She is anything but outgoing and experienced, he is your usual type of badboy guy. She is no rule breaker, he has broken them all. She believed in fairytale love, he never believed that he could fall in love.
Through Darkness they meet, through Darkness they'll be united.
So; are you ready for the Darkness to take over?


18. Homerun

*Last chapter - dedicated to all of my readers out there, I love you!*

"Shit." His hand found a tight grip in his hair as he watched her disappear. Reality finally started to kick in. What the hell had he been thinking? - pushing away the one person that had actually managed to pull some humane feelings out from his coldblooded chest. He was a fuck up - he always had been. Only now, he had done the worst thing possible. 

"Move, get the fuck out of my way!" He exclaimed as he pushed through the sea of drunken teenagers, who were still 'oohin' about the scene he had just made.

The cold air hit him as he turned his head both ways, in a desperate search to lock his eyes on that one special person that could make his world spin like crazy.

He suddenly felt all sobered up as he caught side of a stumbling figure running along the sidewalk, before collapsing in the middle of nowhere. 

"Fuck." He cursed himself for the damage he had done as he set off in the direction of the curled up body on the sidewalk.

At first he was unsure, but her sobs tipped him off. It was definitely her. 

"Carly." He called out her name as he hovered above her, though he got no response. She was just laying there shaking like an entire earthquake. He kneeled down beside her and gently wrapped his arms around her shaking body, pulling her onto his lap. "Baby, I'm here." 

His body tensed with surprise as he felt her arms wrap tightly around his neck, before she buried her face in his tshirt. With anyone but Carly he would have been concerned about the fact that the tears and makeup would be creating stains that was impossible to erase. But with Carly, he simply didn't care. All his concern was directed towards her unstabile state of mind, while his thoughts were screaming at him. Cursing him for throwing that party when he knew it was a bad idea all along. 

All he wanted to do was just have a bit of fun. He just wanted to celebrate one of the - probably - last nights being free, as he had finally realized that it wouldn't be too long until Carly would have caught him entirely in her spider web. He knew that it was only a matter of days before he would give into temptations. 

Justin Bieber truly didn't fall in love, ever - until that special someone came along and forced him to do so.

"Shh baby." He rubbed her back as she sobbed into his shirt, none of them caring that her tears wasn't the only thing falling. "I'm here, I'm here." 

The rain was starting to get heavier and it was only seconds before they would both be completely soaked, though the two of them acted as if nothing else existed but them.

"Y-you hate me." She finally managed to get out between her sobs. 

"No baby. I don't hate you." He whispered in her ear before placing a kiss upon her hair. "I could never hate you Carly." 

She tightened her grip around his neck, though he didn't even care the slightest. All he ever wanted in that moment was to hold her as tight as possible, knowing that she would go no where and be in no one else's arms than his.

"But you s-said..." She trailed off, clearly not having the strength to repeat the words he had thrown after her at the house.

"Forget what I said, Carly." He kissed her hair once again before she pulled back a couple of inches, her arms still wrapped around him, so she could see his flawless features.

"Why?" She whispered, her voice finally under controle, though the tears were still trailing down her cheeks.

"Because I ment none of it." She looked him straight in his deep brown eyes, searching for a fragment of lies. Though she only discovered true sincerity. "And.." He looked down as he trailed off, clearly unsure of what he was about to say.

"And?" She asked him, urging for him to continue.

After a few seconds he inhaled sharply, before darting her eyes back at hers. "Because I love you."

It took a moment for them both to realize the words that had just been spoken.

"I thought that Justin Bieber wasn't capable of loving?" She asked, curiosity yet happiness floating in her red puffy eyes. 

"Oh screw it, who was I kidding?" And before either of them could realize Justin's lips had found hers in a desperate need to feel her soft lips. As soon as they moulded together a single, yet powerful, spark started in the pit of his stomach and traveled all the way to his lips, through his burning veins. There from it transfered to her and within the mear of a second both their bodies was heated up by the spark and a huge firework went off in the pit of their stomachs.

There was no tongue fighting, lip biting or ass grabbing, it was all just a sweet, innocent and love filled kiss, something that Justin had never experienced before.  

"Isn't it every girls dream to be kissed in the rain?" He asked breathless by the spark, as they finally pulled apart. 

"I believe so." She couldn't keep the grin off of her face as she answered and Justin's face soon lit up in a grin of his own.

"I love you too." It caught him off guard as she whispered those four small words, though his body instantly set on fire. He felt like he was being lifted onto a cloud of pure bliss and happiness.

"So.." He trailed off as they had finally gotten off of the ground. It was still raining as they made their way back to his house, in a hope of getting dry clothes on before having to deal with all the drunken ass teenagers.

"So, what?" She once again urged him on and a smile crossed her lips as she remembered what he had revealed the last time she had done so.

"What do you think your mom will say about you dating a criminal?" He looked at her, curiosity written in his eyes as he tightened the grip he had on her hand. She stopped in her tracks and her face suddenly fell. "What?" He was instantly alarmed by her weird set of actions.

"I don't know." She mumbled as she dug her teeth into her bottom lip. He dropped her hand before stuffing his own into his pockets. 

"What are you going to do?" He whispered, his eyes locked on her trapped bottom lip. The static electricity from their kiss was still lingering on his lips, though his pure happiness had fallen by her unknowing words.

"Well.." She trailed off, spending a second thinking before she locked her eyes with his. Confusion rushed in his veins as he saw the small spark of humor in her eyes. "We could always tell her that you knocked me up and then you would have to stick around." 

His body tensed for a moment before she send him a huge smirk and started running in the direction of his house. It took him a second to process the joke before setting after her.

"Oh you're going to get it!" She giggled at him in response before he caught up with her right infront of the house and knocked her over, on the now muddy front yard grass.

He grabbed a lose string of her wet hair and put it behind her ear, before he leaned down. "I love you." He mumbled against her lips with his eyes closed.

"I love you." She whispered back against them before she wrapped her arms around his neck.

But why wouldn't she? - good girls have a tendency to fall for the badboys.


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