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OBS!!! Some of the song titles might already exist and maybe i'll use a a couple of songs from other singers, but i'll let you know if i do.
Intro: Theresa's 20 years old and she's made it as a professional singer. When she turned 19 she moved from a small country named Denmark to London and got signed with Sony Music. She's on her way to the top and getting more and more famous. Theresa released her singe "No tomorrow" and ended at the top of the charts in the UK and 28 other countries. she also ended number one with her album "reckless". She's now about to do meet One Direction to make a single with them. 


2. First meeting



Simon look frustrated while trying to reach Theresa on her telephone. She wasn't answering, her flight was delayed, but she should be here by now. It was the third time he tried to call her now and he was getting a little impatient. finally he got through to her. "Theresa where are you? Taylor said you landed an hour ago!" (Taylor is Theresa's bodyguard)  Harry and the boys heard Theresa answer "Oh hey simon, just had to stop for food, i'm there in a sec". 
And she sure was. about 10 sec. after hanging up on Simon, the door opens and in comes Theresa.

(THERESA'S OUTFIT http://www.polyvore.com/first_meeting/set?id=62951759 -> I've commented with the link as well)

"SO sorry i'm late, but i had to stop for some food". a charming smile appeared on her face.
"Thats allright" Simon said and turned to the boys. "So boys this is Theresa" 
Theresa smiled and gave each of them a tight hug. Harry noticed how good she looked, while they all sat down. 
"as a sorry for that i'm late, i have a gift for you... also you simon" she said with a smirking smile on her face, while pulling a big Mac Donald's  out of her purse. everyone smiled except Simon, but Theresa continued. "..AND i have a special little thing for you Simon". With an even smirkier smile, she now pulled a happy meal out of her purse. "To get a little smile on your face" she smirked. Niall bursted into laughter, and the other boys laughed too. Even Simon laughed and Theresa looked very satisfied now that everyone was happy. 
"Now that were all here... lets get started" Simon said. "You all know me and the company have been...discussing... that you guys should make a collaborate. because you are in fact UK's biggest boyband and biggest new female singer. Your both teenage icons... and.... i think we should do it"
"THAT COULD BE COOL!" Louis yelled and they all bursted into laughter again. He looked at the boys and smiled "it could be very cool right?!"
"Yeah it would be very cool" Liam said, and it looked like all the boys agreed. Simon turned to Theresa. "very cool" she said and winked.
Harry looked at her. He had never actually talked to her before. He had seen her once or twice before at a premiere but he'd never actually seen her , others than on the internet and in magazines. She was beautiful. Her honey blonde hair was hanging loose down her back and her makeup was natural. But she was indeed very beautiful. Her big blue-ish eyes looked at him while smiling. Simon cut off his thoughts and said "well i guess thats settled then. I have a contract right here, just for formality's sake" Liam, Niall, Louis, Zayn and Harry signed, and Harry handed the contract and the pen to Theresa. When Harry handed her the pen, they're hands touched each other and Theresa now looked a little smile and looked down, but then looked up again with a wry smile. Harry smiled back and Theresa signed the formality and Niall yelled "WUHUUU". Theresa laughed and Niall hugged her. Harry didn't know why he didn't want Niall to hug her... but he just didn't like it.
"So, now you have to decide if you want to be a part of the songwriting or not? Theresa i know you want to be a part of it , but boys? any of  you want to be a part of the writing. "Yeah i would" Louis said, smirking. "make two" Niall said, smiling at Theresa. "Me three" Harry then said. Louis laughed and replied "WELL this should be fun!"  
"Good" Simon said. "I'll give you guys two weeks to figure out the theme of the song and maybe if you could get started on the lyrics as well? I know you'r not traveling anywhere this week do it could be a good start. and then we can meet up in the studio with a couple of songwriters and play around with the lyrics and melodies".
"sounds good!" Zayn said with a smile on his face. "I gotta go guys but i'll give you a call in two weeks" Simon said, and left the room. Louis and Theresa talked for a bit and Louis said "So, babe we should get together soon and find out the theme and lyrics and stuff!" "sure we should!" Theresa replied. "Harrys place' the biggest. we should meet up there. what about tomorrow?" "fine with me".
Lou gave Theresa his phonenumber and Harrys address and they said goodbye. This time Harry gave her a big hug while saying "see you babe". she smiled and walked out the door. Louis looked at Harry and knew what he was thinking. "How can a girl be hot,... and beautiful at the same time?" Harry question't . "i know right?" Louis said with a cheeky smile on his face. But Zayn interrupted they're conversation by saying  "ah ah boys.. remember she's dating Avan Jogia... from Victorious you know? ". Harrys face went from exited to sad... "thats right". Lou put his arm around Harry. "dont worry hazz... heard they're about to brake up anyways, and you never know what's gonna happen... right!" "Right..." Harry replied.     


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