Walking Down a Lonely Street

Ashlin Smith (A.K.A Ashley) lived in a small city called Palmer. Not only did she live in a small city, but she lived in an area everyone in the Mat-Su valley called The Butte, because the community was around a butte. Ashley lived on Bodenburg Loop, which is the road that goes around the butte. It wasn't a very populated place and you would never expect anything exciting to happen there, but one day something is brought up that turns the whole place upside-down in her mind.


1. The Beginning

I sat on the butte in my very special spot. It was near the bottom, where there was a little trail that led to an overlook of the street. All you really saw there was the road, my neighbor's house, and a scatter of trees with a vast field behind them.
I always came here to think.
I don't know what it was about this spot, but it was special to me. I would sit in the dirt for about an hour, just to admire the beauty of my small community.
Everyone here knew me, and I know all of them. They never questioned my actions, and they never came and sat by me, knowing that I want to be alone.
I had come here around 5 and it was nearly 7 now. I stood up and slowly walked down to the bottom of the hill, taking in the scenery. There was a rocky parking lot at the base of the butte. My house was just right across the street, and that's why I come here.
For some strange reason, I get a weird vibe when I walk down this road. Like something has happened here that I wouldn't want to know about. Every time I walk home I think about this.
I walk down on the left side of the road, lost in thought. I always did this. I don't talk much, which I don't understand why because so many things run through my head.
All of a sudden, an old red mustang was racing down the road. I didn't have time to process
everything that was happening, but right as the car was nearly 10 feet away from me, I dove off
the road into a ditch, awkwardly landing on my arm.
I heard the car screech to a stop and then back up towards me.
I got up, pretending I wasn't hurt in anyway and climbed out of the ditch. An old lady jumped of
of her car and hobbled towards me. "Oh my! I am so sorry. I was just in a hurry to get
somewhere. Are you alright Ashley?" she asked worriedly.
Wait how did she know my name? Then I recognized her. I had met her before, remember, I
know everyone in the neighborhood and they ALL know me. Her name was... What was it again?
Oh yes. It was Ms. Cartright.
"I'm alright, you just startled me."
She relaxed a bit and said, "Okay, but I'll make it up to you. Would you be able to come with me
to my old friends house. There's something that you might need to know.
What could she possibly need to tell me at her friends house? Well I did know her and she was
a very nice lady. She is good friends with my dad so I guess it would be okay.
"Yeah, okay. I'll just need to text my dad and tell him I'll be a little late,"
She smiled and hurried to the drivers seat and I climbed into the passengers side. I texted my dad and he said okay.
Ms Cartright smiled at me and told me, "I've been waiting a long time to tell you this Miss Ashley."
She began driving down the road and the whole time I couldn't help but think about what it could possibly be that she had been waiting to tell me.
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