Percy Jackson and the Uprising (Fan Fiction)


Hydra. Daughter of Hades. Left at Camp Half Blood at the age of 1. She could've been a Goddess. Except both her Godly parents just abandoned her. Watch her and the gang triumph over evil, suffer from betrayal and meet new characters.

It's from different POV's so beware :)


6. Hydra

Gods this woman is a good fighter. She scratches my face with her sharp nails, I make a stab at her. I miss. She's quick too. I kick her. The bat like creatures stop coming all of the sudden. Pandora backs away to the corner of the room. She curls herself into a ball again. I lay flat on my back. Percy is laying on the floor. Grover is shouting and kicking. Annabeth is shaking her head.

"The box... The box... It's bad... It brings sadness..." Pandora says.

"You got that right." Grover laughs. We all start laughing.

"It brings sadness... Yet you... You laugh at sadness... Why? Child of Hades... Why do you laugh?" Pandora sounds mad. Not angry. I mean mental.

"I laugh to get me throguh the day." I say, wiping a tear from my face.

"Laughter... I used to laugh... Before the box... Now I just see darkness.. Darkness... And pain..." Darkness? Pain? Is she blind? How did she know Hades is my father? "Child of Athena, Child of Poseidon, you travel with a child of Aphrodite... Yet you do not seem to realise..." I try to keep calm. I sit up.

"Child of Aphrodite? Who?" I pull out my blade and stab her with it. No blood. Just a blood-curdling scream before she disintergrates into thin air. A pearl falls from where she was sat. The box vanishes.

"Anyone know where the pearl from Medusa is?" I say, trying to distract their thoughts.

"Athena took it. It was with the head." Percy sighs. The sun rises and a beam of light shoots through the window pointing at a small round bead. Percy gets up and picks it up. "The pearl. She must've left it for us." I smile. We all stand up.

"So, a child of Aphrodite." Percy says.

"It's not me." Annabeth says.

"Not me." I say.

"Well obviously it's me, can't you tell?" Grover poses. I laugh, faking of course so I walk outside.

"Pegasus! Spirit, Fiesty, Atlas!" I shout. The four Pegasi fly down from the sky. I jump on. "Come on guys!" They walk out and jump on. "Fly." They're flying in no certain direction as Percy reads the map.

"California!" He yells over the strong winds.

"Calfornia!" I repeat to the Pegasi.

"What day is it today? Surely it's the 20th? Or the 21st?" Annabeth calls.

"I dunno, we'll find out when we land." Percy replies.

"Lower!" I shout. A plane soars overhead as we glide neatly under it. "Close." The others nod.

"Is that California?" Grover asks.

"Yes!  Land!" I shout.

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