The Rebirth Project

(Sequel to Lillith)

The Rebirth Project, a seemingly innocent way of giving the lucky subjects the life they never had. Yet under the skin of it, lies the remains of a fratured leader.

Enter Evelyn, a young woman tortured by the sins and trials of her bloody past. She is the new "Subject 1" under the projects new leadership, but her origins are unknown. Yet Evelyn has more of a connection with the project then they know.


2. Learning to Breath

                Evelyn was sucked back into reality, waking up in her room. Rain pattered on the window, and Evelyn got up from the bed, her head pounding. She had no idea of how much time had passed, but she didn’t care. Had it worked? Would she forget it all soon? She hoped so, but something was nagging in the back of her mind. Like something just didn’t know how to die.

                She closed her eyes a moment to clear her head, yet when she looked around the room again blood dripped from the walls. For Evelyn, this torture didn’t want to end.

                                                                               *  *  * * *

                Dr. Moore watched from the security room as Evelyn went through the harsh delusions. This was one thing she wasn’t looking forward to. The agony this girl suffered mirrored the Directors own when she thought of her past. Only instead of hiding secrets or shipping the subjects off to war like the previous boss did, she would care for them as best she could. The guards cave her hard stairs, and so did the committee members. They didn’t trust her at all.

                Still, the Director would remain vigilant. She would do what this was intended for, even if it seemed wrong. She remembered when they gave Evelyn the first shot, and how her eyes seemed to be begging for the pain to stop. It hurt the Director, but she was never allowed to show it.  Showing many emotions here was a death sentence.

                For a moment she wondered what Evelyn was seeing, as the girl seemed to writhe around on pain. Suddenly she stopped, and looked towards one of the security camera in the room. Tears fell, terror in the tortured girl’s eyes.

                “Please.” She said, the Director watching intently, “Make it stop. Just for a minute.”

                As much as she wanted to help, the director was powerless to help the girl. This wasn’t her field of expertise, as she was mainly a business woman, not a scientist. She couldn’t help her no matter how much she wanted to.

                Just breathe Evelyn Thought the Director; it’s going to be ok.

                                                                           * * * *  *

After what felt like years, the visions were finally gone. Evelyn could breathe a minor sigh of relief, as it was gone, but in two weeks they would be back. Back to taunt her and slice her open, even though nothing was real. It wasn’t every day your hallucinations pretended to cut you open and look inside. It was terrifying, as she was reduced to a heap on the ground, the fake blood still there.

Then she realized it was indeed real, as a sharp piece of metal laid nearby, covered on blood. She had inadvertently cut herself across her arms and legs, but Evelyn didn’t care. Personnel came in and began to patch her up, as Evelyn teetered on the line between sleep and awareness. In the moments of peace, she chose sleep, knowing full well she would forget everything that had happened when she woke up oonce more.

                The pain was great; it was just wondering if it was even worth it that was confusing. If only Evelyn could just learn to breathe, then she could survive the hell to come.

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