Back At The Palace

*Sequel to Your My Prince Charming. You need to read the first one to know what's going on!* Lily heads back to London,never wanting to see Niall again. Lily makes a few phone calls and that ends. But what Lily doesn't know is that there's another person in love with her.


8. I Promise

"Hey, babe." I said taking the seat in front of Dani. 

"Mocha Frappe, right?" She asked. I nodded. She handed me my drink and I took a sip. "So, what's up?" 

"I needed to get out. Liam was freaking out about his turtle missing a foot. Poor baby." Dani said.

"Interesting. Did you here about Perrie? She got her tonsils taken out. The boys, El and I are going to see her tomorrow. Wanna come?" I asked. 

"Of course. I will always support another girlfriend." Dani said. We both laughed. 

"Can we get a picture?" A little girl asked. She was about 13 or 14. She had blonde hair and striking blue eyes.

"Sure." I answered. Her mum took the picture of us 3. 

"Thanks." She said. We gave her one last hug before she went back to her mum.

"The thing I really wanted to ask you. Was about where you're from." Dani said once we sat back down.

"He told you. I can't trust them with anything! I guess he also told you about the breaking table thing." I said.

Dani raised her eyebrow. "Liam didn't tell me about table breaking. But I would love to hear about it." She smirked. 

"Oh, uh." I stuttered.

"I'm only joking. But I want to hear about the palace. Is there any secrets?" Dani asked.

"Not really. Just a few trap doors here and there. Oh, and cheating. My step mum cheated on my dad. Multiple times. One of those times being with Harry." 




I nodded. It was getting pretty dark out. 

"I should get going. Niall might eat all the food... Again." I said. Dani laughed. I hugged her before walking to my car.

"Lily, fancy seeing you here." Someone said. Before I could turn around someone put a cloth over my mouth. I started feeling light headed and dizzy.

Soon, I just fell. I was dragged to a car and put in the back seat. I could feel and smell things. But I couldn't see or move. 

"Everything will be alright soon." A girl said. She stroked a strand of hair behind my ear.

"I promise." 

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