Walking Down a Lonely Street

Ashlin Smith (A.K.A Ashley) lived in a small city called Palmer. Not only did she live in a small city, but she lived in an area everyone in the Mat-Su valley called The Butte, because the community was around a butte. Ashley lived on Bodenburg Loop, which is the road that goes around the butte. It wasn't a very populated place and you would never expect anything exciting to happen there, but one day something is brought up that turns the whole place upside-down in her mind.


4. Understandings

       We drove down the oh so familiar road until we turned down the street I had been on nearly four hours ago. Not until now did I realize what a pretty place it was. Only a few houses were here, but gorgeous trees with bright green leaves were scattered everywhere. Everyone's lawns had perfect green grass. This place looked so fake, but it was beautiful. When we pulled in front of my mom's house, I looked at everything, taking in every single detail. It was a brick house with flower beds full of colorful flowers around it. She had maybe more than 20 trees surrounding her green lawn.

    I followed Jared up to the metal door and he knocked. I stood behind his broad figure as I heard the squeaky door open. I heard my mother's familiar voice and couldn't stand it any longer. I stepped around my brother and wrapped my arms around her neck feeling her warm, comforting arms hold me as we both cried into each other's shoulder. 

     "I'm so sorry about earlier," I whispered as the tears stopped. She stroked my hair. I loved this. I hadn't had a mother for more than half of my life, and now she was here. Finally, I had gotten what I wanted.

    "Its okay. I was expecting you to react in such a way. Jared did too," She smiled and glanced at her son. Then she returned her gaze to me. "I'm so sorry I haven't been there for you. But I had a reason. Until recently, I wasn't sure if I was right, but now I do. Ashley, Honey, we really need to talk." She ushered me into her house and I sat in the same place I did earlier. She told Jared to come in too, and he sat beside me, wrapping his arm around my waist. He must've known what I was going to be told and knew I would need his comfort.

     Mom sat in the place she did earlier and put her hands on her knees. She made eye contact with me and began to explain things to me. "As I told you earlier, you're part of an organization, the Uniters, who fight against an ancient evil that is the Immorals. That's as far as I got, but there is much more that I need to tell you, so settle in your seat, it might be a while." Jared slouched into the seat and I did the same. I glanced at the time on my phone. It was 11:20 PM. Why had we come even though it was 11 o'clock?! Probably because Jared knew I wouldn't be able to sleep with questions in my brain. 

    My mom started to tell me everything she could. "A long time ago a Goddess named Allei was born. her parents didn't tell her she was immortal, or that she was meant to be a Goddess. When she was nearly 17, The Immorals realized who she was, and sent Mutilations after her. Mutilations are very powerful. They're like security guards, but their job is harder, and takes care of a bigger area. On the night of her 17th birthday, they found her, and she still didn't know who she was. When they attacked her, she was scared and didn't know what to do. So she ran. Soon she came upon a dead end. She didn't know what to do. She thought of scaling the wall, but she had always been a clumsy person, so she didn't. The Mutilations caught up to her and were going to take her, but she heard a voice. her mother's voice, telling her to stay put. The Mutilations appeared right in front of her, and she was scared, and she didn't know what do do. But right as before they grabbed her, she had a thought come to her mind, and she knew what needed to be done. She jumped up really high and closed her eyes. Her history came to her mind and she grasped her hands together and right before she landed back on the ground, her hands flew apart with a current of energy between them. She gently landed, and thrust her hands forward, throwing the sensation at the Mutilations."

    I interrupted her, "Wait, I had a vision kind of like that. But it was me, and I climbed the wall. I fell down, but before I could see anything else, it was over."

    She calmly replied, "Yes. It might scare you now, but you have to realize that the future isn't always permanent. It can change when someone changes their mind, or does something other than what was expected." She paused, then continued. "I think that's as much as you need to know, the rest will come as time progresses. Now you need to head home and get in bed. You have a very big day tomorrow,"

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