She is anything but outgoing and experienced, he is your usual type of badboy guy. She is no rule breaker, he has broken them all. She believed in fairytale love, he never believed that he could fall in love.
Through Darkness they meet, through Darkness they'll be united.
So; are you ready for the Darkness to take over?


6. Got no time for little girl's games

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I groaned as I dragged my exhausted body to fifth and last periode of the day. Mondays and I just doesn't fit together. I hate them and apparently, they hate me as well! At least that's what I thought, when I saw my schedule for this semester. Every monday in fifth periode, I'm stuck in History class with Mrs Schuester, who is - if I'm allowed to say so - older than my mom, if you multiply her age with two.

So there I was, stuck in a boring as hell class room, with nothing to do other than to listen to an old women squirk away about something that happened long before I was born. History is stupid. It's not like I can really use it for anything in the future. Sure, I bet it's good to know, but it isn't like history is going to repeat it's self... We're not living in another The Vampire Diaries episode!

My only two choices of doing something in that class was; A) zooming away out in the distant, while closing off all sounds around me or I could B) make my inner thoughts shut up for a while and actually try to pay attention.

Now if you were me, you would understand that there is no way in hell or heaven, that I'm going to actually listen and pretend like a care... Which means that we can rule out option B.

Looking out at the filled school parking lot, through the big ass glass window, is an every day thing for me.

I might seem like the goodie good girl, which is true, but just because I seem like an angel on the outside, doesn't exactly mean that I'm an angel on the inside.

I mean, I do stay up late sometimes, even though my mom sends me to bed. I do watch movies that is - according to my mom - unappropriate for girls in my age. I do zoom out in class and forget about making homework from time to time. I have dirty and inappropriate thoughts. Heck I even snuck out once... Which honestly only brought me into a lot of situations, that I shouldn't even have ended up in, in the beginning.

Guilt and panic started washing over me as the thought of how I had gone behind my mothers back and snuck out - even though I knew that she would have a heart attack if she found out - washed over me. 

I sighed, knowing that it was a choice I made and I had to face the consequences of that choice - even though I felt like karma had already been enough of a bitch to me.

Finally, after what seemed like years, the annoying sound of the bell, indicating my freedom, rang.

I sighed in relief as I stepped outside of the old dusty building, that I am forced to spend hours of my life inside.


My body froze the second my eyes was layed on him. He was leaning against his black range rover, all dressed in the same color as the car and with a pair of sunglasses, even though the sun was barely out. 

"What are you doing here?" Panic boiled in my blood as I fought my natural instinct, that told me to run away as fast as I could.

"Get in the car." He smirked at me, only causing a shiver to run down my spine.

"I've been taught to never talk with strangers." I was taken by surprise by my quick remark and apparently Justin was too, though he was quick to cover it up with an even bigger smirk. Normally, in this kind of situations or in any other to be honest, my brain would literally shut down and stop working, but now, with him, it was like it was working on over time.

"If I'm not mistaken you know my name and I know nothing of yours, which in this case; makes you the stranger." He took a step closer to me, only resulting in me taking one back. "Get in the car."

"No." I spat at him in a hoarse whisper, I wasn't interested in creating any kind of scene today, or any day for that matter.

"Just get in, I don't have time for little girl's games." His playful smirk turned into an impatient and frustrated one, as he took yet another step closer.

Even with the sunglasses on I could feel his dark and cold eyes staring down into my blue ones.

"Now." He hissed, leaving me with no chose than to do what he asked. In fear I took the couple of shaky steps, that was laid out between me and the passenger seat door, before I closed it with a weak pull on the door.

Not more than a minute later, he closed his car door as well and soon after a sweet scent filled the car, which strangely enough made me calm down a bit and thereby keeping me from insanity.

"Where are you taking me?" I finally found enough strength in my voice to speak, when he pulled out on the main road.

"You'll see." He smirked, taking a quick glance at me before turning his covered eyes back to the road.

"Where are you taking me?" He just smirked again, knowing perfectly well how much it would piss me off. "Why won't you just tell me?" I was getting anxious and panic was starting to settle into my veins again.

"You'll see baby doll." And that's when he made my heart rate race just before it stopped completely. That's when he took me by surprise and hell I think everyone would have been.

He reached out for the hand, resting on my knee, and grabbed it into his before leading it to his plump lips, which he gently pressed against it, before settling it back down on my knee.

After that, silence took over. But honestly; I couldn't complain, 'cause I'm pretty sure it would have been impossible for me to get out a word, right then and there so close to him. So instead, I just focused on the tingling sensation that was dancing across my skin on the outside of my hand, creating goosebumps on my arms.

My insides were pulling at me. A part of me wanted to run away, as fast as humanly possible. That big part of me, wanted to hide away where he would have no possibility of finding me, what so ever. That big part of me, knew how dangerous he was and feared him with every little fiber possible. 

But then, there was this tiny part of me which were drawn towards him. That small part, that curiosity got the best of way too often lately. That part of me that made the blood boil in my cheeks, just by the thought of him looking at me.

"We're here baby doll." I could literally feel the blood rise to my cheeks as he got out of the car and walked around to open my door for me.

"It's Carly." I spoke as we had taken the first couple of steps away from the car.

The clear part of my mind, that wasn't affected by his pet name calling and sweet gestures, cursed myself for the shaken state my voice was in.

"Excuse me?" He looked at me, while removing the sunglasses and thereby revealing his eyes for me. I realized that the dark color was still to find in them and a spark of concentration and.... irritation? was to find in them.

"My name - it's Carly." I was able to gather a some what normal voice, but it was so small and silent, that I came off as shy.

"Sweet how you thought I didn't know, baby doll." He smirked down at me, before making his way towards the entrance of what looked to be a fancy restaurant.

Does that smirk ever wipe of his face or is it permanent? 

The thought rang in my head as I trailed behind him, shivers running down my spine by the sound of his words. "Sweet how you thought I didn't know, baby doll."




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