She is anything but outgoing and experienced, he is your usual type of badboy guy. She is no rule breaker, he has broken them all. She believed in fairytale love, he never believed that he could fall in love.
Through Darkness they meet, through Darkness they'll be united.
So; are you ready for the Darkness to take over?


16. Blood rush

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A couple of quick footsteps were followed by the sound of a key turning in a lock. Not long after the door to the minor cell that I was put in, was pushed open allowing a bit of light to slide into the emptiness of darkness, that I was placed in.

With my hands still cuffed to the wall, I closed my eyes as I waited for them to adjust to the small amount of light.

I heard his black boots take a couple of steps into the room. The sound of the hard sole hitting the cold stone floor became louder and louder with each step and only as the sound stopped completely, I realized that he was now standing right infront of me.

I dared myself to open my dry eyes. I followed his every little movement as he hovered above me. Everything about him screamed danger and I suddenly felt unbelievable stupid for not having realized it before.

A key was inserted into the lock of the cuffs. With a slight hand movement he twisted the key, making a little click sound go off indicating that my left hand was now free to fall into my lap. Another click followed quickly behind and soon after my right hand had joined the left one. 

I could feel the blood rushing down to my fingertips and the warmth of it spread in my palms. As I locked my gaze on my pale hands a lump was thrown into my lap.

With curiosity written in my eyes I turned my gaze towards him, but he had already made his way out of the cell and slammed the door shot behind him.

As my eyes scanned the lump in my lap, I contemplated wether to open it or not.

I decided on not doing it, figuring that it might have been something explosive or in any other way dangerous. 

I was just about to remove the lump from my lap and throw it across the room, but I froze in the spot as my eyes caught site of a small letter written in green. With a shaking hand I was able to turn the lump. Spelling out the letters in the dark, I realized that this was nothing dangerous or explosive. This was exactly what I had been craving for the last few days. It was food.

I had to restrain myself from stuffing the whole sandwich in my mouth, as the sweet scent of it reached my nostrils.

As I took the first bite of the sandwich, which exploded in a million tastes on my tongue, the sound of loud muffling found its way to the cell. 

I didn't think much of it, as I swallowed the second bite of the precious food, though the sound of a gun going off brought my attention away from the food. 

Frightened I pulled myself into the darkest corner of the cell as another shoot was fired. Then another and another and another. It continued for several minutes, before silence took over and everything became quite - too quiet. 

For a moment everthing seemed like I had fallen into a deep black hole, with no way out. 

The silence was piercing in my ears, as a loud scream of terror. I was more than sure that even the sound of a dropping needle, landing on the concrete floor, would feel as loud as the newest popsong blasted on high volume. 

For a second I almost believed that I had gotten deaf from the shootings or even worse; that I was the one who had been shot, without feeling it. That is when a couple of quick faint footsteps broke the silence. The sound of them increasing confirmed me in my suspicion that they got closer to the cell.

I held my breath and thanked God for the 16 years of my life that I had enjoyed, as I was sure that I was the next to get a bullet send through my heart. 

Suddenly the footsteps stopped and for a second, that lasted a life time, silence took over again. My body started shaking as fear overtook every single one of my senses. "Carly?" In an instant a sigh of relief left my lips, followed by a cry of hope as I realized who the owner of the angelic voice was.


It took me some attempts but my will and the desperation to see her still alive over won the hard door and before long it was kicked right open.

"Carly!" If I was the one to decide I would have kept my desperation, and hunger to see her, be a secret, though the evidence was clear in my voice.

As soon as I reached her in the far end corner, I swopped her up in my arms. I didn't even care to take a look at her, knowing that it would only sting even further in my heart. For now, I was just happy to feel her body heat close to me again. 

As I carried her up the stairs of the basement and past the kitchen I made sure to shield her view, in order for her not to see the blood stained floors and walls. Though it was not necessary as her head was already so deep buried into the safeness of my chest, while her arms were clinging around my neck as if she was afraid that I would vanish in just a couple of seconds.

With a little bit of struggle I was able to place her in the passenger seat, though I had to actually pull at her arms in order for her to let go of my neck, and when she finally did; she was shaking like a human earthquake.

We drove in silence. My gaze was locked on the road infront of me, never even daring to take a side glance at her. It was just too painful.

Even though I struggled against it, imaginary pictures of a pair of faint blue eyes, pale grey skin and dried blood on a tearstained face, started forming in my head. I tightened my grip around the steering wheel, as anger, towards the idiots who had put her through a possible hell, started boiling in my blood. 

"Why wont you look at me, Justin?" It took me a second to recognize the faint voice as Carly's. 

"What makes you think that?" It came out as a long sigh. How would I be able to cover that fact up?

"Because you haven't even glanced my way.." She trailed off, clearly hurt by the lack of gesture.

"I'm sorry, I just.." What was I going to say to that?

"You just what?" She urged me to continue, though I was at a loss of words.

"I just can't bear watching what he did to you." I took a deep sigh, knowing that I couldn't do anything to hold the truth back anymore. "I can't bear seeing your faint beauty or the pain in your eyes. It'll just make me want to go back and murder him again." 

A faint gasp broke the sudden silence in the car and I felt a stone drop in my stomach.

I should not have said that.


I threw her a pair of sweats and an oversize tshirt, before I turned my back to her. It was no longer unbearable for me to look at her.

She had taken a pretty long shower and was now smelling of a mixture of her own natural sweet scent and my shampoo. Even after just being close to her for a mear of seconds, I had already picked it out to be my favorit scent of all time. Her and me - that sounded more than amazing to me at the moment.

I turned around when I heard the sound of the covers on my bed being pulled back. In a couple of quick steps I was by her side, tucking her in. I was just about to turn on my heels and leave her alone as a weak grip landed on my wrist.

"Don't leave me, please?" Her eyes was begging and looked like a rejection would make tears rise in them.

"I won't." I promised as she moved over, creating some space for me to slid under the covers. 

It didn't take more than a mear second before she was in my arms, with her arms clinging around my neck again and my arms protectively wrapped around her waist.

For a moment I thought that she had actually fallen asleep, until the sound of small sobs reached my ears and I realized that my shirt was no longer as dry as before.

"Hey hey hey, it's okay." I whispered in her ears as I stroked her back in a calming gesture. "I won't let anything hurt you." I hoped that she had heard the sincerity in my voice.

An hour went by like that, though I wasn't complaining - not even about my tearstained shirt or the tight grip around my neck.

I was stroking her bed, whispering calming and comforting things into her ear as she just cried her eyes out. 

Though things had slightly changed now, I guess that at one point she just couldn't cry any more.

"Was it a promise?" Her faint voice spoke, slightly muffled by my chest.

"Was what a promise?" I whispered into her ear before placing a sweet kiss on top of her head.

"That you wouldn't leave me?" Even though the voice was muffled and faint, I was able to catch a hint of desperation in it.

"I will never leave you again princess." It wasn't the first time that I had made this promise. Though the difference from now and then, was the fact that I was actually going to keep this one instead of sneaking out of the window as soon as she had fallen asleep.

"Carly?" I whispered a few moments later. 

"Yea?" We were both so lost in our thoughts that speaking felt like an unnecessary thing to do.

"Will you go on a date with me?" Nerves started to build up in my stomach as I felt her body tense up. Fuck you Justin, what the hell are you thinking? My insides were yelling and throwing curse words at me.

"I would love to." A muffled whisper sounded, making me relax in an instant as my heart felt like it was lifted onto cloud nine.

I was so lost in my unusual happiness and joy that I forgot everything else, even her - well that was until she spoke up again. "Thank you Justin."

"For what?" A trace of curiosity was to hint under my undeniable happy tune.

"For not leaving me." My heart did a double take as I felt her soft lips press themselves gently against the naked skin of my throat.

Justin Bieber does not fall in love? - oh screw it, Justin Bieber is in love.


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