Percy Jackson and the Uprising (Fan Fiction)


Hydra. Daughter of Hades. Left at Camp Half Blood at the age of 1. She could've been a Goddess. Except both her Godly parents just abandoned her. Watch her and the gang triumph over evil, suffer from betrayal and meet new characters.

It's from different POV's so beware :)


9. Hydra

My mom just spoke to us all. That's how she charmspoke. That's how she knew. Ugh. Her and my father abandoned me to be a mortal and now she wants to talk?

"Hydra you ok?" Percy asks. "You've been quiet the whole flight so far."

"Huh? Oh yes right, I'm ok." Grover, Annabeth and Percy exchange looks, I ignore them.

"Why did that siren let us go so easily?" Asks Grover.

"No idea. Maybe it was a God or Goddess in disguise." Suggests Annabeth.

"What do you think, Hydra?" Percy asks.

"Yeah, right. Like the Gods would talk to us." I say quickly. Percy shrugs his shoulders. "Where are we heading anyway?" 

"We've got on last pearl, I think. And it looks like it's in, in..." Percy feels in his pockets for the map. Everyone copies. "Where's the map?"

"We must've dropped it when dealing with the Furies on the way here. No thanks to Hydra or Grover." Snaps Annabeth. Furies? When did that happen?

"Sorry." I say without thinking. "Any guesses on the last pearls whereabouts?"

"No, but the entrance to the Underworld is behind the Hollywood sign." Grover says.

"Great. Let's go." I say. The ground below is all farms. I hate farms.

"We're flying a little high." Worries Percy. He turns to me. I point ahead; a giant hill becomes visable. "Holy Gods..." He says.

"We need to get to the other side, flying permission is scarce, so we'll land here." The Pegasi swoop downwards and land outside a cave. "Rest Pegasi!" I shout as we've all dismounted.

"So, the Hollywood sign?" Annabeth.

"Other side of this rock." I say. Their faces drop. I laugh. "Oh come on guys! We've come this far, a mountain won't be beat us, surely?" They look so tired. Maybe I should ask for Aphrodite's help.

"I'm going to rest. Not for long, only about five to ten minutes. Ok?" Grover says. The rest follow him into the cave.

"Ok, Mom, I've never asked you for anything. Please, just help my friends? It's super hot weather and we're not exactly... Dressed for the occasion. Just help out mom. Please." I say. The trio walk out of the cave.

"Wow. Guess Aphrodite struck." Percy laughs. I smile. "You know, I feel a bit more energetic for some reason. Let's get this quest done. The solstice is at dawn after all."

"Pegasi." I say, quietly. They swoop down and run up too us. "We can ride them." I jump on and lead the way.

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