Percy Jackson and the Uprising (Fan Fiction)


Hydra. Daughter of Hades. Left at Camp Half Blood at the age of 1. She could've been a Goddess. Except both her Godly parents just abandoned her. Watch her and the gang triumph over evil, suffer from betrayal and meet new characters.

It's from different POV's so beware :)


7. Annabeth

Landing was hard for the first time. We landed on a skyscraper. It's quite a tall one too. I jump off of Spirit. Hydra lets them fly off again. Grover finds the exit door and we start to climb down all the stairs. I find an elevator shaft and bust it open. We get in and hit the ground floor button. My thoughts are going wild.

Child of Aphrodite. It's not me. My mum is Athena. It's not Percy his mum is human. It's not Grover, he's a satyr. Hydra? Then that would make her a Goddess. Unless the stories are true? Before I realise we are at the ground floor. The doors open and we walk out.

"There's the door." I point out. We make our way towards it. I pull. "Locked." I say. A young blonde girl, about our age walks in.

"You can't leave Percy Jackson. Why don't you stay a while? I could get to know you better." She says. Percy actually looks persuaded for a moment before shaking his head.

"Thanks but no. We're not hanging round." He says. "I have a girlfriend, thanks." I blush with relief. Hydra is rolling her eyes.

"Oh, please stay Percy." Her image... Faulters. "It would make me happy."

"She's charmspeaking you Percy." Hydra says.

"Tell me your names." She demands.

"Percy, Grover, Annabeth and Hydra." Percy says. I glare at him. He shakes his head. "Hey lady..."

"My name is Jenny."

"Ohkay... Jenny, I'd love to get to know you but we're on a deadline so would you mind, you know, letting us go?" He says.

"No!" Screeches break out throughout the room. We cover our ears. Her image faulters again, she changes form.

"Hi Grover." She smiles. He waves idiotically.

"Hi, and, pray tell, what is your name?" He says.

"Grover!" Hydra shouts. He snaps out of it.

"Look lady, I ain't interested." You could see the restraint in his face. Hydra's face lit up.

"Hydra?" I whisper

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