Percy Jackson and the Uprising (Fan Fiction)


Hydra. Daughter of Hades. Left at Camp Half Blood at the age of 1. She could've been a Goddess. Except both her Godly parents just abandoned her. Watch her and the gang triumph over evil, suffer from betrayal and meet new characters.

It's from different POV's so beware :)


2. Hydra

They were all waiting for me at the coast line near the camp. With a horse. With wings. Pegasus.

"Pegasus!" I exclaim. I love this horse. He's been on four quests with me. He's the original Pegasus. Heracles (or Hercules') pegagsus.

"You know this animal?" Percy asks.

"Yeah. This is the Pegasus."

"The Pegasus?" Percy says. "Wait, Heracles'? That's cool."

"Yeah, he's been on four quests with me." I say, brushing his mane.

"He's your ride, Hydra. Our rides are on the way." Says Annabeth, as three other versions of Pegasus fly over. Annabeth hops onto Spirit a white Pegasus with brown patches. Percy sits on Fiesty a black one and Grover? Grover gets on the cream coloured one called Atlas.

"So anyone know how to fly one of these?" Grover says.

"Spirit, Fiesty, Atlas fly!" I shout. They lift off and hover in the air. I tap mine on the on the side gently and we hover above the ground with the others.

"You know their names?" Percy asks in shock. You know, considering he's my cousin he's rather dim.

"Yes. Children of Hades often have special gifts, like good relationships with animals." Percy nods. Annabeth gets out the map.

"Grover, you were right. Auntie Em's garden  emporium. Medusa must be back." Grover mocks being happy.

"Guys you know where to go." I whisper to the Pegasus'. They start flying. I hold on. Grover almost falls off. I fall asleep on the journey. When I wake, I am being shouted at.

"Make them land! Make them land! We'll pass the place!" Grover shouts.

"Land!" I shout. The Pegasi suddenly stop and slowly decend. I dismount.

"Are you all ok?" Percy says. We all nod. I whisper a short spell and the Pegasi fly off. "We need them!"

"Relax, they'll come back when I whistle." I snap. Jessh, he's a bit tense. Percy and Grover head in.

"You know we only have 3 days till the summer solstice. That's our deadline." Annabeth says as she turns away and walks in after the two. I follow. It's the 19th of June then. I've been wondering what the date is all day. I push open the door and a bell rings. I stare at it and it bursts into flames. The flames stop as the bell disintergrates.

"Oops." I say as the trio glare at me. I try to walk off but Grover mouths to stay together. I hear movement. I see a woman wearing a turban and sunglasses walk around a corner.

"I only want a friend, come back my dear." The woman says. She stops mid stride. "Oo, I smell a DemiGod. Or three. And maybe a Satyr." She turns in our direction, the others are hiding behind a cupboard, I'm just pretending to look around. "Hello, are you lost?" She says, sweetly.

"No, I'm just looking, thanks though." I feel her stare as I walk around, picking things up.

"Could I have your opinion on something, dear." She says. Is she charmspeaking me? Can she even do that? I can't resist turning around. "Is there a mark on my eye?" She reaches for her sunglasses. I can't stop looking. She pulls them away. I try to close my eyes. Nothing happens. Instead a cold rush fills my body. My skin turns grey. No not grey. Stone. I'm about to become a statue for Medusa. Great. I really hope there's a reverse...

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