She is anything but outgoing and experienced, he is your usual type of badboy guy. She is no rule breaker, he has broken them all. She believed in fairytale love, he never believed that he could fall in love.
Through Darkness they meet, through Darkness they'll be united.
So; are you ready for the Darkness to take over?


8. Speak of the devil


A strong wind blew through the streets of Stratford, caring a couple of thousand snowflakes, which quickly fell to the ground and covered it in a light white duvet. 

Shivers ran down my spine, as I pulled my jacket closer and turned up the sound of the music. It had been five days since Justin dropped me off at my house. A whole week with no signs of him. In some way I was relived, it seemed like he had decided to vanish from my life with all of his troubles, but then again; I couldn't help but feel the slightest curiosity towards him.

Though at the end of the day, I was happy that I wasn't being dragged into danger filled situations, where a gun somehow always seemed to be included.

As I turned a corner and continued down my own street, the familiar feeling of someone watching me and my every move came back. The feeling was no where near new and that's what scared me the most. Ever since Tuesday, the feeling of having an extra set of eyes on me, had been hunting me, scaring me and driving me insane. 

As I stepped up to my front door I fought the urge to look around me, in search of someone else beside me. I knew that it would only end up with the same result as all the other times; no one to see.

A fear had been awoken within me and it didn't rest, before my front door was closed and locked behind me and I was standing under the warm water running in the shower.

It was my mom's yearly weekend trip to New York. She had left that Friday morning and wasn't coming back until Monday evening, which left me some time off of her sight and strict rules. 

Therefor I had invited Chelsea over. I had kinda abandoned her at the party that started it all, and none of us had really had time for the other one, during the week.

Since I really didn't care how I looked, while hanging out with Chelsea, I was wearing a pair of black sweat pants and an oversize shirt with the superman logo print on the front. She had already seen me on my worst days, what could possibly be worse? 

"Hola Chica!! Long time no Chelsea for you!" She sang as she danced around me and into the hallway, where she kicked off her boots and threw her jacket in the corner, before making her way directly to the couch with the armload of candy and chips she had brought along with her.

"Well I'm glad to see you too!" I laughed as I plopped down on the couch next to her. These were the times I loved most with Chelsea. It was all about us talking, laughing, having fun and watching a bunch of movies - that we never really payed attention to - while stuffing us self with sugar until we nearly exploded. 

"So what have you been up to guuurl?" She asked as she stuffed another potato chip inside her already full mouth. I couldn't help but laugh a little at how funny she looked with crumbles on her chin and her cheeks all blown up with chips.

"Nothing much really." A little stone settled in my stomach. I wanted to be cool about it and I wished that I could just tell her, but I couldn't. She wouldn't understand. "What about you? Still fooling around with that Brendon guy?" I asked as I threw a green gummybear into the air and caught it with my mouth again. Yes that is just something I'm good at - well; really not, I guess it was just a big portion of luck.

"Nah, dumped his ass Monday." She said in a 'duhh' tune as if it was so obvious.

"Oh of course." I mumbled as I pulled my feet onto the couch as well and rested my back against the arm handle. 

"Though I have been seeing this one guy and I actually think it could get serious later on." We both took a moment to look at each other, before we bursted out laughing in unison. Chelsea was no slut, though she wasn't know for keeping her men too long. She liked to... Keep her eyes on the market.

"Interesting. What's his name?" I managed to get out after I had taken a couple of quick and deep breaths, after our outburst.

"It's Trevor, I met him at this cafe Tuesday." She shrugged at me before stuffing another handful of chips into her mouth.

A shiver ran down my spine by the sound of his name, or was it the thought of Tuesday? The day I had officially lost my sanity. 

"Sounds interesting." The excitement in my voice was obviously fake, though Chelsea didn't even realize as she was too into the thought of this Trevor guy and the nearly empty bag of chips in her lap.

"I know right? And you haven't even heard the best part yet!" Another shiver ran down my spine. She sounded excited but I had a feeling that this 'best part' wasn't that good at all.

"Then tell me." I urged her, longing to get this overwith. I knew perfectly well that she loved to talk about boys and her latest prize.

"He's 19, can you believe it?" And it was about that second, where every little fiber in me turned to ice.

"19? Are you crazy?" I yelled at her, my motherly instinct taking over. Who knew what that guy could lead her into. Images of tied to a bed or left at the side of the road with thorn clothes, decided to take a walk on the high road called my mind. I quickly shrugged them off of me, knowing all too well that stuff like this actually happened, and just around the corner to be honest.

The images quickly vanished, only to be replaced with a playful smirked on a pair of perfectly plumped lips, that belonged to no other than the guy who had showed me, just how dangerous ever second really is and how easy it is to end up in a messed up situation. If I had learned anything from my experiences with Justin, it would be the fact that I no longer believed that the crimes I heard about in the news were far away from me. No, I now knew that it was happening just around the corner from my house or in the parking lot behind an old restaurant. It happened every where and it always had. Only difference now, was that I was aware of it and it frightened me.

"Oh calm your PMS, will you? It's not like I'm going to stick with him. It's just a fling like any other ones." Her, supposed to be calming words, didn't really affect me, due to the fact that she thought I was worried about a completely different thing than I really was. "Now let's get this party started." She quickly removed herself from the couch, before making her way towards our kitchen - probably to get the soda. I on the other hand, grabbed the first DVD I laid my eyes on and plopped it into the machine.

"Uhhhh, Rush Hour 3, I love that one." An excited gasp left Chelsea's mouth as she placed herself on her usual spot on the couch again.


"Chels?" She was highly concentrated on the screen infront of her and she had been for about half an hour now. But my mind was roaming and there was not a second where a new thought didn't pop into my mind.

"Huh?" She asked with her mouth still hanging slightly open and an over chewed chip almost falling out of it. It's a miracle that guys like her when she's not really behaving like a true princess, or what not.

"Have you ever heard about -" I gulped, not really wanting to finish the sentence, but I knew I had to. For the sake of my sanity. "- Justin Bieber?" I took a deep breath and watched as she turned her eyes towards me, the screen not as interesting as it was before.

"Why? How do you even know of him?" Her eyes were narrow as she spoke, her glare not leaving my face for a second.

"Uh, you know." I tried playing it cool and acting like nothing unusual had happened. But come on? Your best friend - who just so happened to be the biggest social loser ever - suddenly just pops a question about a highly known guy. What are the odds? "I just heard these girls talking about him at the party and the name kind of stuck."

I could literally feel the guilt, sneaking up on me from behind and soon after it was in possession of every little fiber and nerve in my entire body. I wanted to tell her. I just couldn't get myself to do it. I knew that he was trouble, I knew that he was bad company and something told me that I wasn't the only one who held a piece of fear towards him.

"Well, might as well be honest; that guy is bad news!" She answered as her eyes traveled down to a new bag of chips that she ripped open, before stuffing yet another handful inside her mouth. "Apparently he's a hunter." A shrugged, not really thinking about her social loser and pathetic friend staring at her with confusion.


"Yeah. Hunter, player, man whore. Call him what ever you want. Fact is that he uses girl. He always has and he always will." It took me a while to take it all in. He had seemed so nice and with clean intentions - when you look around the times he had either kidnapped me, cursed at me or pointed a gun at either my head or chest. "You know; I heard from Ashley that she heard from Leah, that he made Amanda pregnant." Her eyes bulged to the size of tea cups. Chelsea had always been loving the gossip and rumors running around. She said that it 'gave her life a purpose'. All I could really say to that was; purpose my ass!

"Chelsea, you know I don't run wi -" I was interrupted in my speech about how I don't believe rumors until those persons has actually confirmed it, by the annoying sound of the doorbell. "Who could that be?" I whispered in a panic tune. Ever since those eyes had started to following me Tuesday, I had been so paranoid and I couldn't help but throw a glance over my shoulder every third second. So when a persons rings on your doorbell at 8pm, during winter hours - which means total darkness outside - I feel like I have a reason to be scared to the point where I could almost pee in my pants - almost.

"What is it with you? I'll get it." She mumbled as she threw her bag of chips to the side, before getting up to answer the door. Well at least she would be the one to die first... I really hope you know that; that was a joke!

"Uhm, Carls?" A hesitant voice called out through me.

"What?" I asked, afraid to go see for myself. 

"Someone's here for you." She didn't seem excited or happy in the way she normally would. Her voice was low and frustrated.

As I got up from the couch, to go see for myself, the thought of mass murders, rapists and men dressed in all black went through my mind, driving me further off of the edge of feeling safe. This was probably why, my mom always told me to never answer the door at night, when I'm alone, if I didn't expect anyone.

As I turned to corner and managed to look passed Chelsea - who was frozen in her tracks, with her hand still on the door knob - I got a look at the person outside. When you speak of the devil. It was no rapist - at least what I knew of so far - yet he would probably go under the category of mass murder and dark dressed men.

Right there, on my door step, the guy I hadn't seen in a week stood, with his hands dug into the front pockets of his jeans and his cap covering his short brown hair. He was giving Chelsea a stern look, before he turned his eyes onto me and they instantly shifted from the cold and black color to a much warmer and golden one.

"Justin?" I breathed as I stood behind Chelsea, not really able to move past her.

"The one and only babe." He smirked at me playfully and I couldn't help the blush that started in my cheeks as I felt weak under his glare.

Out of the corner of my eyes I was able to catch a glimpse of Chelsea's knuckles which were only turning paler by the second.

"Chelsea, why don't you go make some popcorn?" I asked with a small voice. I was praying and hoping that she would do as I asked her to, just so I could get some private time with Justin and also so he wouldn't place any more thoughts of something between us, in her mind. The name calling was more than enough so far.

"You sure?" She hissed through gritted teeth as she turned her eyes from Justin onto me.

"Positive." I send her a slight smile, before I watched her let go of the handle and walk away.

"What a relief, I never thought that she would leave." His smirk grew wider as he kept his eyes on me.

I just took a step forward and pushed him backwards, before I grabbed the handle of the door and closed it behind me, leaving me and Justin on the front porch alone.

"What are you doing here?" I hissed at him, though his smirk never left his face.

"I just wanted to see how my babe was doing." This time there was no blush forming in my cheeks, more like goosebumps on my arms, due to the cold weather and me wearing nothing but a tshirt and sweatpants.

"I'm not your 'babe'" I mocked at him, wrapping my arms securely around my chest before rubbing my hands on my arms, desperately trying to create some friction that would hopefully lead to just a bit of warmth.

"What ever helps you sleep at night, babe." He winked at me and I just turned my head away from him, towards the street, searching it for a pair of eyes. I wasn't having the creepy feeling at the moment, but one could never be too careful in this crazy world. "You're freezing shawty, here!" 

I instantly felt a warm and soft fabric wrap around me and I looked at my shoulders, only to see that Justin had placed his hoodie over me. I automatically stuck my hands into the arms of it and pulled it closer, enjoying the scent that radiated off of it.

"Tha-ank you." I managed to say through my clenching teeth. I wanted nothing more than to sit inside on the couch with a blanket around me a this point. "I have to go." I said as I turned my head back towards the front door. We were only a couple of feet away from it and it would only take me seconds before I was safely inside of the warm walls.

"Wait up." I had already turned around and was about to take my first step towards the door, before I felt a hand land on my wrist, pulling at me.

"Huh?" I turned my head to look at his golden eyes staring into mine. Gosh they were beautiful.

"Can I come around tomorrow?" It took me a second to reply with a slow and hesitant nod. "Great, I'll see you then babe." He said before turning around and taking a few steps across the lawn. He suddenly stopped and looked back at me over his shoulder, sending me a playful smirk before heading towards his car.

It wasn't until I was safe inside again, with an unhappy glare from Chelsea on me and a blanket over my legs, that I realized it;

I had just invited a criminal into my house. But that worry didn't seem to stay in my thoughts for very long, after I realized that I was still wearing his shirt.




As always, thank you so, so, so much to all you wonderful people out there who's reading and commenting this! You have no idea how much that means to me :*

Also; I wanna thank a couple of special people out there, who's been with me since the start of this story and who keeps me flowding and keeps my writing alive;

Amanda and Hannah, what would I do without you two Boo's?
You are amazing and thank you for putting up with me and all my shit. I know I can be a tough ass bitch, but I love you for always being there! :*

So thank you! I am forever thankful!!

Much Love


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