Back At The Palace

*Sequel to Your My Prince Charming. You need to read the first one to know what's going on!* Lily heads back to London,never wanting to see Niall again. Lily makes a few phone calls and that ends. But what Lily doesn't know is that there's another person in love with her.


6. Necklaces

I pulled up at Buckingham and climbed out of my car. I shut the door and made my way to the door. I put my Aviators Ray Ban on top of my head. I opened the door and walked inside. "You don't want to tell people you're the princess, but you walk through the front door. Smart." Someone said. I turned to my right and saw my cousin from America standing there. "JAKE!!" I squealed and jumped into his arms. "Lillian! How are you babe?" Jake asked putting me down. His light brown hair flipped to the side and his big brown eyes, similar to mine, were shining. "I'm good." I said. "We need to talk. It's been so long. What? 2 years?" Jake asked. "2 years and 6 months." I replied. Jake smiled and we walked into the lounge room. We sat on one of the couches and Rosie came out with some tea. "Tell me about this boyfriend of yours. I hear he's a pop-star." Jake said. "You really gotta meet him Jake. Have you ever heard of the band One Direction?" I asked. "Who hasn't? My best friend, back in America, has a sister and she's all mad because one of them got a new girlfriend. And her friend is jealous because she thinks the girl is pretty." Jake said. "Aww! She thinks i'm pretty!" I said. "Wait! They're talking about you?" Jake asked. "Yep." I said popping the p. "I want to meet him." Jake said. "Good, cause he asked me to move in with him." I said. "I have to meet him first." Jake said. "I just turned 18. You can't tell me what to do anymore." I said and tapped him on the nose. Jake gave me a stern look. "Whatever Lillian." Jake said and stood up. "You have to talk to your grandmother. She's in her office." Jake said and walked off. 

"Hello Deary." Grandma said. "Hey." I said taking the seat in front of her desk. She stopped what she was doing and looked at me. "Niall called me the other day. I said it was alright. I trust both of you to make the right decisions." Grandma said. "Really!?" I asked shocked. "Yea. I talked it over with your father and he wasn't so happy about it, but I got him to agree." Grandma said. I jumped up and hugged her. "You're the best grandma ever!" I shrieked. "Some of your stuff is already packed. You need to go pack the rest of your stuff." Grandma said. 

I pulled up at Niall's house. Or our house now. I smiled and climbed out of the car. I saw that Niall and the boys were back. They all ran out of the house. Liam ran up to me and hid behind me. Niall stood in front of me with two spoons. That's right. Liam's afraid of spoons. "What did he do this time?" I asked. "He ate my food!" Niall shrieked. I rolled my eyes. "Give me the spoons and you boys go grab my things." I ordered. Niall handed me the spoons. "Thanks love." Liam said. Niall pulled me into a hug and stared at Liam. "And don't use my girlfriend for a shield either." Niall said. I chuckled and wrapped my arms around him. I stuck my hands in his back pockets. "Are you guys gonna help us or what?" Zayn asked. "Nah." I said. Niall chuckled. 

"Don't touch that!" I yelled at Louis. He was carrying one of the boxes that had my mums stuff in it. I ran over there and grabbed the box. I walked inside and set it on the kitchen table. I opened it slowly. "What is that?" Harry asked coming up behind me. I didn't say anything. Soon Zayn, Liam, Louis and Niall all joined Harry and I. I pulled out one of my mums jewellery boxes. "What is that?" Zayn asked. "A jewellery box. What does it look like?" Louis asked. I opened it up to reveal a lot of old jewelry. There were tons of diamonds and other crystals. "Wow." All the boys said. I smiled. "That's nothing. There's so much more back home. This is the one that my mum wanted me to have." I said. "Look at the diamonds." Harry said picking one of the necklaces up. All the boys grabbed a piece of jewelry. "She would have loved you guys. She was all about having fun and never growing up. She was the one that taught me how to bungee jump off the stairs." I said. I wiped away a tear that fell. "You bungee jump?" Louis asked shocked. "Look how dangerous my girlfriend is." Niall said. "Look at this." Liam said holding up a necklace that I've never seen again. I pulled away from Niall and walked over to Liam. "Let me see that." I said. Liam handed it to me and I stared at it. Holy shit! "Guys, you might wanna check this out." I said. Everyone walked over to me. The necklace had HUGE diamonds all around it. I mean like each diamond was the size of a walnut. "Those are some big diamonds." Harry said. "Get this, it was Queen Victoria's." 

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