She is anything but outgoing and experienced, he is your usual type of badboy guy. She is no rule breaker, he has broken them all. She believed in fairytale love, he never believed that he could fall in love.
Through Darkness they meet, through Darkness they'll be united.
So; are you ready for the Darkness to take over?


14. Devil's Dealer



I watched the flame come to life, as I pressed down on the little metal button on the lighter. I pushed myself off the wall that I was leaning up against, as I lit my cigarette. Inhaling deeply on the small stick, tucked in between my lips, I took a step away from the wall. I sighed as the grey toxin spread in my veins, enjoying myself as the calm feeling took over my body.

With the cigarette, still placed safely between my lips, I started searching the crowed of moving bodies for one specific person. It didn't take long before I spotted her dark red hair, standing out in the crowed of blonde, as if it was a flame arising from the ashes.

I made my way towards her as a smirk spread across my lips. I hadn't seen her around for a while, and as soon as I spotted her make up caked face, stuck itself out of the door opening I knew I had to make my move.

My smirk only grew, as she leaned into my chest upon feeling my hands on her waist.

“Let’s go somewhere a little more private.” I placed my mouth just beside her ear, letting a hoarse and seductive whisper leave my lips. She grabbed my hand and started dragging me towards a corner, obviously heading for the staircase, though I quickly decided that I couldn’t wait any longer.

Letting go of the red haired girls hand, I quickly got a hold of her hips and spun her around, only to press her against the wall.

Surprise was clear in her facial expression for about a second, before a seductive smirk grew on her lips.

“Couldn’t wait, could you Bieber?” Her smirk only grew as amusement settled into her eyes, though I quickly gave her something else to think about as I pressed my lips against her glossy ones. It didn’t even take her a second to realize what was going on, before she wrapped her arms around my neck. Deepening the kiss, I allowed my hands to wander up along her side and down on her backside, only to take a good grab of her ass. This action only caused her to jump an inch, in order for her to wrap her legs around my waist. I pressed her further into the wall as I let my tongue trace her bottom lip, only to have her lips inviting me inside her mouth.

As a groan left Lea’s lips the image of a pair of deep clear blue eyes settled into my mind. I pulled Lea closer, desperately trying to get the thought of Carly’s teary eyes out of my mind. I still hadn’t figured out why or how she had turned up crying on my doorstep. Though I just remembered having this strong desire to protect her, from whatever it is that had made her so upset.

It wasn’t until Lea’s fumbling fingers laid themselves on the top button of my shirt, that I realized that I couldn’t seem to shake the thought of Carly off of me, no matter how much it annoyed me.

With a frustrated sigh I detached myself from Lea’s lips and released my grip on her ass, making her fall to her feet with a confused expression written across her facial features.

“Justy!” She called after me in a high-pitched voice, obviously disappointed, though I just continued walking away from her and towards the slide door that led out into the backyard.

I don’t really know what I had expected to find, as I slid the door to the side and walked out into the night, after all I had been gone for about half an hour.

Though the dark haired petite beauty with the deep blue eyes, that could literally light up a whole room, was nowhere to be found.

Beauty? Will you pull yourself together dude!

In a desperate try to get my mind on other thoughts, than those eyes of hers, I made my way back inside.

“Bieber.” A clearly drunken Tyler stepped in front of me, preventing me to walk any further.

“Tyler.” I sneered through gritted teeth, letting my gaze search the room for her long brown hair. No results at all. “Hey Ty, have you seen that girl I arrived with?” I had to force myself not to roll my eyes at him, as a playful smirk spread on his lips. Douche bag.

“Oh her.. Does Bieber have a little crush?” I tightened my fists upon hearing the drunken chuckle that followed his words.

“Shut up.” I spat at him. Justin Bieber does not fall in love. “Have you seen her?” I tried once again, my dark eyes boring into his letting him know that I wanted an answer and I wanted it at that second.

“Yea, she left with that Ryder guy.” He shrugged as if it was no big thing.

“Ryder?” I had never heard of anyone in this town named Ryder.

“Yea, Ryder Daniels.” Daniels, why did it sound so familiar? I stayed silent for a moment, my mind working on overload. Daniels, I had heard that name before, but when? And where?

In the matter of minutes the memory stroke me as the lightening.

Logan Daniels, it seemed like an eternity ago, though his grey eyes, begging for mercy, were still hunting me in my dreams.


“Where is it?” I sneered, not in the mood for any more of his games.

“Cute how you think I’m going to tell you.” A dry chuckle left his lips, only pushing my buttons even more. “After all, what can you do Bieber? You have already tied me up, kicked me, hit me and cut in me. All there is left now, is to kill me.”

Even with a black eye and blood running from several places on his body, he found the ability to have that amused spark in his eyes and a playful smirk placed on his lips. Something that only drew me crazier. “Shut up.”

“But you don’t have the balls to do that, now do you?” Staring into the amused grey eyes, something in me just clicked and everything turned red, as I raised my hands and took a good grip on each side of his head. In a matter of seconds I had forced his head to the left and the sound of bones cracking echoing in the room, was like a knife cutting in the silence as his lifeless body fell out of my hands.


"Or else what? Are you gonna send another one of your small town boys after me?" I spat through gritted teeth, as I made a gesture with my head towards the three figures standing behind Drake. "You know I'm just gonna cut them up, just like I did with the last one." This time my chuckle came out harsh, forced just to provoke a reaction, which I was luckily awarded with.

"Where is he?" Drake's voice was covered in frustrations and pure hatred as his eyes bored into mine. If looks could kill, I would probably have been dead by now.

"Oh you know, just spread out over town like the rest of you is going to be, if you cross my paths again." And with those words five guns were pulled in an instant. 

“Fuck.” Was the only word leaving my mouth as I stumbled out on to the open street, in a hope to see the brown haired beauty all safe and soundly. Though she was nowhere to be seen. “Fuck.”





A terrible headache provided a deep shade of pain to my body, as I struggled to open my eyes. Trying to rub my tired eyes, I found myself cuffed with my hands over my head.

After spending a couple of minute struggling to get my hands free, only to find the cold metal boring even deeper into my skin, I decided on trying to move around.

As soon as I tried stretching my right leg, a terrible pain shot all the way through my body, making a whimpering sound escape my lips. Settling my gaze on my leg only to find it covered in a crimson dark color. Blood.

I soon realized that I was in the back of a moving van, as a huge bump in road lifted me an inch off of the floor in the van, only to have me fall back down causing another shot of pain to shoot from my leg.

As I searching my mind for answers such as; who, why, where and what? I realized how dry my throat was and how weak I felt. I must had been out for hours, without any access to water or food.

Suddenly the vehicle stopped moving and within minutes, a door was opened only to let in the weak light that covers the sky, right before a sunset. It must had been around 4 or 5am.

“Oh look guys, the sleeping beauty is awake.” A strangers dry chuckle sounded, piercing my ears and sparking more pain into my headache.

“Oh would you look at that.” Another voice, this time further away, sounded.

“Well hello there princess, I hope you’re enjoying the ride.” A third yet familiar voice spoke for the first time, sounding as if the person was moving closer. The last couple of powers I had left in my system, was used on searching my mind for a face belonging to the third voice, yet I ended up with nothing.

It wasn’t until he stepped in front of the door that I realized how big of a fool I had been.

“Ryder..” A weak and fragile voice spoke and it took me a minute to realize that it actually belonged to me.

“That’s right baby doll.” And with that, everything went black and my body shut down.


I'm sorry for the slow update and short chapter, though I'm struggling with my pre-exams at the moment so this will have to do for now :*

As always, thank you so much for your support! You have no idea how much it means to me, it's just over whelming!!!

As always;


Did you expect it to be Ryder? O.o

Much Love


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