Best friends for never

Cheats, lies, heart breaks, murder? When 3 best friends Megan, Chelsea and Paige move to England from America for the best, will it turn out right? For when they come across 7 new people, Eimer, Caitlin, Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis, will jealousy get the better of the friends? Will someone lash out and make a terrible mistake?


10. What is up with them today?

Caitlin's POV
'Chelsea, Chelsea, wake up!' we were all shouting for all of a sudden she fainted! And then of course Eimer decided to throw a bucket of cold water of her head. Trust her for I have been there myself before.
'WHY DID YOU DO THAT?' Chelsea shouted at Eimer
'your welcome' Eimer said with a cheeky grin!
'I think it might be time to go to bed now! We do have school tomorrow anyway!' I said!
'okay' the boys all said at the same time and walked out! That was easier than I thought it would have been! Well time to sleep anyway! Woo:D

*next day*
Paige's POV
It's lunch at school and I have a headache cause everyone keeps
Signing what you just heard over an over gain in this school. What is up wit some people? Well any way, I can't seem to get things out of my mind, Chelsea is acting really suspicious, and Harry is practically ignoring me? This world is messed up now! I just want to eat and sleep and eat and sleep and eat and sleep and
'Hey little boy! What did you just say when you were running past there?' I asked impatiently?
'Harry styles eats bread!' he sang back!
Thank god, I thought he said something else and I thought maybe that's why i hadn't saw him? But where has that boy actually got to today?
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