Best friends for never

Cheats, lies, heart breaks, murder? When 3 best friends Megan, Chelsea and Paige move to England from America for the best, will it turn out right? For when they come across 7 new people, Eimer, Caitlin, Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis, will jealousy get the better of the friends? Will someone lash out and make a terrible mistake?


12. The long wait...

Niall's POV
'Yes, can I have a ambulance please? And quick! We are at Cambridge house on..' I said before I got interrupted..
'and the police! Somebody has tried to kill her! Hurry up!' Paige screamed! She could hardly breath she was crying so much!
'and a police too, there has been an attempted murder' please hurry up as there is a woman lying infront of us dying! Thank-you.' I hate ambulances.
'c'mon ' Harry said to her, 'we will wait out here' which was a smart thing to do cause I think she was going to pass out herself! You can't blame her though it's not everyday that you are siting beside your best friend who has just been stabbed.
'NO HARRY! I AM STAYING WITH HER! DONt YOU GET IT?!' she screamed I her face. This is a terrible day! I just lost the one that I love! I was going to ask her out today soon, why doe ode hate me? What is taking this ambulance so long! I am personally going to complain whenever they get here. It has been 5 minutes? Chelsea could be fed by now? I thought that this was meant to be a quick service! I can't stop crying. I need to man up. Who am I kidding, the live I my life is dying before my own eyes! It I perfectly normal for me to be crying!

Megan's POV
Maybe I should read the note on the toilet seat? It might be the beat as the doctors will probably want to know why she tried to...... Kill herself..... In the first place. I am dreading this. Okay, I'm going to do it. I need to.
What did I just read? I can't believe that. The tears re pourin out now. I can't believe this! This ain't true!
'NO! NO! NO! NO NO NO NO NO' I scream!
'it isn't true it isn't true it isn't true' I continue screaming!
'this isnt real! Wake up Megan, wake up' I scream at myself. But it isnt working! I am awake. This is no dream. I can't believe, that my best friend, mu-mu-mu-mur-dered mu parents. And know she is lying, I'm pretty sure dead infront of me? What am I meant to do? This all makes no sense!
'What is wrong?' Louis asks me giving me a hug at the same time. I just handed him the letter. And he read it. And then he threw it on the the ground and give me the biggest hug! And then he shouted,
'What is keeping this ambulance for gods sake'
And there is still no sign of the sirens after 10 minutes. Infact, there is no sound from this building at all.
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