She is anything but outgoing and experienced, he is your usual type of badboy guy. She is no rule breaker, he has broken them all. She believed in fairytale love, he never believed that he could fall in love.
Through Darkness they meet, through Darkness they'll be united.
So; are you ready for the Darkness to take over?


13. Devil's Target



Bodies ressing up against each other, as the quick beat from the music took contole over their actions.

The smell of alcohole was lingering in my nostrils, making it almost impossible for me to resist the temptation.

I knew I shouldn’t hvae been there, but something kept me from leaving; a warm hand holding mine, sending a calm feeling through my body as the owner ppuled me through the crowed.

Reaching a table with the usual cliché red plastic cups, the hand in mine dissappeared, only to reach a cup out for me to take, only a second later.

I send him a thankful smile, sitll not in the mood for talking.

The beautiful golden color that his yes had possessed earlier, was now long gone, along with the worried expression that had covered his face, when he let me into his house, earlier on.

I had never really been that ype of girl who loved to speak abou t her feelings, and someway I actually think that Justin was quite thankful for that fact.

My eyes was locked on him, registering even the smallest of his actionas, as he raised a cup, of his own, to his lips in ordder to take a sip of the liquird.

Moments later, his arm was wrapped securely around my waist, as he guided me through the room again.

He led me out into the back garden, where the sun had set hours ago, in order to let the stars come out and play.

I was instantly reminded of the first time Justin and I had crossed paths. Immediately a weird feeling spread in the pit of my stomach, as I the memory ran by my eyelids as a never ending movie.

He guided me towards a bench, on the side of the house, where he pulled me down to sit beisde him. 

Apart from Justin and I, the garden was almost empty. Only a single couple were eating out of each others throats in the back of the garden, allowing Justin and I to have some private time.

Normally I would have been disgusted in his present, knowing about his actions in the past and possibly in the presetn as well. Yet I couldn’t help but feeling some sort of attration towards him.

I had no idea if it was the mystery, wrapping around him, or his eyes, when they turned gentle and golden. There was just something about him that pulled me in and kept me captivated.

No matter how much I feared him for his business, I had never felt safer than right there, with his arm around my waist and my head on his shoulder.

I was impossible for me to prevent the slight smile, that crossed my lips as the thought of earlier on that day, popped into my mind. I was more than thankful for him just being there for me, when I needed it, without asking any questions.

“Are you okay?” A faint mumble left his lips, thereby interupting my string of thoughts about - oh well; him.

With my mouth hanging slightly open, I was just about to answer him before I was interupted.

The sound of the sliding door being opened, grabbed both Justin’s and my attention, making us turn our heads towards it, as a red haired girl stuck her head out only to dissappear again, as soon as she catched a glimpse of us.

“I’ll be right back.” I turned my attention towards Justin again, who’s eyes never left the door. Without even giving me another glance, he removed his arm from around my waist before he made his way towards the sliding door - thereby leaving me to sit all alone on a bench, in the middle of the night at a strangers house.


Honestly I have no idea how long it took. It could have been several hours or just one. All I know, is that I got tired of waiting in the cold and so I allowed myself to go inside, in order to look for Justin who never returned.

Slightly worried, I started making my way through the sea of people, rubbing up against each other. I felt sick as bodies kept pushing at me from every side, allowing almost no space for me to breath in.

For a moment I was sure, that I was going to die due to the lack of oxygen and the pressure from all sides. 

As I pushed through the last couple of drunken teenagers, I darted my eyes around the rest of the room, scanning for the guy, who left me to drown in my own sorrow and thoughts.

With my eyes busy scanning for the dirty blonde haired guy, I never realized that I was walking straight into another human being, before it was too late.

Feeling the massive wall of a warm body, I felt the blood rush to my face and it only got worse when I realized that I had spilled the full content of the cup all over who ever I had stumbled into.

“Oh my God, I am so sorry.” I exclaimed as the want to just hide underneath my cover, came creeping upon me.

“It’s okay, don’t think about it.” He laughed as he tried his best, to calm me down. “Hey, you are Carly - right?” 

A puzzled expression found its way to my face, as his grey eyes watched me careful. I couldn’t help but notice the slight spark of a smile inside of them. They were gorgeous to say the least.

“Uhm yea.” I was lost for words and somewhere in the back of my mind a thought craved my attention, but I was too busy holding his glare. Something about him seemed slightly familiar, like I had seen him some place before, though I just couldn’t really place a name on him.

“It’s Ryder, Ryder Daniels.” Another round of blood rushed to my face as I silently cursed myself for forgetting my best friends boyfriend. But honestly; who could blame me? There had been too many of those to remember them all.

“Oh right, sorry.” I managed to mumble through my embarresment. His lips parted lightly as a chuckle left them and I couldn’t help but to feel slightly amazed by it.

“So what made you so lost in reality, that you felt the need to spill your drink all over me?” He asked with a smirk still playing on his soft looking lips. Get your thoughts straight, Carly!

“Oh, I was just looking for a friend.” I tried shrugging it off as if it was nothing, though I couldn’t help but take another look around me. Unfortunately that didn’t go unnoticed by Ryder.

“Who is it? Maybe I could help.” It’s as strange thing to say, but even after just meeting Ryder once I felt so connected to him. He was kind and friendly and unlike the long row of Chelsea’s exs, he actually cared about me.

“Justin Bieber.” I managed to get out before a shiver made its way down my spine. The feeling of having that pair of extra eyes had come creeping up on me again and instantly, the need of finding Justin grew.

“Oh you came here with Bieber?” He raised a brow, seeming slightly impressed and all I could do was nod as a response. “I actually saw him a couple of minutes ago, though I should warn you; it’s not a pretty sight.” 

My stomach instantly started tossing and turning as worry spread in my veins. 

“Where is he?” It wasn’t my intentions to growel at him, though I just couldn’t help but feel extremely overprotective at the moment and I had a feeling that it wouldn’t change before I had him in my sight again.

“Just around the corner, but-” He pointed towards a corner a couple of feet behind him. I walked away from him in the middle of his sentence, more interested in finding Justin than listening to his chit chat.

“Justi-” I stopped myself, slamming a hand up to my mouth. A sight that I hoped to never see, was layed out infront of me. 

Justin’s hands were tangled up in her red hair as his tongue ducked deep into her mouth, earning a little moan from her now and then. Her legs were wrapped around his waist, as he pushed her up against the wall. They were both too busy into their little makeout session to even realize that they were being watched.

Without another glance at them, I turned around on my heels and marched right out into the front yard, thankful that I had kept on my jacket when we first arrived to the party.

As I stormed across the field, my eyes started to sting and the first of many tears left the corner of my eye, to start a trail down my cheek only to dissappear somwhere onto the ground.

I was able to hear a couple of quick footsteps behind me, over the loud music playing inside the house. I just kept walking, not having a clue as to where I was going.

“Carly, wait up!” His voice called after me, causing me to stop dead in my tracks. “I’m so sorry.” He spoke as soon as he stood beside me and was able to catch his breath.

“Did you see that?” I spoke, still too shock to think clearly.

A sharp pain pierced through my chest, causing me to take a deep intake of air.

Despite your thoughts right now, jealousy wasn’t the feeling pumping fresh in my veins.

I was furious and filled with pure hatred, mixed with the slightest feeling of being backstabbed. He had left me to sit on a cold wodden bench, in a strangers backyard, while he had been running around sticking his tongue down random girls’ throats. 

“Sadly, yes.” His grey eyes was filled to the edge with sorrow and sadness, as they piered themselfs into my blue ones. “I thought you knew.” 

Pure confussion marked my face and I was sure that I looked like a big bright questioning mark. “Knew about what? Why do I have a feeling that you are not refearing to what just happened?” What looked like regret flashed across Ryder’s face as he was looking for the right words to use.

“A couple of days ago, I overheared Justin talking to this guy in a café. He was bragging about this new little ‘toy’ of his, though I had no idea it was you until you told me who you were looking for.” He made a hand gesture towards me, as to making it a hundred percent clear that he was talking abbout me. 

“Go on.” I urged, eager to hear what he had to say.

“He told the other guy, how he’s been pretending to be nice and friendly and how he would continue to do it until you actually felt so safe around him, that he could start to controle you.” Another sharp pain pushed in my chest, though I couldn’t care less about that at the moment. “At least his friend seemed to have some sort fo humanity left in him, but when he warned Justin against playing with your feelings, he simply answered with something along the lines of..” He trailed off, clearly unsure if he should continue or not.

“Tell me.” I commanded in a fragile voice, that broke off different places.

“He said that; he couldn’t care less if a little bitch like you got hurt and that if you ever became a problem he would just push the trigger.” His voice was only silent enough for me to hear, even though the street was empty. I watched as he scratched his neck, clearly uncomfortable with what he had just said. “I’m sorry Carls.” His eyes was glowing with the sorrow and I imagined mine to have lightening of pure hatred in them. Hatred turned against one person and one person only.

“It’s okay.” I heard myself say as another couple of hundred tears, pressed their way down my cheeks. “Can you please take me home?” 

He nodded once, sending me an apologizing smile, before his arm wrapped around my shoulder and pulled me close to him. 

His body warmth radiated off to mine, though I couldn’t help but compare him towards Justin. 

Ryder might have been the sweetest guy on the earth that evening, though one thing was sure; he was no where near able to calm me down the way Justin could - Ryder Daniels was no Justin Bieber.


Walking down the streets of Stratford in the middle of the night, was actually quite refreshing. It wasn’t filled with cars or lights, like it was during the day. Only a single car would pass us from time to time. We didn’t talk much, actually we didn’t talk at all. Everything just felt easier and more reasonable with Ryder shielding me from the rest of the world, like I felt he did with his arm around me.

I felt safe - not as safe as I did with Justin, but safe. Well that was at least until something happened.

We were only a few blocks away from my house, when we took a turn for the right, like I normally did when I walked home from school.

I had walked that way plenty of times and I knew every house on the street and every car belonging to them, though I didn’t seem to realize the change before we were just a couple of feet away and by then; it was too late. 

It was a black mini van, with dark windows and the side door slide opened. I had only just layed my eyes on it, when Ryder’s hand dissappeared from my shoulder and another hand was placed on my mouth as a blindfold was wrapped around my head, preventing me from seeing anything or calling out for help.

As a couple of strong arms wraps themselfs around me and lifts me up, I do my best to kick out for my attacker. Before I knew of it, I was lifted into what must have been the van and there after; placed on the floor. 

I instantly became aware of the feeling of cold metal being strapped around my left wrist and someone tucking it upwards.

That is when it literally hit me and my face started to throb with pain as the punches got closer together. Before I knew of it, I was pulled into the darkness - this time with no sweet scent of Justin to calm me down. This time, it was just me and the black hole, that I was falling into.




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