Best friends for never

Cheats, lies, heart breaks, murder? When 3 best friends Megan, Chelsea and Paige move to England from America for the best, will it turn out right? For when they come across 7 new people, Eimer, Caitlin, Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis, will jealousy get the better of the friends? Will someone lash out and make a terrible mistake?


24. Zayn to the rescue

Eimer's POV
'You have some attitude 'Eimer'. Some attitude..' Paige's uncle whispered in my er. I pulled back away from him' wanting to get as far away from him as possible.
'Dont be sacred!' he shouted, 'I won't hurt you' he sniggered
'You won't hurt me, will you not now? Then why are you holding me here like your about to rape or murderer me?' I shouted in his face.
'I just want to mess with your head, she if I can turn you against your pathetic little friends. You seem like I good one to have on our side. You don't seem like a good person. You have too big off an attitude to be good. You were built to be with us. So what do you say?' he exclaimed with an evil smirk on his face.
'I will never turn against my friends, especially not for you. And no, I was not buitl to be 'bad', I just am not afraid to stick up for what I believe in. So try and convince me to come along with yous, but it won't work. I am just letting you know that.' I whispered with spite in my voice
'I knew that just talking to you wouldn't work, cause I know what you are like Eimer. I have had somebody spying on you for a while. The man that stabbed Chelsea, he was meant to get you, he wasnt mean to kill you, he was meant to bring you with him to me. But he got the wrong person, and he panicked, so he stabbed her. And when he said that he had did the wrong thing, we came, as we were outside waiting for you. Waitin for you. I know all what you do, and how you react to things. So dont try anything stupid, please. I don't want you getting hurt!' He whispered but then started doing an evil laugh.
'So it was you! You did it all along! I can't believe you!' I spotted in his face while kicking him in the stomach.
'Look Eimer, I didn't want to do this, but you have left me no choice.' he said while walking over to grab something. Then he walked back over to me with a knife in his hand. He then held the feeezing blade up to my neck and I shivered wit the thought of what he was about to do with me. But I held my head high.
'Goodbye Eimer!' he laughed!!

Zayn's POV
'LET GO OFF HER!' I shouted as I ran into a room were Eumer was sitting an a man had started to slit her throat, but he didn't get very far, just a wee tiny slit were some blood was coming out from.
'What you going to do about it?' he laughed.
'So I went over and punched him in the face.
'Thats for kidnapping all the girls!' I shouted and then punched him again.
'And thats for hurting my girl!' I shouted while looking over at him Eimer who was clearly in pain. And then Paige ran in untying Eimers hand and then Harry ran in and carried her out of the room with me running behind them!
'I will find yous again!' he shouted, I will come back to get yous! And beware, I will continue watching yous, especially Eimer and Paige, they are in grave danger. You might want to keep an eye on your precious two. And we also know what hospital your friends are in, and we will know what one Eimer will be in. We know all that's you do. So be careful, be very careful indeed.'
'Not if the police gets involved your physco!' I shouted behind me while continuing to run!
'For a small cut, she's bleeding out very quickly! We need to get her to a hospital now! Get in the car, I'll go as fast as I can!' Harry exclaimed to us all!
'Coming!' we all shouted! Eimer better be fine, If she isn't I feel like its my fault.
'Harry, drive! We're all in!' Caitlin shouted! So Harry started the engine and we zoomed off!
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