Ghost Girl

Maria Stolen, a lost ghost trying to find her way to the other side. On her journey she meets a young boy her age, named Noah Woods. The only problem is, he is not a ghost like her. He is living. What will Maria do when she starts to fall for a living and breathing boy? But that's not Maria's only problem here. There's another ghost out there. Looking for her. Wanting to eat her. His name is Ghost Eater. Will Maria be eaten or will she cross over to the other side? Or will she destroy Ghost Eater and stay with the one she loves?


1. Prologue.

My name is Maria Stolen, and I'm ghost. Thats right, a ghost. For years now I've been a lost ghost, trying to find my way to the other side. For years I've been alone, because no ghost has every been seen by a living thing before and never will be.. At least that was until I met him..
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