Best friends for never

Cheats, lies, heart breaks, murder? When 3 best friends Megan, Chelsea and Paige move to England from America for the best, will it turn out right? For when they come across 7 new people, Eimer, Caitlin, Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis, will jealousy get the better of the friends? Will someone lash out and make a terrible mistake?


8. Truth, or dare?;)

Megan's POV
I am lost AGAIN! I cant even remember how to get back to my room! And I just bumbed into Louis, yay:D
'Hey Louis! You want to tell me where my room is, pleasee?'
'you can't even remember we're you live, you are getting a good start here!' he said with his flirty voice!
'I know, please tell me!'
'okay, or I can show you?'
'sure that would be great!'

-3 hours later-
Niall's POV
(all sitting in the girls room)
'Niall, truth or dare?' Chelsea laughed?
'Ummm truth?'
'Have you ever kissed any of these people infront of you?'
'No, but I am going to change that'
And then I leaned in to kiss her, and I did! And the rest of them were doing their childish woooos!
To be honest, I think we have all sorted out our problems that we have with each other! Which is obviously a good idea!
'Umm Harry! Truth or dare?' I asked him
'A dare' he said with that cheeky grin of his!
'go lick Paige's face!'
'your funny mate, but, let's do this poo!'
And he did! That man is messed up in the head! But Chelsea seems to be looking very odd? What is up with her?
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