She is anything but outgoing and experienced, he is your usual type of badboy guy. She is no rule breaker, he has broken them all. She believed in fairytale love, he never believed that he could fall in love.
Through Darkness they meet, through Darkness they'll be united.
So; are you ready for the Darkness to take over?


11. I live alone



"Justin.." A small and shaky voice spoke. I was in the kitchen preparing a cup of tea for her, something I was sure that she could use after the trip she just went on.

"I made tea for you." I tried to match my voice to hers, making it low and raspy, speaking slowly in an attempt to not scare her further. 

She didn't reply to me, she just went straight forward and placed herself in one of the chairs around the dinning table. 

I had to admit, that no matter how frustrated she could make me or how annoying she could be; it would be a lie to say that she didn't look rather good in my clothes and it would've been just as big a lie to say that I didn't leave my stare for an extra second on that ass of hers.

"Thanks." Her fragile voice spoke, as I reached her cup out to her before I placed myself in the chair on the opposite side of the table.

"Are you alright?" I was careful not to speak too fast or too high, because I didn't wanted to scare her more than I probably already had. She didn't reply, all she did was just staring into her tea like it was showing her the damn future or something. "Carly?" 

"Hm?" She didn't tear her eyes off of the cup to look at me. It was as if she was stuck in a different dimension, or in this case; just her thoughts.

"I'm sorry." I mumbled those two words, that I never really seemed to use at all. But it was true. I was sorry. This seemed to grab her attention though, and she finally directed those clear blue eyes of hers up to my dark ones.

"For what?" Confusion was written across her face, and it wasn't hard to understand why.

"For bringing you out there and for sharing all of that with you." I took another deep breath, trying to keep that none caring side of me hidden. It was against my nature, but I knew perfectly well that this wasn't the time to play tough act, if I wanted her to trust me and have her exactly where I wanted her, in order to controle her.

"You don't have to apologize." She pulled her eyebrows together making two small wrinkles form inbetween them. 

"But I do." I tried keeping my ground, without bursting into screams. I had just said the hardest thing I ever possibly could and I wasn't prepared to take it back.

"But you don't." It was my time to look at her with confusion written across my dark eyes, as she raised her voice at me. "I was the one asking all those question. I was the one wanting to know you. I just got the answer I deserved."

"I had no right to take you out there." I was right. I had no right to take her into that forest or show her that cursed place. It was wrong of me to bring her there. It was like shoving and angel into hell. How could I just do that?

"Can we please just not talk about it?" I agreed, even though I was frustrated that she wouldn't talk more of it. It was my secret place and I had showed it to no one but her. Of course I had told Nathan about it, when he demanded to know where I hid all of my 'victims' though I had never brought anyone out there, not until now.



"Carly, I would like you to meet Ryder." The brown haired guy exstended his hand towards me, as Chelsea made a hand gesture towards him. "He's my boyfriend."

"Nice to meet you Carly." He spoke as he raised my hand to his mouth and pressed his smooth lips, gentle towards the upper side of it.

"You too." I send him a faint smile, not really in the mood for another one of Chelsea's guys, I had already been through plenty of those.

"So, how was your mom's trip?" Chelsea bit into her chocolate cake as she started up a conversation, not really caring that Ryder wouldn't be able to get a part in it.

"Yea, it was alright I guess." I really hadn't had that long of a conversation with my mom when she got home. I was still shaken upon the day I had spend with Justin and she was tired from the long flight, so we kind of just broke seperate ways pretty early that night.

"Do you live alone with her?" Apparently I was wrong. Ryder was perfectly able to find his way into the conversation and I seemed to be the only one surprised by this, since Chelsea was too damn busy with her chocolate cake to notice anything around her. Typically Chelsea.

"Yea, my dad left me when I was little." That familiar feeling of curiosity spreading in my veins, came creeping in on me again. "Why?" 

"Oh no reasons. I live alone with my mom as well." He send me a somewhat sympathetic look.

Ryder was different than the other guys and somehow I liked it. The other ones, where always too busy sticking their tongues down Chelsea's throat, playing lolly pop with her neck or having their fingers digged so deep into her ass cheeks, that I was always so sure that they would poke wholes in her flesh and make it bleed. 

Normally none of Chelsea's boyfriends would ever notice me and she would always be too busy moaning into their mouths to even introduce me, and that always made me leave within minutes, though Ryder had me hooked and I found myself enjoying the dinner. 



I slammed the door behind me as I took a deep breath. One of my hands made it's way to the back of my jeans, to make sure that the gun was still securely placed in the waistband of my jeans.

After taking a look around me; to make sure that no one was there to ruin it for me, I made my way towards the small alley. 

"John," I knew he would be here, he always was. This alley had been his personal market place for years now, there was no way that he would just leave it for no damn reason. "I know you're here."

My voice was stern and my eyes must have shinned with the power of a lightening, but it wasn't a rare thing for me.

When I was dealing with business I closed off from that part of my body, that aloud me to feel any kind of thing other than rage. It had always been like that and I guess that; at some point it just errassed any slight chances of me feeling anyting else but anger, betrayed and the bloodthurst.

"You can't hide from me forever you know." I spat as I kicked an empty soda can on the ground. I knew he was there somewhere and I was going to find him, no matter how much it took. 

"Bieber." His rusty voice spoke as a dark figure stepped out of the shadows.

"Carter." I micked his tune, taking a step closer to him. "I want my money." John Carter, lower class drug dealer, barely keeping together a living of money earn by selling bad quality drugs. He owed me big time and I wasn't in the mood for waiting too long.

"You see -" "-I see, I see what?" I cut him off, not even giving him the much needed time for him to play sad or confused. All the emotion I wanted was fear, nothing more - nothing less.

"Something happened." He stuttered while trying so desperately to avoid my gaze. 

"What happened?" I was trying to keep my temper under controle, but it was just so damn hard - especially when you consider that I am known for my uncontrolable temper. 

"You see..." He trailed off at a loss for words.

"What. Happened." I took the last couple of steps towards him. I was now standing so close that I was sure he would be able to feel the annoyance and anger radiating off of me. 

"I lost it." He mumbled in a quiet voice, though it was high enough for me to hear.

"Lost it? How could you just lose a shipment?" My face started to heat up, showing the bright color of red as I stared at him with nothing but hatred in my dark eyes. 

"I don't know."

"You don't know?" I asked him, holding back my temper for a second, upon realizing this he looked almost - reliefed? He must have been nothing but stupid to think that I wasn't going to unleash it seconds later. "How the fuck could you just lose it?"

My ears was filled by the sound of blood passing by in a quick speed, spreading in my veins as my heart kept on pumping faster. I was furious and rumor had it that I wasn't too friendly while being in that state. Too bad that rumors often seems to be quite true in this town.

"I'm sorry." He stuttered, clearly not wanting to spend another second in my present. He was almost shaking with fear of me blowing up at any second now. 

"You just lost a full shipment and you're sorry?" There was no way to controle it as I felt that little part of my mind let go of everything called sanity for a moment and everything turned pitch dark. I had no other mission, no other intentions; than to make this man suffer.

Losing a shipment worth of a total on 10.000 Dollars, would've been acceptable - after all it was just a small amount of money, compared to the larger shipments I've been running - though this would've been; if I could've made sure that he would get me the money one way or another.

Though I knew that with John, he would have just disappeared from my sight and found himself another dealer without paying back the money he owed me. I just simply couldn't take that chance.

Sending my hand around to the back, I got a good grip on the gun before bringing it around infront of me, to face him.

Without further notes I had pressed the trigger, sending a loud alarming sound into the streets of Stratford.

Though the only thing I was able to focus on was the still warm, though now dead body laying on the street. His heart was still pumping blood around his systems and if he hadn't died from the bullet he would've died from blood lose within hours.

Knowing the rutine perfectly well, I couldn't leave him there and so I secured the gun - back inside the waistband of my jeans, before taking another step towards the body. I wrapped an arm around his upperbody as I made a great afford trying to pull him towards the car. Luckily it was a witness less night, which ment less business for me to take care of.

I got him into the trunk and drove off to the only place I knew I could dump him. The lake I had taken Carly to earlier. It was a quite personal place to me, though I had never told anyone why.

Just behind a couple of trees a few feet from the lake, a small boat house was placed. I parked the car beside it and went inside the house to find a pair of ropes and a concrete block.

I tied his hands and feet together, where I attached the concrete block, before I got into the car and drove it onto the field, parking it with the back wheels into the water.

I opened the trunk and got a good grip around the body. There was no more heartbeat to feel - he was officially dead. Using all my strength to pull at him, I finally succeeded rolling him into the water and a couple of feet away from the shore. 

I took a step back and looked up at the clear night sky. It was a beautiful evening to die on.

"I'm sorry." I whispered while taking a last look at the lifeless body, now attached to the deeps of the lake.

By the time I was finally placed behind the wheel in my car, with the direction of home; it must have been mightnight or even later. My dark jeans were soaked in the lake water, my boots where covered in a thin layer of mud and my black tshirt where something that was ready to be burned as soon as I reached the house.

I had never felt lonely at any point in my life - at least not after my mom kicked me out of the house - but now, I suddenly longed after something that was even unknown to myself. I found myself taking several glances at the passenger seat. I tried inhaling a scent, only to find that it was no longer present in the car. I even caught myself with my mouth half open, almost ready to speak a couple of words and start a conversation with a person who wasn't even there.

I had never experienced anything like it. I played it off as being late affects of the adrenaline rush - though I had never experienced anything like it.

I took a turn to the left, only to find myself driving down a beautiful lane, with perfect kept gardens and street lights on every side of the road. I soon realized my mistake; I didn't live here. She did.


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