She is anything but outgoing and experienced, he is your usual type of badboy guy. She is no rule breaker, he has broken them all. She believed in fairytale love, he never believed that he could fall in love.
Through Darkness they meet, through Darkness they'll be united.
So; are you ready for the Darkness to take over?


17. Blood ties

*Second last chapter, my boo's*


"Where were you?" Another heavy sigh leaves my lips as I hold the phone between my raised shoulder and my right ear. 

"Chels, I'm okay. Chill!" I dropped my keys on the counter, not in mood for listening to her rant on and on about me not picking up my phone for days and what not.

"Your mom called here asking for you. Of course I covered for you thinking that you were.." Her voice dies down as she trails off, as if she's just cracked the code to the meaning of life. "You were with him, weren't you?" Her usual so soft and playful tune was replaced with a far more harsh one. In my mind I imagined her face turning slightly red as anger made blood rise in her cheeks.

"Chells, it really doesn't concern you -" I started out but was rudely cut off by an impatient Chelsea.

"Of course it concerns me. You're my best friend." She ranted on, clearly offended that I hadn't called her to tell her that I was with Justin.

"And therefor you have to trust me." I pinched the bridge of my nose, between my pointer and index finger, trying desperately to stay calm.

"It's not you I don't trust." My eyes shot open in an instant, alarmed with the sudden and unspoken accusation towards Justin.

"He wont hurt me." I spat through gritted teeth, as I grabbed a bottle of water from the fridge. A groan escaped her lips and I knew that she must have been thinking; how dumb can she be? "I mean it Chelsea."

"Oh really? You're expecting me to believe that Mr. dangerous-let's-make-out-with-this-red-haired-bimbo wont have any hidden and dark plans concerning you?" And in an instant my heart dropped down low in my stomach. Damn, how could I forget about that little fact?

Shaking my head, I decided to let go of it all. After all I did owe him my life for saving me.. "Chelsea, trust me. He -"

"How the fuck can I trust you when this guy has made you fall head over heels for him. He is playing you Carly, playing you!" And with that, I pressed the small red button, hanging up on her without a single goodbye.

A single tear had already found its way from the corner of my eye to the tip of my chin. Reality dawned on me. The truth was within an arms length, hovering above my head, just waiting for me to reach out and grab it.

A gasp left my dry lips as my 'inner me' finally gained enough confident to stretch her arm up and grab a hold of the truth. 

"I'm in love with Justin Bieber." As easy as that. No complications in that - or what? 


I turned a corner, moving away from the bus stop. Almost instantly his house came into view. It was only a matter of hours since I had left it, though already every fiber in my body was arching to see him again. 

How could one person have me under such a spell within a couple of weeks. 

Just by the thought of his deep honey brown eyes and his dark brown hair, spiked the way he liked it, my knees turned soft. I had to force my self to forget the jelly like feeling in my bones as I strolled up to his front door.Loud music was blasting, already before I pushed the front door open.

A strong smell of alcohol reached my nostrils as I took a couple of steps into the house, though I was almost knocked on the ground by an obviously drunken guy stumbling into me.

"Carly, baby!" A loud and overexcited voice, called out to me as I made my way into the livingroom.

Nathan was the first one who came into my view. With a quick acknowledging nod my way, he disappeared out into what seemed to be the kitchen. The next one who grabbed my attention in the loud crowed, was no doubt, the party himself and the owner of the voice calling out my name. "So lovely to see you." A smile crossed his lips and it wasn't hard to tell that he was enjoying himself just a tat too much, as he stood there surrounded by girls.

"What is this?" I asked with a voice lacking of determination.

"It's a party babe - duh!" He left out a dry chuckle and as if on cue each girl joined in with their different high pitched, fake ass laughters.

"I can see that." I heard myself spat. I was stunned. Stunned by the fact that within four hours after I left him - me completely paralyzed and him sweet as a small town criminel could be - he had called up about 200 people and invited them to a party at his house. 

Reality hit my body like waves. I hadn't been the one leaving of my own free will that morning. He had been manipulating me into leaving, rather sooner than later - obviously, so he could have his little 'invite the whole town and more'-celebration. 

But what was he celebrating. Me being kidnapped? Me being found? Or; me leaving him again?

"Justin, I think you've had too much to drink." I mumbled in a harsh voice, as I escaped his oncoming embrace. 

"No I'm fine." He wined, dragging out the 'i'. 

"Justin, the party is over." Honest, I have no idea what came over me. But seeing him in his drunken out of mind stage, with hands belonging to those girls on every little piece of his body, I decided to go into full mother-protection mode.

"NO!" I stumbled back. Who could have predicted it? - Honestly I hadn't. Justin had gone from sweet and childish, to raging in just a matter of small seconds.

"Yes Justin. This party has gone too far." I took a step closer to him, as to prove my point. I stared up at him, towering a few inches above me. The sweet scent of body wash and Justin that I loved so much, was now mixed with a strong smell of alcohol.

"Who the hell do you think you are? You are nothing but a whore!" His loud voice was now drawing the attention of a few dusins of drunken teenage bodies.

"You're calling me a whore? Would you just look at those girls?" Tears were threatning to fall, though I kept my ground and my strong glare at his.

"Go. Go home! Go home you fucking little bitch. You are nothing but a cheap slut and you are no where near wanted here or in eye sight of any of us -" He spat at me in a loud voice, making sure that each and every drunken teenage mind heard it, even in their blacked out state. He took another step closer to me, and leaned a little down so his mouth was just in front of my ear. "- especially not me." And with his strong hands, I was pushed backwards, making me stumble into the sea of drunken teenagers behind me. 

I kept his gaze for a moment, even though the first couple of tears had already found their way down my cheek.

"Don't ever come near me again, Bieber." I pointed a finger at him, before I turned around and quickly made my way out of the house - away from the drunken crowd, away from his words, away from the hurt, away from him.

Oh dear God why? Why do I always have to fall for the bad ones? Why me? - I guess, this is what happens, when you fall in love with a criminel.

Thank you to all my lovely boo's out there, who's still going strong on support - you are my life line :*
I'm so sorry for the long wait, but I've been working on my exams project ALL week, but I finally turned it in and within a week I'll be going off on holiday, so I'll probably be able to write faster and more frequent!

Thank you to my Boo Amanda, who did some incredible shout out a couple of months back - sorry for the wait on that one as well :*
Thank you to everyone who's been commenting, liking and tweeting me - I love you!<3

Now, don't forget that Troubled will be out very, very soon and I can't wait to share it with you guys... It's going to be a little different than my former stories, and therefor nothing I've ever done before!

As always, stay beautiful! 

Much Love


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