Without You I'm Nothing

"I guess this is it."
"Yep..... Goodbye."
"That's it? Goodbye? I can't believe I ever liked you."


1. Chapter. 1

"I guess this is it."

"Yep..... Goodbye."

"That's it? Goodbye? I can't believe I ever liked you."

I brush past him, not looking back, I hop into my car and turn on the ignition. I speed away, a single tear falling down. I wipe it off quickly, as if trying to hide the pain, the oh so unbearable pain.

I park into the driveway and run inside. I run into my room. My mom is at work when I wake up and when I go to bed. I wipe off my mascara, leaving my eyes behind. Oh how I wish I could wipe off my eyes, so I don't have to look at this hideous world.

I look to my left, at my door and see my little brother, Tommy, at the door, not even tall enough to reach the doorknob, standing there with his stuffed monkey dragged behind him. "Sissy?" He whispers. My world slows down, as if in slow motion, I walk toward him and pick him up. I hug him tight and sit down on my bed. "Yes Boo?"

"Where's Daddy?"

My throat clogs up and my chest tightens up. I smile, but feel like its twitching, trying not to lie. "He'll be here soon Boo. Don't worry."

"I miss him." He whispers, hugging his monkey.

"I do too.... I do too." I say softly, rubbing circles on his back.

My brother is the one that saves me from this place. The evil place that we call Earth. I walk him back to his room. "Go to sleep Boo. They will be here later." I ruffle his jet black hair and smile. "I love you." He says and I reply, "Love you too Boo."

I walk down the long hallway, into my room again. I sit down on my bed, and I grab the tv remote. I flip channels, then I hear a familiar name. I switch back to the channel. "Harry Styles, heartthrob from One Direction, was caught coming home with another girl last night from a bar!" I 'ugh' In disgust and turn the tv off. I change into my sleepwear and slip into the warm covers, turning off my lamp. I close my eyes and drift to sleep.
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