Walking Down a Lonely Street

Ashlin Smith (A.K.A Ashley) lived in a small city called Palmer. Not only did she live in a small city, but she lived in an area everyone in the Mat-Su valley called The Butte, because the community was around a butte. Ashley lived on Bodenburg Loop, which is the road that goes around the butte. It wasn't a very populated place and you would never expect anything exciting to happen there, but one day something is brought up that turns the whole place upside-down in her mind.


2. Information

           This is what I saw. A massive brick wall in front of my face. There was no where to go. I heard heavy footfalls in the distance coming closer. What was I going to do? I placed my right hand on the wall and tried to hold myself up. There were little places that I could hold onto. I began scaling the wall, but I had to hurry. The footsteps were getting closer. I began climbing faster and I lifted my left foot to a crack and slipped. I held on as long as I could, but my fingers were slipping. I tried to lift my foot up, but it wouldn't. I looked down at it to see blood gushing out of my knee. I looked behind me just in time to see two muscular men with long black coats and sunglasses. One of them, the taller of the two, pulled out a gun. My heart began beating even faster than before. "We finally found you," the shorter one said. "now climb down from there, or we'll have to shoot you now." I was going to shout at them and say I wasn't getting down. I'd rather die than have them torture me, but sound refused to come out, and right as the man aimed at me and put his finger on the trigger, my fingers slipped, and I was falling to the ground which is over 20 feet down.

I was pulled back into reality right before I hit. I looked around and realized I was still in Mrs.Cartright's car. We were pulling onto a street and not a minute later we were in front of someone's house. "Alright, we will head inside, but let me get something out of the back real quick." Mrs. Cartright said. We both opened our doors and climbed out of the car. She hurried to the back and pulled a box out of the trunk. Together we walked up to a small brick house and knocked on the metal door. Only a few short seconds later the door was opened with a loud squeal. It really needed to be oiled. Then I saw who had opened the door. A woman who looked to be in her mid-thirties. She had Dirty blonde hair, like mine, and light blue eyes. She looked familiar to me, but I couldn't place who she could be. She mist be the one person in the neighborhood that I don't know. "Oh, Peggy. I was wondering when you would show up!" then she noticed me. For a split second I saw a flicker of emotion cross her face. I couldn't quite place what it was. "And who is this?" she asked. Mrs. Cartright grinned and answered, "Amber, I think you know who this is," What? What is she talking about? How does this Amber lady already know me? She looked down at the ground. She looked like she was going to cry. "Come in and sit down. We have a lot to talk about." Amber said. Mrs. Cartright and I followed her into a small little room with a love seat and a sofa. Amber and Mrs. Cartright sat On the sofa so I sat down on the love seat. "So, I dont think you've realized who I am yet," Amber began. Who is she? "Ashley," she knows my name? "I am your mom," I don't think I meant to, but it is kind of impossible not to be surprised, I gasped pretty loud. "Wh-What?! No, that's impossible. My mom died when I was 5 years old!" I was so confused. I mean this stranger just told me that she's my mom who died 11 years ago! I put my head in my hands, trying to figure things out. "Ashley, listen. I know its hard to have this all placed on your shoulders, but you have to listen. There's going to be a lot more, and you may not believe me, but you have to try to." she paused, as if unsure whether to continue. She glanced at Mrs. Cartright and continued, "Have you ever had, visions? Like, all of a sudden there's a pain in the side of your head and you see something?" I nodded and she looked at her feet, "Of course. You turned 13 quite a while ago, meaning you've already transformed. Honey, you can see the future. Your a member of an allegiance called the Uniters who fight against the evil called The Immorals." Before she could continue with her crazy story I jumped up and shouted, "What kind of mad joke is this?! Who do you think I am? I'm not a five year old anymore! I don't believe in this kind of thing. You can go find some other kid on the street that's more gullible than me. I'm sorry Mrs. Cartright, but I can't take this... Will you be so kind as to take me home?" Amber looked me in the eye, but then turned her head back to the floor. Mrs. Cartright slowly nodded and stood up. She quietly apologized to Amber and walked out the door behind me. We climbed in her mustang and rode to my house. How could they think I would believe them? I mean, I'm some sort of freak who can see the future in some group of good guys who fight the bad guys. This was not real and there is no way that lady is my mom. As soon as we pulled in my driveway I threw open the door, jumped out, and slammed it shut. I raced up the front porch steps and into my house. I avoided my brothers confused looks and my dad staring at me. I ran as fast as I could to my room and closed the door and locked it. I jumped onto my bed and started crying my eyes out. Maybe they thought It was funny to mess with a sixteen year old girl, but bringing my mom into it and then making her sound lime a crazy person really hurt me. I wish she was still here and I wish I had gotten to know her.
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