Best friends for never

Cheats, lies, heart breaks, murder? When 3 best friends Megan, Chelsea and Paige move to England from America for the best, will it turn out right? For when they come across 7 new people, Eimer, Caitlin, Liam, Niall, Harry, Zayn and Louis, will jealousy get the better of the friends? Will someone lash out and make a terrible mistake?


18. Don't leave..


Liam's POV

I thought that I was coming here to save the one that I love, but now I don't know if I will make it. The shots are being fired everywhere and the banging is killing my eyes. This would now be a good time to be batman, not whenever I was going to FunkyBuddha! But I'm not giving up yet! I won't give up until I end up on the ground. 

'There is entrance over there, lets make a run for it' Harry said to us all looking at a door across from us.

'I don't know Harry, I'm not sure if we will be able to get over there without being seen' I said with doubt.

'Man up and run.' Zayn said to me quite harshly. 

'Okay, but just for Caitlin' I said with a tear falling down my face. 

'3...........2..............1.......................GO' Zayn shouted! And we started to run, and run, until BANG! And I fell to the ground, my head spinning. I put my hand on my chest, and I looked at the blood through my blurred vision. 

'WHAT ARE YOU DOING, THATS OUR FRIEND! YOUS 2 ARE MESSED UP! JUST LET THEM GO! THERE IS NO REASON TO KILL HIM!'  I heard Zayn and Harry shouting over again and again, but then i heard or felt, or saw nothing.............


No ones POV

Once again, another person is down. What else is going to happen in this horrible story? Just one mistake, is what caused all of this... This is why sometimes you can't trust people, this time, the person is the one they call Chelsea.....................

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