Hidden Love

Alexa and her family are very poor, her mom hates her and wishes for Alexa to die. Her father on other hand loves her and wants her to be safe. Alexa doesnt care if she isnt safe all she wants is her baby brother and sister to be safe. Alexa falls in love with Harry styles who falls in love with her too. Alexas mom doesnt approve of Harry because she hates how much he is caring for Alexa. Alexa's dad tells her to leave this house and live with Harry which she does. Harry isnt supposed to date non famous people but he doesnt care because he loves Alexa with all his heart. Management makes Harry date this famous girl and Alexa somehow finds out. Alexa is done being hurt so she thinks the best answer is to kill her self. She slits her wrist and Harry comes home sees her bleeding on the floor.
Does she die? or live find out.


9. One week with Harry

Alexa's P.O.V

Harry, Harry I need you help me please. Harry I love you! Your supposed to protect me. Huh! I gasped for air as I awakened from a nightmare. My mom and dad are at work while I'm here watching the kids.

Harry:"good morning beautiful hope you have a lovely day :)"

Aww Harry oh my gosh Harry I love harry! He's in my dreams and everything I can't be without him!

Me:"aww thank you Harry I want you to come over today please"

I hope he can come over I really need him here.

"Swissy?" Kaitlyn is awake

"Hey sweeties go back to sleep alright?" I said to her while stroking her brown hair.

She laid back down and went back to sleep with her teddy bear. She is the cutest thing ever. Harry texted me back yay.

Harry: "sure thing love I will be over soon where do you live?"

Me: "I live at 84 Elm Main Street :)"

He's coming over yay I'm so happy that he is. Phone going off in pocket again.

Dad:"your mom and I won't be home for 1 week we are going on vacation :)"

......their going on vacation while that's fine that's fine!

Me: "ok have fun :)"

I hope Harry can help me here for a week I will be really happy if he does do that for me. I heard the door bell ring. Harry must be here!

"Hey" I said

"Hey beautiful how are you?" Harry says

"Haha fine thank you come in"

Harry walked in and I directed him to the family room. Harry smells really good.

"Harry my parents are going on vacation for a week so I have to watch these kids"

"Oh I can help you with that if you don't mind" he said while smiling

"Haha ok"

"Awexa I'm hungey" kaitlyn said

"Ok I will make breakfast alright"

"That my baby sister by the way"

"Oh she's adorable" Harry says

I get 1 week with Harry one whole week with him..... OMG what if I fall in love with him? What if he starts to hate me? What if-

"Alexa are you alright?" Harry questions

"Huh yeah I'm fine thank you"

"So how are you?" I said

"I'm great actually thank you" I nodded my head while I started to cook the bacon and eggs.

Does Harry want breakfast too?

"Harry would you like anything?"

"Oh no thank you" he said

******************************************************************************Harry's P.O.V

So I get one whole week with this girl? Maybe she can fall in love with me. She's really pretty and all I want to do is to protect her from any harm like her mother. I will buy a house just for us two to live in so she can be safe.

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