Percy Jackson and the Uprising (Fan Fiction)


Hydra. Daughter of Hades. Left at Camp Half Blood at the age of 1. She could've been a Goddess. Except both her Godly parents just abandoned her. Watch her and the gang triumph over evil, suffer from betrayal and meet new characters.

It's from different POV's so beware :)


10. Percy

Man, this girl is quick. I should've known something was up when she was smiling. She hasn't smiled the whole quest. Why now? But no one caught on. We just went with it.

"Well. It was nice of Aphrodite to drop in. We should've made her a coffee!" Grover laughs.

"Yeah, if only she'd do that more often, hey?" Hydra laughs. "Race ya!" She yells as she presses forwards on Pegasus. We have to skid to a halt before we hit the sign.

"We're here kids. Now behave." Annabeth says. I walk up to the sign and see the Greek writing. It's different to last time.

"Τα παιδιά των Θεών beware. Ψυχές που ανήκουν στον υπόκοσμο, βήμα μέσω και δεν εγκαταλείπουν ποτέ" I say. The ground crumbles to reveal a doorway.

"What did you say, Percy?" Hydra asks me.

"I read the sign. It says 'Children of the Gods beware. Souls belonging in the underworld, step through and never leave'." I lead the way in. And sure enough there he is. Again. Does this guy have a life? Haha. Nice one Percy. I mumble to myself.

"What do you want?" Charon, the reaper of souls asks.

"Take the money. Take us to Hades." Says Annabeth pouring gold Drachma into his hand. He raises an eyebrow.

"You bring a child of Hades to visit her father?" He looks at Hydra. I instinctively stand in front of her. She should've hit me out of the way. That was the first sign something was wrong. I glare at Charon. "Very well. All aboard I suppose. You shouldn't need the grand tour, you've been here before." He snaps. Hydra looks at us confused. The second sign something was wrong. Hydra knows we've been to the Underworld before.
"Hydra you go on first, Annabeth second, Grover you're at the back with me." They look at me strangely but Hydra jumps right on.

"Come on guys!" She yells. We clamber onto this tiny boat.

I sit at the back with Grover, hoping Hydra can’t hear us.

“Is it me or has Hydra gone... Crazy?” Grover whispers

“Something’s not right.”

I want to say more but Charon interrupts. “She cannot hear you. Nor can she respond to you. She is not who you think, Percy. You are a fool bringing her here.”

“What’s wrong with her?” Annabeth asks.

“Look closely.” We stare at Hydra intensely. Her shape changes. “She is nothing but the Goddess Aphrodite.” I can’t help but stare. Annabeth flicks me and I jump back.

“Let her go.” Grover says. Aphrodite turns.

“Let who go?” She says innocently.

“Let Hydra go.” I reply.

“Why? Must she meet her father?” I nod.

“She deserves it. She’s had no one on this Earth the least you could do is let her meet her own parents.”

“Hold your tongue. You know nothing of what it takes to be a God or a Goddess. She wouldn't have coped. I was simply doing her a favour my dear boy.”

“Where is she?” Grover asks.

“None of your business.” She snaps back before changing to her innocent self again. “If you want her back you’ll have to earn her.”

“How?” A familiar voice says. Aphrodite turns the other way.

“How did you...?” Aphrodite vanishes.

“Hey.” Hydra says.


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