Daddy Won't See

You all know Krissy and Colton's story but you have never read them like this.
Meet the new Krissy, or as everyone now calls her Evans, at her new boarding school. She's the head badass and the most feared with only one friend, Macy.
She goes on in life without a care in the world. She's no longer a Daddy's Girl.
But where's Colton? Dead maybe?
Find out in Daddy Won't See!


6. "You can never know who to trust"

Like all awkward car rides, just a small drive with Kyle next to me, was painful. Then again, this wasn't just any painful car ride either. Not when you're traveling with a complete psychopath. I felt like one of those idiotic girls in cheesy horror movies who'd always flirtatiously accept a ride from the killer. Although I prayed I wouldn't have the same fate.

In the rear view mirror, I saw Colton's car driving a safe distance away from us and that was the only comfort I had to hold onto.

I inspected Kyle's car for any evidence of his precious activities. I was hoping to find blood, a gun or baseball bat, more of Amber's hair or at the lease a blindfold or duct tape of some kind. Instead, unlike his room, Kyle's car was almost spotless. Besides a few left over take-out bags and wrappers here and there, there was nothing I could hold against him. I'd wondered if he'd cleaned it for a good impression or if it was always this clean.

I looked at Kyle from the corner of my eye. He'd never been this quiet around me and honestly, it was making me uncomfortable. Like he was in deep thought. Plotting.

I decided to break the uncomfortable silence. "Are we there yet?" was all I could think of.

He chuckled lightly. "You sound like a five-year-old."

"Well are we?"

"You're so adorable."

How come I could never just get a straight answer!?

I gave up and sank back uncomfortably in my seat. Then I started freaking out when I looked out the window. I had no clue where we were.

Where the hell was he taking me?

Along the sides of each road were trees. Lots of trees. Not just trees; forests. I didn't think we'd been driving long enough to be this far out of the city. It'd only been about fifteen minutes.

Then I noticed something else. Well, it's not what I saw, but what I didn't see. I no longer saw the headlight of any car behind us.

Where the hell was Colton!? Had we lost him!?

I started hyperventilating a little but quickly forced myself to calm down and breathe. Up ahead, I saw the edge of what looked liked a cliff.

Was this his plan? Push me off a cliff?

The car rolled to a stop and Kyle wasted no time to hop out of the car.

"Shit!" I worried to myself. "Pull it together, Krissy!"

I took one long breath to relax. Then my side door was opened. "Coming?" Kyle asked with a puzzled expression set on his face. I slowly nodded and took his hand that was out for me to take.

No backing out now.

As I stepped out of the car I looked behind me in search of Colton, but he was no where to be seen. My heart dropped and I become really nervous.

"Are you okay? You look petrified and your hand is all sweaty."

"Just a little nervous is all."

"Don't be." Kyle brought my hand to his mouth and kissed the top of it. This didn't help. Our hands were intertwined as he lead me past the car to the edge of the cliff. Then I saw something I hadn't noticed before; a picnic blanket with candles, a wine bottle and glasses, and a basket that I guessed was filled with food.

"We're eating here?" I asked.

"Of course, why did you think I brought you here?" He looked at me with a huge smirk spread across his face. I simply just shrugged.

"Well, go on, have a seat."

He gestured for my to sit on the one side of the blanket and I did. He sat across from me, smiling like and idiot. He picked up the bottle of red wine and poured two glassed, handing one to me.

"So, Krissy, what made you finally come to your senses to agree to go out with me?"

"I uh, well that night when we could actually have a civil talk with out you sounding like a jerk-off, I realized I liked having normal conversations with you."

"Fair enough."

I took a sip of my wine, awkwardly.

"Why do you do it?" I asked. I swore it just came out of nowhere!

"Do what?"

"Act like a complete asshole around other people. You don't let people see the good in you."

"For the same reason you do," he sounded amused.

"What do you m-" he cut me off.

"Oh don't pull that shit with me, you do the same thing Krissy." He looked deep into my eyes as if he were trying to communicate with me telepathically.

I didn't want to admitted it but I knew exactly what he meant. I did the same thing. I masked people from seeing the real me. I put on an act and scare the girls because I've learned how to gain respect and not to give it. "What's the reason?" I repeated. I wanted to hear him say it.

"To survive." His eyes bore intently into mine. They were so dark it was almost as if they'd turned black. "And I know you do the same thing. I know the real you and it's not the act you put on for everyone. You actually care about people."

"I'm leaning not to care. When you love someone you are doing nothing but putting them at risk."

"At risk of what?" He didn't sound amused anymore. He just sounded...real.

"Hurting them. Everyone leaves eventually, right?" I mean it wasn't like I was lying. Think about it. My mom, my dad, Colton, Rhi, Brent, Alison. They all left me at one point, and only one came back.

"And who left you, Krissy?"


"Well that won't be me. I won't leave you, Krissy, not like he did."

Before I knew what was happening, Kyle's lips were pressed against mine. My eyes widened in surprise. What was he doing!? His lips demanded against mine as if he was waiting for me to respond. But I didn't, I wouldn't. I didn't even have a chance to push him away from me. Before I knew it, he was torn away from me.

I looked up in relief to see Colton grabbing Kyle but the collar of his shirt. I thought he'd lost us. He must have been doing a great job at hiding.

I just kissed a kidnapper! Okay let me rephrase that. A kidanpper just kissed me!

"Don't you dare touch her again!" Colton yelled angrily in Kyle's face.

"Who the hell are you!?" Kyle looked devastated and confused.

"Her boyfriend." Colton spat.

Kyle's eyes darkened and he glared at Colton. Kyle hit Colton's hand away from him, freeing himself from Colton's grip.

"You're nothing. You left her here all alone. What kind of boyfriend does that?"

Colton's eyes met mine with sadness. "You told him I left you?" Guilt was give washed over me. That's not what I meant, I was trying to get him to confess.

I didn't have time to explain any of this before Kyle threw a punch at Colton and before I knew it, a fight broke out. I heard kicks and punches being thrown. The boys were out of control.

I tried to break it up. I ran over to them and tried to get in between them but they were all over the place.

"Guys! Stop it!" I yelled at them.

"Colton!" I screamed.

I heard one last hit before someone hit the ground. I screamed and looked quickly. Kyle was lying at Colton's feet, blood dripping from his mouth and nose.

Colton had scratches on his neck and blood dripping from his arms.

"I suggest you get up, and get out of my sight. NOW!" he yelled so loudly that I even jumped a little. The only time I had ever seen him this mad was when that guy had tried to force himself on me at that party.

Kyle picked himself up, got in the car and drove away. He didn't even look back. Not for his stuff and not for me.

I ran to Colton and embraced him immediately. He winced when I hugged him tight.

"I'm sorry. Are you okay?" I asked.

"I'm okay, Baby Girl. It's just my arm, that's all."

"We need to get that looked at. I'm pretty sure last time, it was you taking me to check out my hurt arm." I laughed and so did he.

Suddenly Colton tensed. I felt something at the back of my head. Something heavy. Something metal. I froze still.

"Don't move," a very angry voice came from behind me. I did as I was instructed.

I knew I had a gun to my head. Let me tell you, having a gun aimed at you never gets any easier and my first reaction was to laugh. I wanted to laugh. I wanted to turn around and congratulate this guy for playing a joke on me. But I didn't move and I didn't laugh.

Colton looked at me worriedly then looked back at the guy behind me. I wanted to know who it was but I couldn't see them and I didn't recognize their voice.

"Don't touch her," Colton menaced.

Anger filled in his eyes again. No not anger; rage.

"Do as I say, and I won't hurt her." The voice warned Colton. "Now, put your hand up and slowly come here.

Colton did as he was instructed and I could hear the small click of handcuffs. Colton had been restrainted. He couldn't do anything now and he didn't try anything. I waned to say something, I wanted to tell him to run but I couldn't. I still coundn't move or talk. I was too shocked.

"Now let her go," Colton yelled.

The man behind me only laughed. I could feel his body against my back. His bones vibrated with his laugh. I waned to throw up.

"Lights out," he said.

Then everything went black.

A/N: Yes, I'm back. I have just recently recovered from a serious case of writer's block. But don't worry, I'm all better and even writing the next chapter as you read this. I hoped you liked it! A quick turn in events. Please comment telling me who you think it is and what he's going to do with Colton and Krissy. What does he want! I love you all thank you for sticking with me this far! As always!

XOXO, Jayla!:)



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