voice. As my mind kept searching for the answer, as to who this voice belong to, the shadows in the far end corner started moving. A gasp left my lips as those hard, dark eyes found mine. "What's wrong? Did the cat get your tongue?" He spat sarcastically as he kept moving towards me. I was at a lost of word and no where to hide.

From the moment I had seen him in between all the drunken teenagers, I had found something about him that I was drawn towards. That night I had made it out to be the mysterious glow that surrounded him, only now did I see that all about him was shouting danger.

"W-where am I?" My voice only trembled when I was nervouse. I cursed myself for stating the obvious and showing off my emotions, as a smirk spread on his plumped lips.

"Am I making you nervouse?" I was trying desperately to keep a calm and collected face, though my breath had to betray me and got stuck in my throat. This only caused him to smirk wider as he kept moving towards me, in a slow pace.

I took a deep breath and forced myself to play it cool, as I ignored my question and asked mine again. "Where am I?" This time, my voice came out stronger and more determined to get my answer. This didn't get his smirk to decrease what so ever, though.

"You are way sexier in the light, shawty." He ignored my question what so ever, now standing only a few inches from me.

"Tell me where I am, or I'm going to scream!" I was desperate. Desperate to get out of that chair, that only caused pain to my back. All I wanted was to go back under the covers of my comfortable bed, where nothing could harm me.

I flinched as he grabbed a hold of my chin, between his thumb and index finger. "Listen you little bitch, I'm the one making the rules around here, not you! So I suggest you keep that pretty little mouth of yours locked tight unless it's put into something useful." I gasped as he tighten his grip. Even though his tune was harsh, he couldn't help but wink during the last part and disgust took over my body, washing away every other ounce of emotion and sparked a new found confident in me, that I never knew existed.

"Who the hell do you think you are? you asshole!" A sharp pain stung in my cheek as yet another gasp left my mouth.

"It's Bieber and I suggest you memorize it." Another sharp pain spread in my cheek as his hand came in touch with it, for the second time. "Now you just sit still, while I take care of something." He spat through gritted teeth as another smirk spread on those plump lips of his.


"So did you handle them?" I had left her alone in the room, tied to the chair, the minute I had heard the front door open and close.

Nathan was in the middle of searching the fridge for something eatable. "Yeah, chased them all the way out of town and to the other side of the lake." I guess he decided on giving up as he grabbed a beer and headed for the couch. "So what about your problem?" He was clearly referring to the girl tied up in my bedroom - as much as that sentence do please me, the scene was quite different from what I would've imagined it to be.

"I dunno. They couldn't have possiblely seen her, it was way too dark for that, but.." I got lost in my own thoughts while staring at the empty wall.

"But now she's seen you and you're afraid that she knows too much." I nodded, still not focusing my eyes on anything particularly. "We can't be sure if she's going to tell or not."

I turned my glare towards the staircase, knowing that the problem was just upstairs. "We can't be sure of anything." I mumbled, more to myself than for him to hear.

"So what are you going to do with her?" There was no 'we' in that sentence and I knew exactly why.

Nathan and I had known each other for a long time, but it wasn't untill a couple of years ago that we decided to bring our work together, only due to the lack of protection.

To make sure that one of us didn't bring the other down with him, we had decided to set up a few ground rules. One of them being; you caused the problem, you solve it. Nathan wasn't able to help me on this one and I wasn't gong to make him. I had brought this little problem on myself and I could fix it myself, besides; it wasn't for nothing that everyone got goosebumps and shivers by just the mention of my name. I was feared and I loved it that way.

"Who knows. I could kill her." It was the God to honest truth. I could kill her in an instant and I would if I thought that she was a deadly threat to me or if she pushed me off the edge of anger. But I didn't see her as a deathly threat and she had only made me frustrated so far, so really there was no point in killing her. Of course that ment, me having to make sure she didn't speak up at all and I could do that the easy way or the hard way.


He left me for about twenty minutes, which were long enough for me to freak out, let a couple of panic filled tears drip and then gather myself back up.

I had on a mask of determination when he walked back into the room. "Why am I here?" I didn't really expect an answer, but I guess that whatever he had been doing downstairs, had calmed him down enough to cooperate with me.

"You're here because you were too fucking curious and saw something that you should've never seen, which left me with no other choice than -"

"- than what? Kidnap me? Hide me away from the world? Take me against my will?" It wasn't in my intentions to interrupt him, but I just couldn't help but spit those words at him and it felt good. Though his reaction to it, didn't please me as much.

"I didn't fucking kidnap you, you little bitch. I may have taken you against your will and I have been hiding you for the past five hours, while you were unconscious, but it was only - and I repeat - only, for your own safety." He snapped. I suddenly felt so small, though I wouldn't lose my dignity in front of him and certainly not my pride.

"What the fuck do you mean?" I had never used such language or such a tune and I knew that my parents would yell at me for doing so, but I just couldn't help it. He brought it out in me. This dark little side of me.

"I'm talking about the fact that those bastards would've killed you in a fucking instant." He yelled right back at me. My blood started to boil in my veins and a slight pink color started to spread in my cheeks.

"And you wouldn't?" The moment my harsh voice hit him, a glimt of hazel ran over his dark eyes and for a second they seemed so light and golden, but they quickly returned to their dark almost black color.

He began moving towards me and in a couple of steps, he was standing right in front of me, losing the robes on my wrists.

"What are you doing?" My voice was dripping with surprise as I watched him untangle the last robe and grip my arm tight in his hand, pulling me along him through the house.


I watched as she walked towards her front door, inserted the key and closed the door shut behind her. When I was sure that she wasn't in sight any more I quickly speed down the road and turned a corner, leaving her behind.

Her scent was still present in the car and my grip around the steering wheel tightened just by the thought of her.

I desperately tried to shrug it off, but I couldn't help it. I didn't want to be thinking of her, she was just some stranger from a party. I had been around her for about six hours, two if you only count the hours she had been awake, and she still knew exactly how to push my buttons.

Never in my life had I met someone who had sparked so much frustration and anger inside of me, within such a small amount of time, and I couldn't help but feel slightly relieved that it was all over now.

I found myself inhaling her scent in a deep breath, before lighting up a cigaret and thereby erasing the last trace of her.



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