Hidden Love

Alexa and her family are very poor, her mom hates her and wishes for Alexa to die. Her father on other hand loves her and wants her to be safe. Alexa doesnt care if she isnt safe all she wants is her baby brother and sister to be safe. Alexa falls in love with Harry styles who falls in love with her too. Alexas mom doesnt approve of Harry because she hates how much he is caring for Alexa. Alexa's dad tells her to leave this house and live with Harry which she does. Harry isnt supposed to date non famous people but he doesnt care because he loves Alexa with all his heart. Management makes Harry date this famous girl and Alexa somehow finds out. Alexa is done being hurt so she thinks the best answer is to kill her self. She slits her wrist and Harry comes home sees her bleeding on the floor.
Does she die? or live find out.


29. Flash Back After Flash Back


Alexa's P.O.V

I'm back home I don't know what actually happened but for some reason I feel like Harry did something wrong. Everyone was over yesterday and it was quite fun hanging with them all seeing them laugh and everything made me happy. Harry was upstairs sleeping but I managed to get downstairs on my own. I get to see my sister and brother tomorrow since they went on a small trip. It's almost Christmas and I have to buy the little ones each gifts. But I doubt Harry would let me go outside alone.

"Alexa" I heard Harry call my name. I turned around seeing him standing on the steps. His hair was a mess but it was really cute.


"Good morning I need to talk to you"

"Ok come sit with me"

*flash back*

Harry: "hey I'm coming back now and no there was no paparazzi and no screaming fans :). How did he know I was freaking out about that specifically! "

Me: "alright come back safely! "

I was serious when I told him to come back safely. Harry and the other boys are the only ones who know how to make me happy. They always found this spot inside me that says "you happy so spread the joy through your whole body and let it shine!" How did they find that? I heard a knock on the door Harry must be back finally.

I got up from the couch and headed to the cherry wooden door. I opened it to see Harry standing there smiling at me. He came in and placed all the stuff on the floor in the family room.

"Movie time!" He shouts in excitement I'm starting to shake because I'm so scared to even watch it.There is no way I- 

"Come on Alexa"


That's when I saw Harry sit his self onto the floor motioning for me to join him.

*flash back*

Harry was rushing me so I walked over to the family room in my pjs and tank top that I changed into when he left. I plopped down on the floor next to him. Harry placed the movie in and it started to play. I could feel my body starting to shake and Harry must of though I was cold. It was a little chilly anyways harry got up found a blanket and placed it on top of me gently.

"Thank you"

"Your welcome" he says sweetly As the movie was playing it was as If the girl was possessed and I screamed cringing on Harry. Harry pulled me into a cuddle and kissed my head.

"Don't worry I'm here" he says softly in my ear

He's cuddling with me.........he kissed my head.....I have nothing to say about that but does he like me? All through the movie I couldn't stop crying because I was scared. Each time I did Harry would hold me closer. He would pick up my hand and kiss it softly to sooth me down. All that helped me which made it easier for me to watch the movie.

I could feel my self falling asleep because I was so tired. Before you knew it I was sleeping.


"Alexa come on sit with me" I sat down next to him.

How could I forget those moments? Those days we spent together I can't remember everything.

"Ok Alexa I didn't cheat on you Melanie was a girlfriend management wanted me to have because she was famous! I told them I loved you to death but they didn't listen. I told off management so now they are letting me be with you! Alexa I love you I hope you know that "

........................that's what it was that flash back of me cutting my self. I screamed in terror remembering when I cut my self. I was shaking like crazy and crying Harry was trying to calm me down but I'm having a mental break down.

"Alexa what is it are you ok"

"I cut my self so badly I keep getting flash backs Harry please.... I love you!" I wasn't making sense at all but Harry pulled me into a hug. He stroked my hair trying his best to comfort me. Flash backs after flash backs I don't like it at all!

"Harry I love you"

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