Ghost Girl

Maria Stolen, a lost ghost trying to find her way to the other side. On her journey she meets a young boy her age, named Noah Woods. The only problem is, he is not a ghost like her. He is living. What will Maria do when she starts to fall for a living and breathing boy? But that's not Maria's only problem here. There's another ghost out there. Looking for her. Wanting to eat her. His name is Ghost Eater. Will Maria be eaten or will she cross over to the other side? Or will she destroy Ghost Eater and stay with the one she loves?


2. My Story.

Maria's P.O.V

I walked slowly down the edge of the shore line of the beach. The sun was rising and all was right, except for the loud sound of cars from the city. The beach was right in front if the city, so it was hard to enjoy a nice walk down the beach, without hearing the loud sounds of the city. I live in Miami, Florida, or should I say, lived. My name is Maria Stolen and the last time I took a breath was when I was 16. I was walking from home from school when an idiotic drank driver hit me and sent me flying to my death. It has been about 10 years now since the accident, but I can still feel the pain of the car hitting me, making me fly in the air and hit the ground, hard. The pain was the last thing I remember before I died, and thats all I will remember. After my, um, passing, my family moved. They couldn't take living in the city that where their only child passed. I wanted to follow them, but something stop me, and up to this day I still question what it was that did, but I don't know. Now I have no idea where my parents are. I continued my walk down the long sandy beach, lost in deep thoughts. Until and heard a loud yelling coming from the sea. I looked out to see a young boy, about my age, — well the age I was when I died, — which is, or was, seventeen. It was the same boy that I've seen for the last few weeks. His always out here, early in the morning, surfing. I love watching his skin glisten in the light of the sunrise, and how his short but also long brown hair drips of water. Though his eyes are my favorite thing. Their the most beautiful shade of sea blue I've ever seen. Wait. What am I talking about?! Why am I drooling over a guy that can't even see me? But even though I knew that, I still couldn't get my eyes off of him. If only you could see me, Noah Woods. Noah P.O.V I was doing my everyday early morning wave surfing, like always, but then I spotted her. She's been coming the last few weeks, watching me. I don't know why, but she his pretty cute. Maybe to day I'll go talk to her. I headed to shore, but when I got there, she was gone. Almost like she, — disappeared..

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