She is anything but outgoing and experienced, he is your usual type of badboy guy. She is no rule breaker, he has broken them all. She believed in fairytale love, he never believed that he could fall in love.
Through Darkness they meet, through Darkness they'll be united.
So; are you ready for the Darkness to take over?


5. Plans back fires


The cold November wind blew through the streets of Stratford, making me shiver underneath my jacket. I was leaning against my black range rover as my eyes scanned the street, impatiently waiting for her to arrive.

As yet another shiver, ran through me I was reminded of yesterday evening. 


"You know what will happen if you don't Logan." Now it was his time to frown and upon seeing that my own smirk spread again.

"Emily?" His voice was a small and tremble whisper, only confirming my expectations; I had found his soft spot.

"Emily." I stated as the waitress placed our food on the table. Everyone has a soft spot.

Yeah everyone has a soft spot, a weakness. Everyone - except Justin Bieber.

Unfortunately - well only for him - Logan had chosen to make a chick become his soft spot, his weakness. A snort left my lips, just by the thought of the supidity he owned. Who would ever make such a frustrating, yet fragile, object become their weakness? How could anyone possibly, enjoy a chicks company - except during sex, of course - in their spare time? They were nothing but meaningless talking and rules and commitment. 

A groan left my lips, as my eyes searched for the clock on my wrist. It had already been almost an hour. Where was she? According to the neatly done schedule, she should have been here minutes ago.

Anger started boiling in my blood, as it took over every feeling of frustration in my veins. If Nathan had gotten the date or time wrong, I would punch him where I would be sure it would hurt the most.

As soon as the thought spread in my mind, my doubt vanished by the sight of a girl, matching Nathan's description, turning a corner and thereby moved herself into my vision.

Not having the time to doubt or take a second glance, I instantly sprang on my feet moving quickly towards her and taking a hard grab on her arm,with one of my hands, while using the other to cover her mouth and thereby muffle any possibly sound coming from it.

Wanting nothing else but to get away as quickly as possible, I threw her into the backseats and grabbed a roll of ducktape on the floor of the car. While covering up her mouth and tying her hands together, I kept my eyes surely locked on the street, making sure that no one had seen even just a glimpse of what was happening. 

Closing the back door, before opening my own, I placed myself in the warm car seat, before speeding up the car and driving as far as I could. Knowing exactly where I was headed, I took a turn left, changing my direction towards the forest outside of town.

Only a few muffled sounds and a couple of kicks to the front seat was heard - and felt - throughout the drive. 

Finally I was able to spot the small cabin, buried deep in the woods far from any curious eyes. Pulling up in front of the cabin, I clenched my jaw tight and clenched my fists as yet another four kicks were made to my seat. 

The whole drive up here had been silent, only the sounds of her foot hitting the seat and the low muffles of her voice, was heard. But my frustration was growing and I had never been the patience type of guy. So I let out just a bit of that frustration - yet not nearly enough to calm myself down - but muttering the most used word in my dictionary; "Bitch."

Yet another three kicks were made to my seat, as - I suppose - she heard me. 

Kicking my door opened I sped around to hers, only with the intentions of placing my fist on her cheek and hopefully silence her for a while.

As fury blurred my vision, I grabbed a hold of her and dragged her out and a couple of feet away from the car, before I pushed her forward, with such a force that she fell to the ground. Serves her right for acting like a bitch.

Whimpering her head hang low, causing her hair to cascade infront of her face. She was kneeling only a couple of feet from me, with her head bowed and her tied up hands now intertwined as if she was praying. She wouldn't be the first to do so, crossing my path. Though I almost pitied her for thinking that it would work - it had never worked; with anyone of my victims. Never.

After a couple of minutes she stumbled, desperately trying to get on her feet again. As a reaction to that, I flung my hand onto my back, grabbing a hold of the cold metal stuck down in my pants, and bringing it on to the front - pointing it right at her.

Instantly she froze, clearly in fear. By realizing what was possibly running through her head at the moment, a smirk spread on my face.

She was like a deer in the headlights of a car. Completely frozen and shocked. Not daring moving - not even the slightest. She was just waiting for my to make the next move, what ever it would be. I could feel her scared eyes on me, though it was impossible to catch a glimpse of them as her head was still covered in a curtain of her long brown hair.

"Come on Emily. I know you know." I whispered, knowing that she could hear me perfectly well. "Now tell me where it is." Small muffles of whimpers were aloud through the ducktape, as she shook her head vigorously. "Tell me where it is Emily." I pushed her, frustration now completely clear in my voice. As she kept on refusing, I took a quick step forward and pulled the ducktape from her mouth, still pointing my gun at her. "Now tell me; where the fuck is it you little piece of crap?" 

As another whimper left her mouth, she finally found the guts to look up at me and instantly my body froze and the grap around my gun lightened. 

"You. What the fuck are you doing here!" I spat with fury as I stared into her clear blue eyes. How could it be possible? Why was she always getting in my fucking way? That's what you get from chicks, they fuck you and then they fuck up your business - or in this case; the other way around. As she kept shaking in shock, I was losing my patience. "Answer me when I'm asking you, bitch!" 

By now I was no longer pointing my gun at her, but had my hand hanging down my side grasping a tighter hold on it.

"Y-you brought m-me." I clenched my jaw. This was no time for her to act that way with me.

"Slut!" I spat at her, not knowing my response to her answer. She was right; for the first time in my life, a chick was right and I was wrong... Oh well, partly wrong. I was angry - no scratch that; I was furious, seeing that she had basically humiliated me in front of... Oh well no one but me, but that was enough for me. "Get in the fucking car!" I yelled, before sending her a death glare. My eyes stayed on her as I watched her run to the passenger side and get in, pulling the door shut behind her with such force, that it made me clench my grap around my gun even more. Was the bitch trying to make me mad by purpose?

Anyway I was sure to note the action, making a mental note to punish her for it later.

When I was sure that she was safe placed in the car seat, with the door closed and all buckled up, I turned my back towards the car. In a quick motion I raised my arm and aimed for the trees, before pressing the trigger - sending a loud sound throughout the woods, resulting in birds flying up in fear and a - hopefully - scared chick in the passenger seat of my car.

With a smirk, caused by mostly adrenaline and pleasure, I turned back towards the car and made my way towards my door, while stuffing the now hot gun, back into the back of my pants.



He dropped me off at home again. Pulling the sleeves of my sweat down over my hands, I made my way inside of the small house, contemplating if it was possible for me to sneak all the way to my room, without my mom realizing.

"Carly?" Of course it wasn't. It never was. "Where have you been sweetheart?"

Oh you know mom; just the usual. First I was walking down the street on my way back home, when this - possibly - criminal grabs me, pushes me into the back seat of his car, ties me up with ducktape before driving me out of time, to only God knows where. Than he grabs me, throws me to the ground, curse at me, point a gun at me... Before realizing that I - apparently - wasn't the girl he had been looking for. Then forcing me BACK into the car, making sure that I'm inside, before firering a shoot at the woods - for what I'm sure was just pure pleasure. Then he drove me home and dropped me off, watching as I walked to the front door... Oh and did I mention, this isn't the first time I've; either seen him with a gun or been taken by him. But you know; don't worry mom, I made my homework for tomorrow so it's not going to damage my perfect score.

Yeah like that would ever be a good thing to fire off. She would freak; like literally have a stroke and I am one hundred and ten procent sure that she's not the only one who would feel that way. I am pretty positive that, almost every parent would get that feeling if their innocent sixteen year old daughter, got home laid from school and started to bring out stuff like that. So I went for the next best after the truth.

"Oh I was just a Chelsea's. We had this project to finish." I shrugged, trying to play off the fact that I was possibly, the worst liar ever. Folding my hands neatly behind my back, I managed to hide the fact that I was shaking like a deer in the headlight.

"Carter Adams, you should have called and you know that!" She sternly stated as she raised a finger at me. I whimpered under her stare, hating when she used my full name.

"I know. I'm sorry mom." It was nearly impossible for me to focus on anything, but the thought of my safe and comfortable bed, waiting for me just upstairs. "It wont happened again, I promise." I knew that would eventually get my out of trouble and hopefully not be forced to spend any more time with her. All I wanted was to crash under my bed, letting the tears - that was starting to press against my eyelids - fall. 

"You make sure of that." Her voice fairly more lightened, yet still serious enough for me to know that she wasn't joking at any point. 

Nodding I pushed past her and in a fast pace, I made my way towards my room, careful to close the door behind me, before I was able to crash on my bed.

Curling together in a ball, I didn't even have the force to kick off my shoes, before the tears started falling.

Panic started sneaking it's way on to me, as I wrapped my arms securely around my knees, holding them as close as possibly as if I was trying to hold myself together. Not letting myself fall off the edge of sanity.

In three days my life had turned upside down - literally. I was no longer living in my own innocent world. I wasn't able to filter it out. It was all crumbling down on me, as if the sky was falling down on me and only me - taking everything from the stars to the moon and the sun with it. 

A huge weight was put on my shoulders and I had no idea what to do with it.

Run to the police; probably the safest way for everyone else. If I had enough proof, Justin would probably be put away for life. 

But then there was this part of me stumbling. 

What if he was right? What if he was telling the truth that first night? What if those guys had seen me and was now on the look for me? And seeing what Justin was capable of doing, I wasn't exactly thrilled to go on his bad side.

Keep my mouth shut; the easiest, yet dangerous way to roll with things. What if he hurt anyone else? Oh scratch this... Who's he going to hurt next time? Will it be me, for knowing too much? Maybe I was already on his bad side? 

All these questions were making my head ache and didn't exactly help on my panic attack.

Focusing on trying to keep my breath steady and normal, I closed my eyes and wrapped myself up further in the cover, before crying myself to sleep with nothing but the pitch black image of darkness on the inside of my eyelids.



There you go my lovely Boo's!

I'm so sorry for the - normal long wait - lmfsao! xD

Though I really am sorry, for possible spelling mistakes and the shitty quality - I was writing it in a hurry, desperate to get it done for you guys!

I've been sick these last two days, though I'm back and stepping up my game...


What do you think will happen;
Will she tell?
Will she keep her mouth shut?
I DON'T KNOW - well of course I do xD

Any ways! I love you for your amazing support! :*

Much Love


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