Hidden Love

Alexa and her family are very poor, her mom hates her and wishes for Alexa to die. Her father on other hand loves her and wants her to be safe. Alexa doesnt care if she isnt safe all she wants is her baby brother and sister to be safe. Alexa falls in love with Harry styles who falls in love with her too. Alexas mom doesnt approve of Harry because she hates how much he is caring for Alexa. Alexa's dad tells her to leave this house and live with Harry which she does. Harry isnt supposed to date non famous people but he doesnt care because he loves Alexa with all his heart. Management makes Harry date this famous girl and Alexa somehow finds out. Alexa is done being hurt so she thinks the best answer is to kill her self. She slits her wrist and Harry comes home sees her bleeding on the floor.
Does she die? or live find out.


14. Day 4/ The kiss

Alexa's P.O.V

I wake up to find that I'm sleeping on the couch. I thought I was on the floor last night? Did Harry put me here?

Harry:" morning beautiful :) how did you sleep?"

Harry always sends me good morning text.

Me:" aww thank you and good did you put me on the couch last night?"

I'm still questioning if he did.

Harry:" yes I did :) I will be leaving soon to come over."

Oooo yay!

Me: "yay ok "

Today was supposed to be a dreary and gloomy day. The sun was covered by these grey clouds and it was kind of cold. It was only July 28th but yet it was already 60 degrees outside. I ran to my bathroom to freshen up for Harry. I heard the knock on my door and I knew who it was. Harry was standing there smiling at me while he's wearing black skinny jeans, a whit shirt, and his hair out not in a beanie.

I turned my head to where my window is seeing that it's raining like crazy. I love the sound of rain but the wind will come in making the house cold if I open the window.

****************************************************************************** Of course I made breakfast and dinner as usual while Harry helped me. Today Chris and Kaitlyn go over their friends house after dinner. So I don't have to watch them tonight or the morning.

"Alexa follow me." Harry says He leads me outside the apartment door leading me outside. Luckily I have my key on my neck as a necklace.

Why was we going outside he isn't wearing rain clothes and neither am I! I'm only wearing black skinny jeans and a blue shirt that was short sleeved. Plus my hair is down. Harry grabbed my hand and we ran out the door of the apartment building running in the rain.

We spin around like idiots for some time then we ran towards a tree. Harry laid his hand onto my head softly stroking my hair. We was getting soaking wet but we didn't mind. What was he doing? All I could see is his beautiful eyes shinning from the street wetness that has a reflection to it.

Harry pulled me by my waist closer to him. I could feel the body heat between us. We just stared at each other for a minute. I feel this loving feeling again. Harry lightly lifted my chin up as he moved in closer for a kiss. I moved in closer for the kiss as well. When our lips met I could feel the warmth of his lips and the softness of them. I could also feel the rain still drenching us. The kiss was sweet, Harry pulled away from me slowly then laying his head on top of mine. He smiled saying "I really like you" and I said it back "I like you too". Love was in the air and this time we couldn't hide it.

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